In the Dark Series S1 E2 Recap! A fast paced episode with a good potential ending… oh wait?

This is a review of In the Dark, S1 E2 BBC series.

The General Plot

We followed the case of the abduction and murders of these young girls and it progressed very quickly… maybe too quickly.

My Thoughts

I found the episode very infuriating. I found the characters especially Helen very farfetched. She was pregnant and was getting to “stuck in” to the personal case. And to top it all off, she was getting Paul her husband and her friend, Phillip involved in it. The trio went suspect hunting and take things into their own hands. There is a risk that someone will get hurt, or the baby would get hurt.

While on their murderer pursuit they found Poppy and nailed the man who did it. Good on them!

The Characters

The character of Helen is a bit like marmite. I, in particular have mixed feelings about her and have little sympathy for her issues. She can get very focused on something and do it well. She can also make a lot of mistakes…. like having an affair and getting pregnant with who’s baby? I did find a little sympathy for her when she explained about her childhood abuse, by a man, who was closely linked to a woman Bates was having an affair with. It all got a bit too much for Helen, but it did not take away the fact that she had cheated. Poor Paul was so shocked and then so angry by it, that he closed connections with her.

The Ending

The ending to this episode would have happily closed the series. The man was caught, Helen could get Peter Bates the negative attention he deserved and then have the baby with Adam. But no…

It was not enough and the introduction of new characters just seems like a ploy to extend the series for no reason.

Final Note

I was not a fan of this episode. These crime series are often made too long or too full that you can never really keep track of what is going on or who is who.

Star Rating

Not as good as last weeks. I must say. 3 stars, but I hope for the sake of the ratings that the next few episodes are good.

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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Line of Duty, S4, E4: The tables can turn very quickly and you can find yourself caught! (Spoiler Alert)

This is a series review of Line of Duty (S4, E4) shown weekly on BBC1 on Sunday night at 9pm. Two remaining episodes.

My Thoughts

I was so excited to see this episode, especially after that devastating cliff-hanger of Arnott being pushed off a flight of stairs, by who we suspected was Nick Huntley. You would be glad to know that he was ok and eventually came around. All was safe and sound, or so we thought…

Huntley has become a very investigated officer and even has an undercover agent watching her (Fleming). From what we know so far, Huntley is involved, especially close to home with evidence that her husband was at the crime scene too. She has lied through her teeth to detectives and has lied to her husband. I was starting to get more apprehensive of her and her motives and with everything that was going on, she should be nowhere near the investigations.

Huntley was becoming more and more involved in covering her back. It seemed that she was fooling no one, not even her husband, who thought she was cheating and followed her that night to Tim’s flat. Her Interview with the AC-12 investigators was not going her way and she found herself presented with evidence that she was not doing her job properly and that her husband was involved in Tim’s murder. When we thought it was all over for her, she dropped a bombshell.

Her thorough attitude and accusation of the corruption of her handling of the cases surprised the AC-12 team and they slowly found themselves in deep water. Huntley had them gasping for air as she fired claims of tampering, sexism around promotions and sexist language in the workplace. She bought up things that were beyond their work environment. It was like she had been holding on to her anger and they had hit a nerve with her that unleashed a feared beast.

I thought that I would leave the episode with a clearer idea of her and Nick’s involvement, however I have been left with less of an idea and an unknown about the future of AC-12. I wonder if matters will be out of their hands, evidence will be discarded or they will be moved from the cases all together.

Huntley played a good game in this episode and seems to have won… for now. The director played with our emotions and changed the focus of the episode so rapidly that the cases seemed even more complex!  Bravo!

I was blown away by the twist and now feel like I am in limbo, not being any closer to finding out the truth and being uncertain about the outcome of AC-12 and the current investigation.

Still to come…

With two more episodes to go, we expect the lose ends to be tied and to find out the truth on who really killed Tim and abducted those girls. We all have our suspicions, however as we know, these series are always truly uncertain until the final moments!

What an explosive episode. I feel like I need a cup of tea to recover!

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Line of Duty S4 E2: Tensions were rising as the investigation into Operation Trapdoor continued!

