Trust Me S1 E1 recap: Jodie Whittaker finds herself as doctor with one aim: to uncover the truth!

A new series on the BBC once again tries to grab our attention with a heart stopping drama with Jodie Whittaker posing as a doctor in an A&E hospital in Edinburgh (Doctor? such a coincidence..).

The Plot

The plot is fairly simple, but has a complicated secret. A string of information that can uncover an awful truth. Her opportunity to uncover this depends on whether she can get a way in, work for the hospital and get solid proof herself.

The Character

The character Jodie plays is rather troublesome and takes a completely different identity –  her friend, Alison Sutton.

Jodie seemed at ease in her role – she was a natural, and could adapt her acting beautifully to the situation. She was able to be bewildered when Alison Sutton was faced with A&E for the first time and could even grasp Alison’s quick learning of complicated medical knowledge and procedures.

The Flaws

The plot was interesting, but not totally believable. Ok… so the lack of security, passport and NI number checks when being employed. The alarm bells should have been ringing when she seemed totally overwhelmed when doing basic tasks, that she (her fake identity) is qualified to do.  Many viewers caught on to this and took to this on Twitter.

Last Note

It was an informative and slightly unrealistic first episode, but now we know the basics, we can not get into the corruption! A well played role so far from Jodie Whittaker,

Star Rating

I would give this review 3 stars and would recommend you to watch the episode if you like these mysterious, undercover thrillers!

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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Sherlock makes our head spin in “The Lying Detective”


We all know how complex Sherlock’s mind is and “The Lying Detective” was no exception.

If you remembered the last episode, you will know that Watson blames Sherlock for killing his wife and no longer wants any contact with him. You will also remember that Sherlock watched a video from Mary and she asked him to do something for her – “to save Dr Watson, just save him”.

In the following episode, we saw Dr Watson with a Psychiatrist, troubled by the loss of his wife, and who wouldn’t be. He did not contacted Sherlock Holmes for weeks and is now alone in his own house, blaming him for her death. Or that we thought…. Watson seemed to be talking to someone in the house…. a women who was later revealed to be his wife.

At this point, we are unsure if Mary was dead or alive.

Mr Smith Sherlock the lying detective.jpg
Mr Smith, the slightly suspicious, acted by Toby Jones

We then met Mr Culverton Smith, a rich tycoon who had a weird psychotic aura to him. You can tell from his look that something was not right. He walked into an office to find his colleagues already seated, including his daughter, Faith. He asked his colleagues and daughter to try their TD 12 solution which shortens your memory to a few minutes. He revealed that he wanted to confess something and he found confessing satisfying, especially when his colleagues could not remember what he confessed too….

He needed to kill anyone….

Sherlock (left) talking to Faith about her father’s note

Faith wrote it down as a way to remember it and contacted Sherlock. She wanted to meet and tell him about her father and his intentions. Sherlock appears uninterested in the case and sends her away, telling her to see the police and let them deal with it. Faith is not pleased and pleads with him to take the case – he decides to help her after he senses that there is more to her than she says.

Bearing in mind that Sherlock had been alone in his flat for weeks, it was no surprise that he was being watched by Mycroft as he was a “security concern”. Mycroft had eyes on him and monitored when he left the house, so he was alerted when he left the house to help Faith. Watson is also informed but he has no interest in Sherlock’s condition or existence.

Sherlock seemed off too – as if high. He listens to what Faith is telling him but one thing she says throws him. She says that there is one word that springs to mind….. “ANYONE”!

Sherlock goes into a trance and he sees visions of the office scene in which Mr Smith confesses into wanting to kill…. “anyone”. This word rattles around his head – he has a fit in the street and all of a sudden appears in his living room, the word “anyone” repeating in his head. He recovers to find Faith has disappeared.

Sherlock is still battling in his head the word on every wall in every vision, and whilst this is going on he is losing his mind, to the shock of Mrs Hudson. Mrs Hudson drives in a very post car to warn Dr Watson and asks him to medically examine Sherlock – Dr Watson is not keen on the idea, but eventually agreeing to meet him.

Mrs Hudson then opens the boot to reveal a shaking and unsteady Sherlock, restrained by handcuffs. He was curled up and looked quite vulnerable. His shaking was revealed to be a drug addiction and he was using again.

Watson is then surprised by Molly, who arrives at the house at the right time. She did not arrive by chance and she revealed that Sherlock had asked her to arrive at this time and booked two weeks ago. This was odd and more like our clever Sherlock – how did he know that he would be at Dr Watson’s house at this time? Did he plan all this?

