Everyones favourite fairytale is brought back to life and it takes us into a new magical world! (Spoiler alert)

This film has been long awaited and has finally arrived at our screens! There is such a hype around the film and I hope it does not chip any of our expectations!

Beauty and the Beast has the same plot as the Disney film, which was first released in 1991. The director Bill Condon added in a few scenes that filled in some of the gaps, such as her mother’s death.

The plot

We were introduced to a young, beautiful girl in a small town, named Belle (Emma Watson). She lived with her wacky father who was a very good inventor. Belle did not feel that she belonged in the town and was seen as odd by her fellow villagers. She had a very kind and understanding nature and tended to see people beyond their outside appearance. She had also been bought up by her father Maurice to be fearless and to not be afraid.

Of course, what was so scary about a big spooky castle and a tall beast like figure? Whilst Maurice was spooked by the Beast after stealing a rose from his garden, Belle was very courageous and faced the Beast by saying “come into the light”. Belle was willing to stay there for life, so her father could be freed. She was fearless.

When you see the beast (Dan Stevens), you may think of it as an evil creature. The Beast, in reality was not a beast at all, but a selfish prince who took what he had for granted and rightly got punished. Over time, he got withdrawn and realised his mistakes, often resulting in anger. He often approached Belle in a loud and explosive manner that used to startle her yet over time she started to tame him. She taught him the importance of books and they shared humour. They ate together and he started to see her in a different way.

Belle got on with the Beast. They had common interests and she started to love him however she was in demand. A buff, over confident and good looking Gaston (Luke Evans), had his eyes on Belle. She was as good looking as he was, which meant that she would be his future wife. Gaston came across as very strong and only did things for his personal gain. He lied to the villagers to make Maurice look crazy and left his friend in need to kill the Beast! I mean who would believe that there was a beast in a dark castle in the middle of the forest…

The best scenes

There were many scenes that I found extremely humorous and most of them included Gastons friend, Lou Fu (Josh Grad) who added some sass and attitude to many “Gaston focused” scenes. He was extremely entertaining to watch, especially when he was dancing on the tables during the song “Gaston”. He always found a way to calm Gaston down and despite Gaston’s attitude, he stuck around, despite not really feeling appreciated.

We were also joined in many funny scenes with the one and only Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian Mckellen). They were just like two best friends, always blaming each other for things and having a friendly rivalry. They both had different personalities, with Lumiere being louder and more stubborn to following rules, with Cogsworth alway wanting to stay in line. We were truely blessed to see Lumiere in his element during the song “Be Our Guest”, in which he displayed his entertaining and enthusiastic manner, along with his great singing voice.  It was accompanied by bright colours, fireworks and of course the grey stuff (try it, it’s delicious).

Of course, we can’t forget one of the most important scenes in the film – the dance in the grand ballroom. Belle was utterly gorgeous in her yellow dress (so fittingly representing innocence) and whilst she and the Beast were dancing, I felt that they had eventually found each other. The Beast was coarse and unrefined, but she saw past that all to see that he was dear and caring. The Beast loved Belle and he let her go free, as a sign of love. He wanted her to be happy but if she was not happy here, he was prepared to let her go.

With no hope of her return, the Beast was sad and withdrawn, much to the delight of Gaston, who could eventually slay it and for all. Gaston could not understand why Belle would fall for such a beast… he was one sided and just saw the outside, not that he as caring, gentle and a better man than he was. Gaston met his demise and fell from the collapsing bridge, not before he could wound the beast to the ground. Belle was heartbroken and when the last rose petal fell, she was left hunching over his still body, longing for him to come back.

She loved him and the enchantress who cast the curse on him all those years ago, finally agreed that he had earned his right to be human. No longer would he be a beast, but a kind and loved prince by all the village. He and Belle lived happily ever after and with Gaston gone, there was less ego in the air. His fellow staff had been returned to their original human selves and the castle was not longer feared, rather it was open to dances and celebrations.

Final Thoughts

I saw my favourite fairytale come back to life and it was magical. The scenes were beautiful with such incredible detail, from the dresses and outfits to the castle’s luxurious interior and beautiful grounds.

We were blessed with a film that could make any of our childhood dreams come true and it could not have happened without such an amazing cast. Emma Watson was flawless as Belle, Luke Evans was a dreamy and masculine Gaston and brilliant humour was provided by the incredible Ewan Mcgregor, Ian Mckellen and Josh Grad.