We left the last episode with a cliff hanger. We were eager to find out what happened next!

We were not sure if we would see Huntley back in the office after the horrific memories of the night before and we feared that she was the dismembered body that they found in a lake. Luckily she wasn’t.

In this episode, we also saw Steve Arnott visit FI Tim’s house and find him dead. He was found in his home with a few missing fingers.  It was a shock to everyone.

As for DCI Huntley, she knew more about Tim than people thought. She had been to his house, she had confronted him about helping AC-12 and she had been attacked by him…. now he was dead and her DNA was at the scene. She did DNA swapping and made sure that she had no trace in that house. She could not get caught, otherwise everything she had worked towards would be gone.  Not only that, but she had his laptop and phone… major pieces of evidence that would be essential to the investigation. Huntley was on a thin thread and had to tread carefully.

My opinion of DCI Huntley is a bit like a yoyo. We left her on a floor at the end of episode 1, potentially a new victim to the notorious “Balaclava man” and now here she is waltzing around, claiming cases and lying through her teeth. She is like Marmite, you either like her or don’t.

We also looked looked into Micheal’s involvement, which was continued from the last episode. He was sure that he did not kill the victims or have any involvement. He was at Mossheath hospital that night and was kept in for the next few days, so how could he? His feet are also size 8, whilst the biometrics suggested that the killer was a size 10. Micheal was unfortunately faced with more evidence that suggested it was him and with a planting of his DNA on one of the bodies, he had little chance of being discounted.

Tensions were rising between Kate Fleming and Stephen Arnott. They both wanted to lead a case, however Stephen Abbot was more qualified, having had the Inspector qualification for longer. The frosty expression on Kate’s face said it all. The competition between them, in my opinion, is a bit petty and they should be happy for each other either way and put their personal issues behind them.

My Thoughts

The episode was very gripping and there was never a dull moment.

I was however blown away by how farfetched the DNA swapping was. As if a DCI would have time to swap evidence that quickly.  The episode started off great and then it got more unbelievable.

The way that Fleming and Arnott are acting was extremely concerning, especially as they work in such close proximity when investigating DCI Huntley. I fear that this will affect their relationship and the overall evidence they gather. It’s such a shame as I thought they were such a great team.

Lastly, I can’t help but feel sorry for Micheal Farmer. With what we saw last week in Tim’s bag, we can’t help but think that they have the wrong man. Yet he is trapped to a crime that he allegedly committed. I don’t normally feel sorry for the victim, but on this occasion I do.

Let me know what you thought of the episode. I would love to hear what you all think!

Broadchurch S3 E2: With more unfolding in Trish’s case, the credibility of her story was questionable. What else was she reluctant to tell us?

The case was now starting to heat up and we were excited to see what was next to be uncovered!

The plot

So Trish was attacked at the manner in a beautiful garden and raped at a party with no knowledge of who he was. Trish, of course was struggling. The person involved could have been any of the guests or a stranger who entered the property in the many exits. This complicated the case.

DI Hardy and DS Miller continued their investigation and visited a potential manufacturer and met Leo, who was over confident and slightly cocky. The blue rope that they sold may have been used when Trish was raped. They were given a list of the guests at the party and it was a long one. It would take a while to investigate. Cath and her husband were also asked to come down to the station to give a sample of DNA and to confirm their whereabouts on Saturday night.

The detectives were a little irritable in this episode and they seemed like they were on different planets. DI Hardy was very eager to get evidence from Trish, whilst DS Miller wanted to wait till she was ready. It caused a bit of tension between them. This was one of the few things that they did not agree on. The rest was pretty in sync and they were able to both see the evidence presented to them in the same way.

As we know, Beth Mortimer was assigned to advise Trish about her Situation. DS Miller wanted her to speed it up her video interview so that they could catch the man faster. He was walking free and they are unaware of his intentions. Trish felt that she was not ready for the full interview and did not feel comfortable telling others about what happened. Beth seemed to understand how Trish was feeling and provided some well needed reassurance.

