Puppy Journals: More treats please (National Poetry day)

I know this poem is one day late but I thought that it would be quite fun to do anyway!

“I have not posted about Wedgy for a while but the truth is, he is fine.

He doesnt jump up as much and he doesn’t really wine

He no longer wees on the floor and that is really great

He is just as cute, but would be cuter if he had a mate

He is getting bigger and therefore harder to ignore.

We regulally trip over him when he is lying on the floor

wedge floor 2.jpg

He knows that if he barks that he will get a treat

Such a clever dog, he will always take a seat

Wedge 1.jpg

We wouldn’t want him any other way

And as far as you can tell

I am not actally a poet

But I have done pretty well!”




Puppy Journals: To Bath and beyond!

We took a family trip to Bath and stayed in Bristol with the dog. Here is what we did:

Day 1:

We set off on an adventure to Bath with little Wedgy. It was a great trip! Here is a round-up of what we did.

We set off early afternoon in the car with little Wedge in the back. We had a six hour journey and it consisted of many stops – mostly to encourage Wedgy to wee. He was too distracted by the cars and the people so could not wee throughout the journey.

We arrived in Bath at 7pm and proceeded to the Boathouse, a pub by the canal, to meet up with family and have tea.

We all took turns to look after Wedgy, who was wining and desperate to get off his lead. We hoped that he would relax after his tea but he didn’t and still no busy busy (wee)!

After the pub we parted ways and went to bed.

Day 2:

The next morning I woke up from a great sleep to find out that when he got to his destination, he had an extra long busy busy (wee). I was also told that he pooed on the carpet! Oops.

We were out and about doing errants and poor Wedge was in the crate most of the day. We returned to the Boathouse for lunch and beers, allowing Wedge to busy busy (wee) and roam a bit.

He was very good in the car. He slept most of the day in the most adorable positions and was no bother.

Wedgy sleeping

It was a long day for him and he was relieved to be back and able to relax before the long car journey tomorrow. He wasn’t the only one who was ready to get some sleep. We were all knackered!


Day 3:

It was the same old morning – he had a wee and poo, and a run around orchard.

We set off in the car after a lovely cooked breakfast. On the way back to Newcastle, we made a few detours and made sure to stop for wee breaks. Wedgy was not having it though! He was very quiet on the journey back and was a blessing to take.

We had a lovely trip to Bath with him and he is now becoming a very travelled black lab!

Bye for now 🙂

Puppy Journals: Wedgy Down!

I have not written an article in two weeks but he is doing fine and still growing!

Wedgy sleeping

He is now able to reach places he never could, like the stools when they are are on their highest level and the bin. Only yesterday, he invaded the bin and decorated the lawn with rubbish. None of us were pleased. We have to now sellotape the bin lid down (it is broken), to stop him getting in and vandalising the garden!

Wedgy bin.jpg
The Sellotaped bin

We are trying to train him to stop jumping up… sometimes saying “down” and giving “the look” works but when he is really jumpy and bitey, its useless. He will get better though and be one well behaved, chilled out pooch. Hopefully no more holey leggings and cardigans!

Cardigan whole.jpg
A hole in my favourite cardigan!

More gossip later! Bye for now 🙂





Puppy Journals: It’s only a cardboard box

I have not posted about Wedgy’s progress for a while as I have been away. But while I was away, he grew so much and it was very noticeable when I got back.

He is not my “little Wedge” anymore, more like a medium Wedge.

We were sent flowers and in the process received a massive cardboard box. He loved it and we threw treats in it, creating a brand new exciting game!

With a wooden floor,  he has very little grip. It’s so entertaining to see him play as he always runs after his toys so frantically, often resulting in him slipping or skidding.

There is not much to say, just that the box did not last long!

I will let you know about anything else later on!

Bye for now 🙂

Puppy Journals: First time for everything

So it has been 4 weeks since we got him, and one week since his last vaccination. It was his first time for many things too… his first walk and his first puppy training session. I was unsure on how either would pan out.

First Walk

He got his lead on fine and we were nearly outside the front door. He got a bit anxious from there; I guess that going on his first walk is like seeing a new world. He had never seen cars before, never really had so much land to explore and understandably he was a bit weary.

Although we practised walking by holding a treat by our side in order to encourage him to walk beside us, it was more difficult in reality. He kept stopping to sit, as if waiting for us to give him a treat. Very clever dog.

