Line of Duty S4, E8: AC-12 finally unmasks the truth about Operation Trapdoor and balaclava man, along with a few surprises on the way! (spoiler alert)

Th is is a review of Series 4, episode 8 of Line of Duty, which is finally coming to a close!

We were all left wondering whether Roz would get away with framing her husband and if Micheal would be innocently convicted. We found out….

 So this was the finale?

The finale was unexpected and extremely gripping. We knew in our minds that balaclava man could have been more than one person, but hoped that it wasn’t.

What I thought of the plot and outcome?

The plot was twisted (as we would have expected) and we only really found out the extent of the culprits by the end. The plot was intense and we were put through a series of emotions, such as impatience (when Roz would not admit her doings on Tim), sadness (when we thought Micheal would go to jail as innocent), relieved (when Roz admitted her offence) and surprised (by the involvement of Jamie in the plot).

There was some suspicion around Hilton and the viewers in this case would have be right. Hilton sent and recommended Jamie to work at AC-12 to presumably watch the case and the person connecting them together was Lakewell. He was not balaclava man, but he did frame Micheal Farmer. It was all a group effort and AC-12 could not have pinned it on to Lakewell, without Roz becoming detective. In some way I like her more than I did before this episode as she looked into every detail, in turn convicting him of perverting the cause of justice.

I still don’t understand though… Roz admitted to murdering Tim accidentally, yet she covered her tracks, adding on more suspicion? Why did she not just admit it instead of going to all the trouble of pinning it on her husband and tampering with the evidence? It seemed like she would have denied the murder (convicted manslaughter) if she had not been found out by AC-12 and the clothes and evidence she hid were not recovered?

I do think that this series was quite unrealistic and was lengthened to fit six episodes. In my opinion, it could have been shorter and less farfetched, whilst getting the same outcome and emotions from the viewers.

Am I excited for the next series?

Yes!  We could be faced with a new case in the next series or the return of Balaclava man, bearing in mind that there were many people involved in the operation who AC-12 were not informed of!

Star Rating

Overall I would give this episode:

5 star rating

What an episode to end the series! The five star rating is well deserved!


The Replacement S1 E2: Ellen’s pursuit in investigating Paula has attracted the wrong attention. Is Ellen wrong to interject or is she right about her after all?

The thriller continued in the second episode. Ellen was still pursuing Paula and decided to get more involved in finding out her intent. She started to get more and more suspicious and this was attracting the attention of her family and psychiatrist husband.

She was not intimidated or scared of Paula, but should she be?

The Plot

“So that’s it she jumped?” She wanted justice and wanted her to go down for the crime, yet she had no proof that Paula did it.

Ellen’s husband said that is was suicide and “wanted it to be all about us”. This was another thing to think about after giving birth to her newborn baby.

Paula turned up one day with flowers – trying to butter her up? She tried to be supportive and asked questions like “why did she call you?” as if she did not know what was going on. She also offered some motherly advice, which they did not appreciate.

Kay’s husband did not know why Kay jumped (or fell?) and confirmed that she was upset by an interference with someone, but who was it?  She suggested that someone else was on the roof and tried to plant the idea.

Paula read the remembrance at Kay’s funeral and it was emotional. They went back a long way. She broke down half way through and Paula came up to finish. She said a few words like she knew Kay well.

Ellen bonded with her daughter by investigating whether she was with her husband, Keiran that night. It was a bit of spy work. Ellen was at a sleepover that night apparently according to her husband. But what was all he said…

Ellen went back into work one day and it was all normal. No one stopped straight away to see her, expect her boss when he looked up from his paperwork. They did not want to put her under any pressure to be there  too early and told her to “sleep on it”.

Ellen found Paula’s daughter on Facebook and messaged her, obviously hoping to find something out that they were not telling her. They messaged each other, but what she did not know was that Paula was behind the messages. So where is her daughter? and does she have one?

