This was no sloppy war film! Emotional and heartwarming acting from the extraordinary Gemma Atherton and Sam Claflin.

I have heard great things about this film and I was eager to see it for myself!

The film included Gemma Atherton as Catrin Cole, Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley and Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard. Such a fantastic cast, I was not surprised by how blown away I was with their acting.


The plot generally followed the life of Catrin Cole, who loved to London to become a script writer, writing “slop”, described as women talk in a new war film, aimed at encouraging men too fight. She was one of a small number of women in the production team, and as a result had to work hard in developing respect from her cohorts. She met new friends on the way, including the dashing Tom Buckley.

My Thoughts

I found Their Finest very moving and emotional. Being set at such a difficult point in time (London, 1940s), the use of film was really important in encouraging morale amongst soldiers, and the film portrayed it well.

The passion from Gemma Atherton (as Catrin Cole) and her determination to create a film worth watching was especially exquisite. Not to mention her unfortunate love Tom Buckley, (acted by Sam Clafin), who was especially supportive to Mrs Cole and showed that love can make dark times a little better. Their story was so beautiful, and the way they developed in their relationship and the way she earned respect from him and her male colleagues was encouraging. I noticed quite early on that there was something between them and it was to my relief, despite his unfortuante luck, she was still happy and continued for him. Of course, times are better now and gender is more equal than that of the 1940s.

The end film was so incredibly moving, I can only imagine how encouraging it was during the war. Even thought, I had seen the filming and backstage work of it, I was still incredibly surprised.

Last Note

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest films that has been released this year and will have you weeping in your seats. I felt a sense of pride and respect for Britain after watching this film, towards the soldiers who fort, the women in the factories and the production crews that kept the people going.

I would see this film again and again (but remember to take tissues).

Star Rating

As a way to critically evaluate these films and make it easier for you, I have a new rating system, which will apply to all my films and series reviews from this point (1 being disappointing and 5 being fantastic).

Their Finest is marked as

5 star rating.png

Fantastic, I loved it! Well worth another watch!

If you have any comments, feel free to put them in the comments section. I would love to hear what you all have to say!

See you soon for another review!

Bye guys 🙂



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