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Into the Dark Series S1 E2 Recap! A fast paced episode with a good potential ending… oh wait?


Into the Dark series review recap: A case on your doorstep!

Broken BBC Series

Broken S1 E6: A finale full of heartbreak, forgiveness and grief!

Baby Driver cover

Baby Driver was definetly in the fast lane! 

Harry Potter POA

Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban) 

Broken BBC Series

Broken Series 1 Episode 5: coming soon!


A love story as exciting and slow as a lazy river: Hampstead film review!

Broken BBC Series

Broken S1 E2: When life gets too much, we find solace in others, but is it enough? (Spoiler alert)

My Cousin Micheal film cover

The supposedly spooky film My Cousin Rachel is not as dark as it lived up to be!

The Mummy film cover

The Mummy had me wrapped in its grasp from the off set! (Spoiler alert)

Broken BBC Series

S1, E3: Conspiracies emerged and truths backfired in the series, Broken! (spoiler alert)

Berlin Syndrome DVD cover

I was left in knots by Berlin Syndrome! (Spoiler alert)

Paula Series BBC

S1 E3: Dramatic concrete finale to the gripping series, Paula! (Spoiler alert)

Broken BBC Series

S1 E2: Broken introduced new cracks to the plot as Michael Kerrigan’s past was revealed! (Spoiler Alert)

My Life as a Cougette film cover

My Life as a Courgette was not the cream of the crop!

Paula Series BBC

S1, E2: Troubled Paula faced more drama in an overly packed episode!

Broken looks at the lives of two people and shows us the harsh reality! 

Late review of Paula S1 E1: Prepare to be glued to your seat and mesmerised by all the drama!

The Other Side of Hope film cover

The Other Side of Hope showed humanity but didn’t lure in my interest! (Spoiler Alert)


A new planet turned out to be more bloody, gruesome and costly than they thought: Alien returned with vengeance!

Lady Macbeth film cover

Innocence can be deceiving! Love and passion developed into something disturbing in the adapted film Lady Macbeth! (spoiler alert)


Mindhorn hits the bullseye with non-stop humour!

Series 4 Line of Duty

Line of Duty S4, E8: AC-12 finally unmasks the truth about Operation Trapdoor and balaclava man, along with a few surprises on the way! (spoiler alert)

Their Finest film cover

This was no sloppy war film! Emotional and heartwarming acting from the extraordinary Gemma Atherton and Sam Claflin.

RAG are dead Tom Stoppard April 2017

Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire were dead funny in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead! (Spoiler Alert)

Series 4 Line of Duty

S4, E7: Penultimate episode coming soon!

Decline and Fall cover

Jack Whitehall has got us going up not down in Evelyn Waugh’s adaption of Decline and Fall!


The plot turns much darker when we thought as a seemingly innocent resident is charged in the final episode of Broadchurch (S4, E8)!

Series 4 Line of Duty

Line of Duty, S4, E4: The tables can turn very quickly and you can find yourself caught! (Spoiler Alert)

Free Fire cover

Free Fire Review: coming soon!


Broadchurch S3 E6: Work-life balance is difficult for everyone, even Miller and Hardy!

Series 4 Line of Duty

Line of Duty S4 E2: Tensions were rising as the investigation into Operation Trapdoor continued!


Series 3, Episode 5 of Broadchurch: When some truth was finally revealed, cracks started to show and nice friendships turned sour. What an episode! (Spolier alert)

Beauty and the Beast cover

Everyones favourite fairytale is brought back to life and it takes us into a new magical world! (Spoiler alert)

Series 4 Line of Duty

Line of Duty S4, E1 was definitely not as straight-forward as we thought! (spolier alert)


S3, E4: When more evidence was uncovered, Miller and Hardy had to face some hard truths and some were difficult to swallow (Spoiler Alert).

Logan film cover

The claws were definitely out in the concluding Xmen film, Logan! (Spolier Alert)


Series 1, Episode 3: When you see you child and family slipping away from you, would you fight or give up? The Replacement ends with a gripping outcome! (Spoiler Alert)broadchurch-season-three-dvd-cover


Series 3, Episode 3: Blacking out, secrets and hidden motives: What else was not being said? Continue to find out in Broadchurch! (Spoiler Alert)

Film cover

More of a “cover your eyes” film than a thriller: Elle surprised us all with its twist and sensitive content!


