Rio Paralympics 2016: What a success!

What a fantastic Paralympics in Rio this year! Finishing on a high with 147 medals – 64 of which were golds. A record breaking year with the most gold medals by a British team since 1988.

Our Paralympians smashed the London 2012 total of 120 medals and proved that whatever your disability, you can still succeed.

I feel inspired by their success and hope that you all are too!

Congratulations to all the Paralympians and Olympians.

You did GB proud!

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Paralympics Medal Progress

What a great four days in Rio and we are not even half way yet!


With 44 medals so far, behind China with 75, our athletes are really embracing their sports and following on from a fantastic Rio Olympics a few weeks ago.

I watch the Paralympics and think about all the hard work that goes into their success. Despite their struggles, they are exceeding all our expectations and facing their goals face on. What a food for thought?

food for thought.jpg

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Rio Paralympics 2016

With less than one week to do, the Paralympics is drawing near. It follows a very successful and record breaking Olympic games a few weeks ago, where GB won 67 medals.

The opening ceremony is on Wednesday 7th September and is the beginning of an action packed week and a half (18th September).

So what do we have to look forward to? Well we will see familiar faces from London 2012 and fantastic sportsmanship from all athletes. With our GB athletes in such great shape and with a positive mentality, we hope for a big medal haul!

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Any comments, let me know.

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Rio Olympics: Final week GB medal update

Well it’s all over and we have had the best Olympic games since our host games in 2012. We have not only beaten our prediction of 46 medals, but we have won more medals than our London 2012 host games. We have also finished 2nd behind the USA and front of China! We gathered a total of 67 medals.

Rio medal progress table
Our Rio medals (green) echoed and if not, beat the daily medals won in London 2012 (red) – BBC 

Its so hard to keep track of medals especially when they pour in so fast! Do not worry. Here is the round-up for week two (day eight – fifteen).

 Day 8  

Day 9

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Day 10

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Day 11

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Day 13

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Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis bronze badminton day 13
Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge with their bronze medal for the Badminton Men’s Doubles

Day 14

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Day 15

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I am proud to be British – congratulations to all of the athletes! They have shown how great Great Britain really is!

Bye for now 🙂



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Rio Olympics: Week Update

It has been a great week for GB with matching success from London 2012. We have so many more to come, but here are the current GB Olympic Medallists:

Day 2

Adam Peaty
Adam Peaty – Gold in the 100m Breaststroke

Day 3

Day 4

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Day 5

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Chris Froom bronze time trial.jpg
Chris Froom – Bronze in the Time Trial

Day 6

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Day 7

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The GB Dressage team (Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolsheimer) get silver



Rio Olympics and Paralympics 2016

It’s 8 days to the Olympics! They commence from the 5th to the 21st August. You can indulge in all that sport has to offer from Tennis and Gymnastics to Athletics and Aquatics. We are also welcomed by new sports including Golf, Sevens Rugby and Kitesurfing.

Rio 2016 will be aired on various BBC channels with hosts like Hazel Irvine, Mark Chapman, Gabby Logan, Clare Balding and Jason Mohammad summarising on BBC One.

We have all the best athletes competing for GB. Well known faces such as Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Andy Murray, Nicola Adams and many others are all taking part. You can see the full list at .

You may also be aware that Individual Board Federations have been deliberating on Russian athletes being banned from Rio, after Russian state doping allegations. Decisions are still being made, but so far 8 competitors in canoeing, modern pentathlon and sailing have been banned. More decisions are yet to come. 

Medal expectations have been lowered this year to 48. The 2012 London Olympic athletes won 65 medals overall, putting GB in third place behind the US (104 medals) and China (88 medals). 

Let’s not forget that we also have the Paralympics with a great line up of athletes including Richard Whitehead, Ellie Simmonds, Hannah Cockroft, Jessica-Jane Applegate and many more. Again for the full list, go to .

I am always very excited about the Olympics/Paralympics and find myself to be very patriotic. I’m always the one to shout at the telly. If you feel the same about the Olympics, please let me know and comment!