In the Dark series review recap: A case on your doorstep!

So did you see In the Dark? The new crime series on BBC 1 on Tuesday.  It started last week and is is set to continue.

What did you think?

I loved it! It was a nice introduction to the series and although it had little action, I am actually looking forward to how it will pan out.

The general plot

We were introduced to Helen (Anna Buring), a copper and her husband Paul (Ben Batt) who wanted to have a new start. Only it was not that simple. When a case emerged, it was clear that Helen had to choose between a new start and a case close to home.

My Thoughts

We all know people or have watched series about characters that are too consumed in their job. Put work before family and children and I’m not surprised that this case was so captivating for her. It was refreshing to see though, that it was not only Helen who was pulled in by it all. Her husband, also a police officer started to investigate with her, but I think it was a way to get to see her in between their busy schedules.

I am unsure of how significant the connection between Anna and the relative of the victim is. They have memories of knowing each other – some seemed to still bother them even now. I just wonder what it is that they did and to still think about it every day….

Anna is a nice girl – hardworking but not truly faithful. And with her little expectancy soon, it is hard to tell if this “Adam” guy is the father or Paul.  But like human nature, we are neither good or bad, we have a bit of both, so Anna is a little sneaky. We are sure to find out more about the other characters, and maybe they have something to hide too.

Final Note

What a great start to the series! We have a work obsessed copper, a personal case and a hidden affair! What more do you want?

So my mind is full of questions like:

Should she have got involved in the case or just stayed clear lie she was told?

Who is the father of her expecting baby daughter?

Star Rating

I would give this episode 4 stars and when it gets really exciting, I have no doubt that I will be giving out 5 stars!

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Until next week!..

Bye guys 🙂







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