In the Dark S1 E4 review recap: A twisted plot that shocked me to the stomach!

This episode was very twisted, so much so that including it all in the review would be the length of a book. So I am going to try and shorten it. This is a recap of course, and I assume that those who read this have seen the episode. Otherwise, there is no point in watching the episode as the spoilers are going to ruin it for you.

So here goes…

Helen is especially fragile and is told to REST. However Helen being Helen didn’t really listen to them. Of she goes on her little adventures – walking the “streets” and asking local boys about the recent deaths (heavily pregnant of course).  She delved into Paul and his mysterious absences and found that he was an in a officer corruption group – finding crime from the inside. And who was he investigating before his death? Helen found out for herself what Paul knew before he tragically died and the tapes showed it all. This was very surprising and I was left feeling baffled!

Who would have thought that Adam was involved and was responsible for Paul’s death – from the car crash that killed him to the whole pain it caused Helen. And just think, he lured Paul to the bus stop to talk about the baby, only to kill him because he was on to his drug infringement.

The sad part is that she has to give birth to a baby, with no father by her side. Just her imagination and a ghostly figure of Paul holding her hand and smiling as she holds her new born. She is a very strong woman and I’m sure, will have no doubt that she could be a fantastic single mother.

My verdict

I must say I was not expecting anything as shocking in this episode, so I was surprised. I thought the series had hit it’s peak in the first two episodes and the plot was just a way to lengthen the series out. I guess I am eating my words now.  It was a good series and gripping at times. Sometimes infuriating  however I felt the rush when Helen was entering dangerous territory and I was worried that something would happen to her, even if she put it upon herself.

Star Rating

I would give this series 3 stars as it was not all bad, just a little bit misleading at times!

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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Until the next review…

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