Ellen asked to see Kay’s phone and slightly upset her husband. Ellen asked questions about a potential affair and then she leaves. Paula walked around the corner and stared at the car as she drove away. She knew that she was suspicious and could start playing dirty back. She found a number in her phone and a name of “Georgia” who worked for a architectural company. Kay contacted her about a project but they never followed her up on it. She wanted to carry it on…

She wanted to get to know Paula and that could then uncover more of her tendencies. She met Paula’s daughter who seemed normal. And not soon after, she bought her baby into work  everyone loved her and Paula held her for a bit too long. She seemed tense and said how she would love to start again – maybe it was jealousy? either way it was odd.

To her surprise, She was offered a promotion to replace Kay and it was a chance to start a fresh.

Ellen felt a bit left out and left the office, under the watchful eye of Paula. She left for the meeting and Paula found out where she was going. She recognised the workplace from her CV and Paula called and warned Georgia. Georgia then left and told Ellen to stop harassing her.

Ellen left her child in the car, and Paula took a photo of her unattended baby! As leverage or bribery or just for looking? Something was off…

Paula showed the photos to the police and lied about the timescales. She made it out that Ellen left her baby for 10 minutes…. He advised that she talked about the way she felt and did not mention ANY of her theories about Paula. She talked to the psychiatrists who then made a report and a support pack for her.

She visited Paula’s house to find that her daughter was at a sleepover… she was never around?  After a tense conversation and some sneaky eye movements from Paula, their husbands left and they both were left alone.

She confronted her about her intentions – she knew about the photos she took and told her that she had reasons to kill Kay. Paula never showed off her daughter and that’s not what a proud mother does. Where was her daughter?

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Paula saying ” OK, you win”….    

Final Thoughts

The episode was tense and hands on and showed us a more suspicious and creepy side to Paula.

After giving birth to her child, Ellen is still quite delicate and needs to ease herself back in slowly. Ellen is taking it in her stride and is sticking to her views and suspicions. This is a dangerous move as everyone else around her sees something else – a nice women with no bad intentions. Ellen is coming across as slightly crazy and unstable, which works in Paula’s favour.

I am worried that Paula now is in too deep and will be in the firing line. This will threaten her work, personal life and her relationships with people. The question is ….. is it all worth it??

We will find out in the last episode next week! Exciting!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

Bye guys 🙂






“Trust me” he says, but when the court revealed the truth, could he really be trusted after all? Is he the guilty one?

Apple Tree Yard has really turned it up a notch and the truth about him is finally being revealed. How is Mark Liam Costley and can Yvonne really trust him?

The plot

Yvonne and Costley got on well.. or so she thought. Costley’s troubling actions after visiting George left her wondering… what had he done?

Yvonne in her car waiting for Costley while he confronts George. 

He banged on the window and asked her to hurry. He told her to “stick to the story” and that “it will be ok”. But later that week, at a restaurant, she was approached and arrested for the murder of George Sellway. Costley had killed him! No wonder he was hurrying to get away and wanted to lay low for a while.

The interrogators were asking her all these questions… Were you involved in his death? Did you know that Costley was going to kill him? Did you both plan to kill him for what he had done to her?

She had told them about the rape in his office but were suspicious of why she didn’t go to the police and tell them? If she reported it, he could have told others about the affair in court.. she did not want to risk it and neither did Costley. Of course, she stuck to the story and lied about her relationship with Costley in court. She did exactly what he said.

Yvonne and Costley engaged in intercourse at “Apple Tree yard” during their secret affair. But will it be secret for long? 

Costley, on the other hand, went against everything he told her – he told them that they were having an affair and that they both knew about the plan. She trusted him all this time and believed him. Everything about his job in the civil service…

Costley on the way to Court – is he really a man that can be trusted? 

Unsurprisingly, Costley was not the man she thought he was. No he was right about being mysterious, but failed to tell her the truth about what he did for a living. He had applied for a job for MI5, however did not get the final stage. He was so cautious on their dates – secret phones, cameras… his profession seemed genuine! So did he really do for a living?