If you ever need a bit of magic in your life and a hint of sass, this is the film to watch.

Be our guest and take your place at a cinema near you.

Bye guys 🙂








The German comedy that makes embarrassing fathers entertaining!

Toni Erdmann, a German comedy, now nearing its time in Cinemas, bought a bit of fun into our serious lives.

The plot

We followed a work obsessed women named Ines Erdmann, who worked beyond her expected role in order to gain fast results. She tried hard to impress her clients and colleagues but nothing ever seemed to work for her. She was never really happy! She was always so hard on herself and never gave herself a break. Can anyone relate to this?

Well that was until her father, Toni arrived and turned her week upside down. He surprised her at business events, stayed with her on business trips and posed as a life coach. Despite her efforts, he never really left and he supported his daughter, as much as she let him. He disturbed her and she got increasingly angry, convinced he was trying to ruin her career and lose important contracts.

Of course, this put a strain on their loving father-daughter relationship. The amount of hurt that he felt when he was turned away by his daughter must have been upsetting, but he knew that there was some fun in her.. he just had to find it!

The characters

Of course if you really look at them, they are both opposites. Whilst Ines is a workaholic, Toni is retired, has free time and is more laid back. Ines looks presentable, whilst Toni wears a large grey beard and a cheeky grin, which makes him look strange. Despite this, Toni’s character is completely harmless and can be seen as an embarrassing father figure that most of us well have, seen or experienced at some point.

Final Thoughts

The overall humour was good and I was laughing at some of it. There were bits where I was sitting there, wondering why people were laughing but I guess it was just my understanding that let me down.

Despite this, I would say that it was enjoyable and it also taught me a life lesson, that you can work hard all the time and be unhappy OR work less and have a bit more fun in your life. Which would you prefer?

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“Loving”is heart warming and shows us that love is stronger than any law.

Love does not follow the rule book, and sometimes the love we have can go against other peoples values. Whether it is because by race, colour, gender or nationality (just to name a few)… “Loving” shows us that it is ok to love whoever you want and that marriage with that person is a human right.

The 2017 film Loving,  described as an American historical drama,  has raised awareness of how important marriage is and how it was not always a human right – that the actions represented in this true story changed the course of history in the US in 1967.

The plot

Richard and Mildred Loving

Richard loving (acted by Joel Edgerton) and Mildred Loving  (acted by Ruth Negga) travelled out of Carolina to DC, to get married under the District of Columbia. They knew the risks and thought that their love for each other was enough to convince others that there was no risk. Mildred as a black women and Richard as a white man were detained by the sheriffs and told that their marriage was not allowed in Colombia and that if they pleaded guilty at Virginia Court, they would have to spend 25 years apart.

It was difficult for them to be apart, and with Mildred impregnated with their child, he could not leave her alone. They broke their parole and were arrested on a few occasions – they would not give up on their love.

In desperation, Mildred wrote to Internal General Robert Kennedy, for help and explained her situation. She was contacted by Bernard Cohen, a lawyer later that week about their case and he agreed to help them, all expenses paid.

They were told that their case would alter the constitution of the united states and that if they were found guilty by the Supreme Court, they would go to jail.

Richard was worrying about the case but Mildred remained positive, saying that “We may lose the small battles but win the war”.

The case got all the way to the Supreme Court. Virginia appealed with the view that it was unfair to bring up children of mixed race into the world. It was difficult to hear… what was wrong with mixed race children? Is that really a reason to restrict multiracial marriage?

Richard and Mildred with her first child

Well the Court disagreed … the Supreme Court ruled against Virginia and allowed Richard, Mildred and their children to eventually live in the house Richard built them and had the life they all dreamed of.

Final Thoughts

I would have preferred to see more of the court case, but I think the most important part of the film was to express the strong love and determination that the Loving family felt during this ordeal. That definitely came across and I was hoping that there was some mercy in the world – that the court would understand how much he loved his wife.

It is a heartwarming film, and despite the sad circumstances, all worked out in the end. not just for them, but for multiracial couples in the US.

You can see Loving in all cinemas, including the Tyneside Cinema now. You can book tickets by viewing https://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/whats-on/films/view/loving.

Bye for now.