The Replacement S1 E2: Ellen’s pursuit in investigating Paula has attracted the wrong attention. Is Ellen wrong to interject or is she right about her after all?


Broadchurch S3 E2: With more unfolding in Trish’s case, the credibility of her story was questionable. What else was she reluctant to tell us?


Viceroy’s House: A true story about the creation of Pakistan and the difficult decisions behind it (Spoiler Alert!)


Hidden Figures reveals who was really behind the success of John Glenn’s Launch and shows how they were undervalued in society!


Series 1, Episode 1: When a replacement joins the team it looks innocent or is it? We find out in the thrilling 3 part series!


Series 3, Episode 1: DS Miller and DI Hardy make a dramatic return in the final series of Broadchurch with another shocking case!


The German comedy that makes embarrassing fathers entertaining!


An Inspirational story that touches the hearts of everyone that watches it!


Lego Batman had the right building blocks for a great film! (Spolier Alert)


The emotional and deeply moving film Fences follows a family through a tough time!


Episode 6 Finale: Unforgotten Finale: Will Colin, Marian and Sara be charged? Is there more to their acts than we think? (Spoiler Alert)


Episode 4: The verdict was approaching and Yvonne had to face the Jury… was she innocent or guilty?


Episode 3: “Trust me” he says, but when the court revealed the truth, could he really be trusted after all? Is he the guilty one?


“Loving” is heart warming and shows us that love is stronger than any law.


Episode 5: Cassie digs deeper into David Walker’s death and uncovers yet more shocking discoveries!


When you are stranded in the Indian Ocean, is all lost? “All is lost” is gripping and very tense!


Episode 2: So the secret is out but will George stay quiet? Or will he use it as ammunition?


The Trainspotting boys are back but will they still get on twenty years later? (Spoiler Alert!)


Pablo Larraín has upheld Jackie’s legacy but was the film a bit short on her life? (Spoiler Alert)


Do you have split reactions about Kevin and his 23 personalities? (Spoiler Alert)


Episode 4: The murder of David Walker is skin deep: riddled with lies and fake alibies, will the detectives get any closer to finding the killer? (Spoiler Alert)


Case has opened up a lot of controversy, it will definitely not be a relaxing trip for the detectives! (Spoiler Alert)


Episode One: What is Yvonne Carmichael really getting into? The BBC presents the gripping and raunchy Apple Tree Yard (Spolier Alert)


La La Land is a delight to watch and will make your day more musical! (Spolier Alert)


Sherlock came face to face with the biggest secret, but could he solve the final problem? (Spolier Alert)


Scorsese’s message is definitely not Silent…Its loud in importance!


Sherlock makes our head spin in “The Lying Detective”


Let It Shine sets the bar high not bar low!


Bring along your tissues, you may need them when A Monster Calls! (Spolier Alert)


Spell binding quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone


The force remains strong in Steven Spielberg’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!


Life as a Disney movie: The importance of animation in expressing feelings


It’s a Wonderful Life… coming soon! 


Magical and undeniably brilliant: J K Rowling brings you a wizarding masterpiece!


A beautiful, real romance that can make or break a country: Amma Asante presents “A United Kingdom”


Walking in the breathtaking views of Switzerland: A walkers ultimate weekend!


Behind Convent Doors: What really happened in Poland 1945?


Mind Blowing and Emotionally Thrilling: Nocturnal Animals at its best!


Isolated From The World: Jonathan Taggart Explores Life “Off The Grid”arrival-cover

Film Review: Arrival at the Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: Light Between Oceans at the Tyneside Cinema (Spoiler Alert)


Film Review: Ethel and Ernest at the Tyneside Cinema

Lo and Behold.jpg

Film Review: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World at the Tyneside Cinema (Spoiler Alert)


Series Review: The Great British Bake off Finale (Spoiler Alert)


Film Review: I, Daniel Blake at the Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: My Scientology Movie at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: Under the Shadow at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: The Clan at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: The Girl on the Train at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: Swiss Army Man at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: Free State of Jones at Tyneside Cinema


Film Review: Tharlo at the Tyneside Cinema


Tour Review: Jimmy Carr – Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits in York


Concert Review: Cats at Sunderland Empire 


Has the Great British Bake off boiled over?


Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby (Spoiler Alert!)


Film Review: Anthropoid

Lifestyle, Food and travel


Walking in the breathtaking views of Switzerland: A walkers ultimate weekend!


Breakfast at the Boston Tea Party


Narrow Boating to Cambridge


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