Boss Baby may have the attitude, but not the laughs!

So this review is about Boss Baby, available to see in all cinemas. Directed by Tom Mcgrath, Boss Baby is perfect for all the family with funny humour and business school references, such as the use of memos.

The plot

A plot containing a talking spy baby with a brief case and low voice was definitely going to get some attention. There was something about the film cover that made it look a lot more outgoing and action packed than it actually was.

The plot in my opinion was not really plausible (e.g. the mass production of babies on a production line and the division between spy babies in middle management and babies for family). But for the sake of the young audience who would be watching it, the whole plot was funny and entertaining.

The part of the plot I did enjoy was the idea of puppies that would never grow up. Every family could have a puppy and enjoy their size and energy until the parents were old and the children were in their 40s. It would be nice to think that could happen in real life, but not yet. Science has not caught up yet…

There would be an issue of overcrowding if puppies lived forever. New puppy nursing homes would have to be built and run to look after the puppies that are replaced with newer models. What a job to have though!

Many children, growing up with younger brothers or sisters would be able to relate to the plot (except the talking baby and spying bit). They would be more familiar with the crying and increased attention on their younger sibling.

The script was funny overall. Business school puns were a bonus and I found myself laughing here and there, but not all the way through. I did find myself losing a bit of interest throughout the film as the plot was a little simple and I was bought back in by the odd joke. The script probably did not read well with me as I was much older. I imagine that younger children would have a lot more fun with it and be more enticed.

My rating

My rating of this film would be 3/5 stars. Bearing in mind my age and maturity, the plot was a little simple and lacked humour. Nethertheless, it was not the worst film I have seen and it did make me awww when I saw all the puppies!

Boss Baby is probably better for a younger audience…

If you have any comments about the film or the review, please let me know 🙂

Bye guys 🙂







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