(I apologise for the poor camera quality)

He did a good try and we went up the road and back. It will all come in time. Soon we can take him out in fields and run beside him, taking him off his lead. But until then, he is still young and needs time to adjust. I mean look at him?

Dog no shame
Wedgy having a well deserved rest after his walkies

First Puppy Training

  1. What it was like when we walked in?

It was nerve wracking because none of us knew what to expect. When we parked, we saw lots of puppy dog breeds including Chihuahuas and Pugs. They were all slightly frazzled by the presence of lots of dogs.

2. How welcoming where they?

It was nice to see that we were not the only owners who had a puppy to train. Many had the same issues with biting and jumping up.

3. What did we do?

We sat down in a circle and a lady and told us about dog behaviour – ways to effectively train and combat any issues. She provided dog treats when we all ran out. We didn’t bring as much as we really needed.

4. Did Wedgy comply with them?

He was very good and was one of the best behaved dogs in the class. he was really good with the training but found that when required to interact with dogs, got scared and hesitant. He should be more used to it the next time and be better.

5. Was it enjoyable?

It was so fun to go to and to see other dogs do the ticks too. Meeting other dog owners was nice as we all had this in common and could talk over it.

First Trip to Pets at Home

He also had a trip to Pets at Home and we got him his first harness. He looks slightly ruffled and looks like he has grown a beard.

wedge harness.jpg
Slightly ruffled Wedgy in his new harness


Puppy Journals: Good Boy!

Well this week Wedgy has really behaved and apart from biting legs and being playful, he is exactly like any other puppy. He is also so much bigger, doubled in size since his last vet visit four weeks ago.


However it was his time for his second vaccination today at the vet! It’s so exciting as a week after his vaccination, he can start puppy training and go for walks! Apparently puppy training is really fun but I just hope that Wedge will behave and not be a hooligan!

I can now admit that I am a dog person. Although I like cats, since getting wedge, I can’t imagine why we didn’t get him earlier! If you are reading this and are thinking of getting a dog and or not really sure, then I hope this helps:

Reasons to get a dog:

  • They are fun to bring up and can make your day!
  • They are your new best friend!
  • They can help increase visitors to our home – why not have a welcome home party or celebrate their birthday with friends and family!
  • After he has been fully vaccinated, you can take him out and about. People will also stop and say hello!

Reasons to not get a dog:

  • They cost money to train and entertain – puppy training, toys and crates.
  • They need time and attention – from all members of your family

Bye for now!




Puppy Journals: Growing Fast

It is safe to say that Wedgy is now a big part of our lives. We revolve our day partly around him and make sure that he is always looked after. We make use of time when he is asleep so we can do our errants. We also put hum in his crate when we want to go out. He likes to sleep in there anyway so he is very easy to deal with.

He is growing so fast, that soon we will be unable to pick him up and carry him. He likes to climb and bite things now – legs, shoes, arms, chairs you name it. He is also too young to train at the moment so we just have to try and distract him with toys. Sometimes that fails  though, as a pair of baggy jeans or laced shoes are more intriguing than his small collection of dog toys.


He also met another dog last week and was handled it well. He did his usual sniffing and Toby just sat there, allowing it. They had a lovely play around and little Wedgy was out for the count for the rest of the night.

Wedgy recently got out to explore another new room in the house, despite our efforts to stop him. He’s always eager to discover more of the house when the  kitchen door opens – he pokes his head in between your ankles in the hope that you will move and give him space to get through.  Saying that, he is very clever too and has sussed out how to get extra playtime outside – he likes to sniff the floor and any dog owners know that sniffing is a sign that they want to do their business.

Despite all this, he is adorable and I’m so happy that we have him. He makes me smile every day and  he is always does funny things, like fight with the bin.





Puppy Journals: Home Sweet Home

Wedgy has adjusted well to his new life since his arrival on Saturday. It has been a culture shock for all of the family as we are all responsible for caring for him. Our routine board has helped and we can now keep track of his feeding times and make note of his last wee and poo, and his socialisation tally.

Routine board to track his progress

I thought it would be a lot harder, but he is a good boy. He is doing his business outside with little mess in the house.