After talking to Ian (Trish’s husband), they found out some important evidence. Trish had an argument with her husband at the night of the party, with Trish leaving first to presumably get the same taxi (Budmouth Taxis) that she arrived in. She was co-orting with various men at the party and so she was clearly drunk. This brought the question: With her drunk state, could she have voluntarily had sex? Was her recollection hazy and slightly inaccurate?

The taxi driver from Budmouth Taxis was suspicious looking and was very reluctant to give a DNA sample to the detectives, unless he knew the full story. He took a lot of people to and from the party and waited for Trish’s return journey but she did not turn up.

A lot was going on in Broadchurch and the residents were all suffering in some way.  The Mortimer family looked calm on the surface but were still struggling with Joe being free. Their claim of £11,000 was not enough to bring their son back. They were still understandably affected by the ordeal three years on.

And now they would all know about the case as it was published in the news, with the hope that it would bring in some witnesses.

Trish was slightly forced into doing her video evidence and she seemed comfortable despite this. Trish said the she talked to many people at the party and talked with work friends and seemed to drink a lot that night. She heard her name or “Hi” and she walked down the path towards the stream. She said that she was then hit by a what felt like a piece of wood. She described how she woke up, gagged and on her back with a man going forward and back. She thinked she remembered walking home.

Trish also revealed that she had consensual unprotected with an online stranger from a dating app on the morning of the attack. She failed to tell the detectives something important and now DI Hardy was having doubts about her story. And to make it more suspicious, she refused to tell the detectives who it was? She said it had nothing to do with the case…

What else was she not telling him? She walked out the interview as it was distressing, and was later surprised to get a text that night from unknown – “Shut up. Shut up OR ELSE”! Was this the killer or was it a friend who was trying to keep her safe?

Final Thoughts

So I was on tenterhooks while watching this episode and felt that I got a better idea of some of the evidence. It was intense and I got the sense that something was not quite right in Broachchurch.

My thoughts on Trish are getting a bit more complex – I previously thought that she was innocent and quiet, but after this episode, I have more doubts. She did not tell the detectives who she slept with that morning, and as it was useless to the case, why would it matter if she told them?

We were introduced to some new characters too – and got to know the Mortimers a bit more, whilst being introduced to Leo, the manufacturer owner. it seemed like all of them were sneaky after being interviewed by the detectives and had things to hide. We don’t know thought until the end, as they could be red herrings, just put there to confuse us.

I am also tempted to find out who “unknown” ! That text in the closing stages of the episode suggested that Trish may not be safe after all and that she maybe knew him?

Either way, I expect more great things from DI Hardy and DS miller as they dig deeper into this mystery. I just hope that the next episode answers more of my remaining questions.

Let me know what you think of the review or the episode.

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Case has opened up a lot of controversy, it will definitely not be a relaxing trip for the detectives! (Spoiler Alert)

The Icelandic series follows Detective Gabrielle and her colleague in their bid to solve complex and suspicious crimes.

This opening episode of Case was quick out the block and plunged us into a crime scene, where a ballerina, later named as Lara, was found hanging in the theatre. We were introduced to many characters, including Lara’s birth parents and her new parents,who after a custody report, got custody over her.

As the case started to unravel, some key information emerged…

The detectives met her friends in the academy including her best friend who went out to a dance with her, the night she died. She was last saw her on the dance floor… yet they did not look for or call her? Why?

Another suspicious character included Julius who worked at the academy. He revealed that Lara used to bring a change of clothes to the academy – a yellow top and black mini skirt, which he was later seen burning at the end of the episode. Did he have something to do with her death?

We also found out later on that Lara had committed suicide and Gudny and Jonus, her current parents were very shocked. They had no idea that she was unhappy or would do something like this. Her phone was also missing… so where was it? Who had it – the murderer? Is the phone the key?

Final Thoughts

With so many characters and stories, the truth beneath this case is still buried deep in lies and fake alibies. But soon enough… we will know and we will be closer to finding the killer or killers.

Case is definitely worth a watch and I promise you, you will not be able to look away! You will be intrigued from start to finish. There will be a lot more to come and twists will be revealed that blow your mind!

The next episodes can be binge watched online at More Four… you can watch them all in one go or once a week, it is up to you.

Bye for now.