S4, E7: Jim was in the firing line, however just because he has an obvious motive, does not mean it was him? Or them?

Focused on Jim and his motives, along with Mark and his recent suicide attempt. Jim was sketchy and very secretive, with any allegation screwing a “what are you saying face”.

We saw Hardy struggle with family life, which showed that he was indeed human. Poor Daisy was competing for his time and effort alongside the case and was clearly not getting enough of it. No wonder she wanted to go.

We are overcrowded with possible theories about who raped Trish and the two girls. So many uncertainties were presented in this episode, that in my opinion, it can’t possibly be one person.

My opinion of Jim is a bit more suspicious based on his attitude towards the investigation and his stash of condoms in the car. He is never happy nor is he very approachable either. He runs a breakdown company and maybe poor Laura was in the firing line when Jim needed a bit of sex.

I must say thought, if that sock found with Trish’s DNA is linked to Clive and matches his trusty football socks, than I will not be surprised. The way he treats his wife and his general look of disgust towards others is unnerving. His reputation is not in his favour, especially when he cheats behind his wife’s back knowingly.

Ian, Trish’s installed spyware on Trish’s laptop which allowed him to access her webcam, so she could watch her at home. It’s slightly creepy but, I do genuinely believe that he missed her and wanted to see her. Anyway, why would he rape her when all he has to do it patch up the marriage? He would then have her back and time for

Ed Burnett loves Trish and previously sexually harassed his wife, allegedly, according to Ian, her wife. He seemed convinced that he would never hurt Trish and I believe him. I just hope I am not deceived, as I know he has a violent side.. he beat up Jim pretty good in one of the previous episodes!

There was a beautiful tribute to Trish which a wonderful way to give hope, yet the sad thing is that one or many of those holding up that light may have been involved in hurting her. Such betrayal as they were all in plain site, but getting away with it!

I am not surprised if many of these men are working together and have grouped to try and spread the blame and save their backs. But if there is one thing I know about these dramas, it is normally who you least expect.

Characters like Tom miller, Mark Latimer, Clive’s son and Reverend Coates have not really been given as much notice for the crime. Should we be watching them instead??

With much packed into one episode, there are so many loose ends to tie up in the last episode!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

Roll on the finale

Bye guys 🙂


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