He is also enjoying life to the full and going outside regularly. We have to distract him with his toys so he does not chase the bunny! Luckily there is wire dividing them. Wedgy has however got used to Smudge and now bothers him less, instead he decides to eat Smudge’s little parcels on the grass.

Wedgy playing with on of his toys

Exciting news is that he can now feel confident going up and down small stairs. He is only small (for now) so we keep him off bigger steps in case he damages his joints

All this activity is making him tired so he sleeps most of the day in the most adorable positions. It sounds bad, but I sometimes forget we have a dog, as he is so quiet.

Catching up on his sleep after active days of feeding and playing 

He also went to the vet for his first trip out and he was very well behaved . The vet described him as a “Cutie” and invited him for another checkup tomorrow.

dog vet
Wedgy at the vet: His first trip out!

Wedgy has also been visited by friends and cousins, and he has been petted in closer contact. He did well and liked the attention.

Cousins petting and giving the dog attention

One thing I would say is that he can put his teeth on you, especially if you put your arm in front of his mouth. He thinks that it is a toy and although he does no damage, this is just one thing that socialisation will bring out.

So much happens in one week but its too much to write down. I will keep you informed through this blog – keep reading!



Puppy Journals: The Collection

We made our way to his home in Bristol and our minds were wondering. We had not owned a dog before so we didn’t know what to expect. Nor did we know how he would cope on the journey back.

We parked in the drive and were greeted with equal enthusiasm. We saw Wedgy with his sister Ginny and Otters sad face. I just hoped that she was happy with what was going on.

We were given information about his vaccinations and feeding times. They were given their last chance to run in their garden and feed until we prepped the travel crate and take him home.

He was so hyper – running around and getting distracted very easily. I just hoped that he would tire himself out and fall asleep quickly in the car.

After receiving lots of food and placing him gently in the crate, we were ready to go.

dog crate 2
Wedgy in the crate

We set off at 1.00 pm to Newcastle with a cute and winey puppy. At first he was vocal, but eventually after playing with Phillis, he fell asleep. This repeated a few times throughout our journey.

I started to get the giggles a few times as his wines started as cute barks and ended as a laughing sound. Wedgy definitely entertained us on the way back.

We stopped once for sandwiches and to check if he was ok.

We tried to follow advice in our puppy book by not giving him too much attention when he was scared. It was hard and it sounds quite mean but we had to refrain from petting and talking to him.

Overall the journey was nice. Little Wedge was well behaved and with little traffic, we were back home by 6.00 pm. We all helped play and entertain the dog to help him get used to his new surroundings.


We stuck to the advice we were given by Emma and found that by the end of the day, Wedgy had settled in well. Not only had he been good on journey but he had also had warmed to the family and put himself to bed gradually . We are so proud of him. It has been a very good day.

We will let you know about his progress in the next article – Puppy Journals: Home Sweet Home.

Puppy Journals: We are getting a dog?

You can probably gather from my article that we are getting a puppy! This series of articles can inform you of his journey and progress, as well as illustrate the logistics of owning and training a puppy.

You are always told that a pet is for life. Our previous pet, Sycamore  was until he passed earlier this year. At first we did not want another pet, but it felt odd with one less member of the family.

Some of our family had always wanted a dog and she would drop hints. A few members needed more convincing than others, but eventually they agreed to it

To our luck, one of my parents friends breeds black labs and good news arrived in the form of four black lab puppies. Three of these puppies were born in close time, with the fourth remaining in the womb for an extra three days – Hence the name “Wedgy”.

Otters four adorable puppies

We were delighted to find out that Wedgy was still available and we jumped on the opportunity. We have been sent photos of the puppy on  a daily basis and little Wedgy looked adorable with a cute baby face and a smaller body than his siblings.

We have started to prepare for our new arrival and  have bought all the toys and booked all the dog training sessions. Family discussions concerning  the dog have been taking place all week including the right way to crate train the dog and where he is allowed to roam.

Doggie supplies!

Recently we visited Wedgy in Bristol and got a chance to see him in the flesh. They climbed on top of us and chewed our shoelaces, before falling asleep in the most adorable positions.

Wedgy Sleeping

We collect Wedgy next weekend and the realisation that we are getting a dog is now getting more vivid.

That’s it for this week! Keep up with Wedgy’s progress with the my upcoming article  – “Puppy Journals: The Collection”.