A surprise call from Mr Smith informed Watson and Sherlock that he wanted to meet them – and put this serial killer business behind them. Sherlock had tweeted that Mr Smith was a serial killer when he was having his fit in his flat. Mr Smith was funny about this and as a way to humour the tweet, Mr Smith filmed a cereal commercial.

Sherlock in Mr Smiths favourite room lying derective.jpg
Sherlock in Mr Smith’s favourite room – the Mortuary!

He was joking about killing in plain sight – a trait that Sherlock would associate with serial killers and this makes Sherlock suspicious. Mr Smith takes Sherlock on a tour of the building and shows them his favourite room – the mortuary. Such a depressing room to like but it shows just how sad Mr Smith is – that he prefers to talk to dead people and prefers to confess to them rather than living people. His interest towards this miserable and creepy room made Sherlock even more wary of his character and his intentions.

With the way that Mr Smith was saying things about serial killers, it sounded like he was confessing however was he just trying to trick Sherlock into these outrageously crazy ideas? I mean who would believe him if people knew he was on drugs? What he needed was a recorded confession to catch him in the act – to end the game once and for all!

Sherlock tried to pull at Mr Smith’s heart strings and surprised him with a trip from his daughter, Faith. He had texted her earlier on his phone and asked her to see him and that he wanted to confess to his actions. She arrived and Sherlock thought he had the upper hand – as he had met her before. Or had he? She did not recognise him and the realisation of his mistake was revealed!  He was visited by a women who looked like Faith, knew about the confession and she had been a fake. Sherlock was shocked and he was shouting at Mr Smith – he was getting angry and attached My Smith with a scalpel. Dr Watson stepped in and held him back, beating him. His anger towards his Mary’s death had fuelled the violence.

Sherlock is taken to Mr Smith’s hospital to recover from the beating from Watson, while Mycroft and Watson visit Sherlock’s home to find a meth lab and a suspicious envelope, containing Mary’s video “Miss Me”. Watson is reluctant to watch it and learns that Mary wanted Sherlock to save him and that “the only way to “save Watson is make him save you”. Sherlock was told “to go to hell and go for it” and “to pick a fight with a bad guy”, only then would Watson go to you.

Sherlock had gone onto drugs to give Watson a reason to save him, so he could save Watson. I don’t know if that is selfish or not but he respected Mary’s wishes.

Sherlock was still recovering in hospital and while Watson was discovering Sherlock’s motives, Sherlock was being visited by the man himself. Sherlock asks Mr Smith to kill him, as this is one way that Dr Watson would come for him…. and he did.

With an added recording of Mr Smith’s confession, which he leaked when standing over Sherlock in the hospital. Mr Smith thought he was speaking in true confidentiality but he was wrong. Sherlock had finally got him and Watson was eventually more forgiving of him.

It was especially heart-warming when Watson told Sherlock that it was not his fault Mary died. He had eventually forgiven Sherlock and got back to normal – whatever his normal is. He is still seeing Mary though who told him in his head to “just get on” with another relationship.

Or he thought? There was one last thing that was odd, and that was his previous conversation with Mycroft over the phone. There was something bothering him and it sounded like another person. Was he confiding in someone?

Watson’s psychologist who is later to be revealed as Eurus, Sherlock’s secret sister, as well as Watson’s girl from the bus.

It was now that Watson realised what he really meant. His physiatrist was acting suspicious asks him about his family Sherlock and about his secret girl who he met on the bus. Watson had been texting her but stopped as he wanted to stay true to Mary. Watson had not told his psychiatrist about her yet she knew? She revealed that she had met Sherlock and spent the night together? She was that women “Faith” who turned up at his door? And who would have thought that she was also the women Watson saw on the bus and was texting! I would not have expected this at all…..

But the most surprising news of all was that she, Eurus was Sherlock’s sister. Mycroft’s secret was out but she was not taking any chances. She pulled out a gun and held it at Watson’s face, not afraid to shoot…..

There are questions that you are probably thinking after this review and here may be some of them…

  1. Why did Sherlock not know about his sister?
  2. What does she have to hide, that she has to shoot Watson (or we think)?
  3. How could Sherlock not notice or realise?
  4. What came of Mr SMith and was he safe from causing any other harm
  5. Lastly, is Watson dead?

Hopefully some of these will be answered in the next episode and we will be a bit less confused!


I must say that there are so many twists and turns in this episode that I could not write it in less words. The Episode was unpredictable, clever and incredibly complicated. I was so convinced that Sherlock had lost it, but he clearly had planned to act that way and it shows just how clever he is.

I hope you have enjoyed the review. I always try and make it through so only read it if you want spoilers or have seen it already.

Feel free to comment. I would love to get your opinion 🙂

Bye for now.