Family Life

Apple Tree Yard - Ep4
Gary believes that Yvonne is innocent and does not think that she is stupid enough to have an affair . How will he react when he finds out the truth?

The impact of the case had been a shock to the family. They were sad that she had gone through such a horrible experience of rape with George, and yet she had not told them, on many occasions. The worst thing was that her husband Gary did not know about the affair between her and Costley – she had been ridiculing him for meeting up with Rosie, despite him not having sexual intercorse with her. Gary was convinced that she was innocent – that nothing was going on with Costley, but will he find out the truth and how will he react? He will probably be heartbroken.

The court case fell at a bad time, Yvonnes daughter was pregnant and there was no way of knowing how much this would really affect their lives. Of course, she could lie and stick to the story, but if anything ever gets out, she would not only lose the trust of her family but also her friends. Her reputation for leading the first team to name molecules will be ruined. All that hard work gone to waste for one man who she knew little about.

Final Thoughts

Yvonne has a long battle ahead… she has no control over what is used against her in court. She is lying to the durry about her relationship with Costley, and despite agreeing that they both should get George back for what he did, she did not suggest anything like murder. So we have an highly acclaimed scientist who is both guilty and innocent… the question is, which way will it go?

Watch the final episode tonight at 9pm on BBC one! Exciting!

Bye for now.



The murder of David Walker is skin deep: riddled with lies and fake alibies, will the detectives get any closer to finding the killer? (Spoiler Alert)

We were again intrigued by the latest episode of Unforgotten. When we thought that we have heard it all, we were then hit by another set of twists. Our grasp and understanding of the murder of David Walker was constantly changing.

The plot

With Colin Osborne, Marian and Mrs Sara Mahmoud all hiding something, when they were later revealed meeting up in a quiet part of the pub at the end of the previous episode, it was no surprise that all their alibies were being checked. Their darkest secrets and regrets were coming to light, because of the determined and detail seeking detectives.

Is Colin in hot water after his involvement in the murder case is used as a bribe?

Colin Osborne was a well-respected barrister, but we soon found out that he was not as innocent, and maybe more guilty than his clients. His hidden and internally managed allegation of rape by a female colleague raised eyebrows on how genuine he really was. Colin was also in trouble with a man who wanted £25,000 in return for his quietness about Colin’s involvement in David’s murder case. It would affect his career massively. If it gets out and god forbid, his rape allegation is revealed, his career may be ruined?

This was in addition to the shock discovery that David Walker raped a 12 year old girl and accessed these girls through his volunteering with children’s charities and local hospitals. What a sick thought, but one thing that it does open up is the possibility that he was killed by victims that he wronged – as a way of revenge. The “gatherings” that he was invited to, which may have connected Colin, Marian and Sara Mahmoud involved giving children as young as 15 alcohol and drugs. David Walker was recognised by one of the victims who stated that “they did what he said” and let him do things to them.

Sara Mahmoud Unforgotten.jpg
Sara Mahmoud teaching her class but will she be teaching for long?

Mrs Sara Mahmoud was not out the woods either and with the recent confession of her past history  of prostitution to her husband, it somehow got out. Her son overheard her husband in an argument and found out… well it did not stay secret for long. Once one friend was told (in secrecy), it was not long until it had spread in school and in the mosque. Mrs Mahmood’s husband and son were now being judged for Sara’s actions that she committed at 21, before she went into teaching. How could she face school again?

Marian (left) had a rebellious past, but is it coming back to haunt her?

Marian also become more significant in the case, as evidence concluded that she lived with an IRA activist for a year, named Chenade Quinn. Chenade Quinn, newly released from jail, confirmed that Marian had asked her to kill David, as he was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher and the Torries at the time.

 Final Thoughts?

I must say, the quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is relevant here, as all their sinister and worrying pasts are definitely more shocking than I expected. The number of nooks and crannies in this case are only increasing, but with all these discoveries, the detectives must be closer to finding the killer or killers?

Let’s hope so….

Bye for now.