Mindhorn hits the bullseye with non-stop humour!

So I had the chance to review Mindhorn, currently showing in all cinemas. So excited as the build-up to it’s release was fantastic. This is my review!

My Thoughts

The plot followed Richard Horncroft (acted by Julian Barratt) as he was asked to bring back Mindhorn back one more time to help with a serial murder case. Mindhorn was his acting career that got him recognised, yet now it is very different. Once a loved star, Richard has now lost his reputation, his love Pat and his dashing good looks from 20 years before. His efforts for the police did little good, if anything he was embarrassing and seemed to create more problems than solve them.

I found that Mindhorn was very similar to the a dad figure, who was trying to be cool and put “lol” on the end of texts. He was cheesy and enjoyable to watch.

Actors and their Characters

Other actors in this film included Simon Farnaby as Clive Parnevik, Mindhorn’s stunt double in his younger days and Essie Davis as Patricia, Mindhorn’s ex lover, on screen and off.

We have all seen films with Simon Farnaby in (well I hope you have) and he never seems to disappoint. His very laid back attitude and humour at Richard’s expense was very entertaining. Clive (his character) had also aged in the film, but instead had adopted a more healthy lifestyle, giving him a six pack and the ability to walk around topless while gardening.

There are many scenes that have stuck in my mind as the most entertaining and memorable. All of them had such perfect humour that I could not explain them in this review and give them the recognition that they deserve! You will have to just go see it to understand for yourself!

Last Notes

Overall the film was laugh out loud funny all the way through and I enjoyed it. I totally agree with the 4 star reviews from various film magazines and I would see this film 10 times over if I could!

I would give this film 4 stars! I liked it…. a lot!

4 star rating Oh My Blog

Your opinion

Let me know what you thought of the film and the review!

I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Bye guys 🙂



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