EU Dilemma 

Everyone is talking about the European Union vote on the 23rd June. With all the news coverage about it,  it is starting to get confusing. The main issue I have is that there is so much riding on this decision. What we put on that polling card will decide our future, especially the younger generations.
To help put my mind at rest and decide, I am going to write pros and cons of remain and leave. This is just an opinion, I am by no means saying that this is fully accurate or the best option.

Firstly I feel that if we remain in the EU, we can retain our cheaper trade deals and help UK industries such as the steel industry grow. Additionally to this, the EU provides the UK power around decision making, alongside the other influential countries. The NHS also is at risk if we leave the EU. This is according to Simon Stephens who states that the NHS requires additional funding that the EU can provide. The EU also provides the UK with skilled migrants who can fill in UK job shortages, helping the economy to grow. One area includes doctors.

To contradict this, exiting the EU can save the UK money. With no requirement to pay the EU budget, the UK can save up to 13 million which can be invested into public services such as the NHS. With an independent position from the EU, the UK can further control their borders, helping to reduce conflicts from other country members.

So based on my analysis, I know what I am going to vote. If you have any opinions or questions, please comment. For more details on whether to stay or leave the EU, go to .

Should we stay or leave the EU?