A love story as exciting and slow as a lazy river: Hampstead film review!

This is a review of Hampstead, a romance which is now available to watch in cinemas.

My Thoughts

I found this film too slow and sedentary. The uneventful plot of a middle class woman, Emily (Diane Keaton) helping, befriending and falling in love with a tramp, Donald (Brendan Gleeson) was not my kettle of fish. After having the pleasure of seeing it twice, I am in no rush to see it again.

I found their love story nice but rather creepy. Who could ever say that their relationship started with a pair of binoculars and a spying? The fact that she regularly spied on him from her attic was off putting, even if it did end up bringing them together and happily finding where they belonged.

I just felt that the time spent watching Hampstead (twice) was a waste of time and could have been used for better things. I didn’t find the film captivating either – everything was too “old” for me.

What I do applaud about this film is how they perceived the relationship between Emily and Donald. Two unliklies (according to society) find a way to make it work.

 Last Note

I was very disappointed by this film and I would not see it again.

Star Rating

I would give Hampstead 2 stars overall.

2 star rating Oh My Blog .png

Not a good film in my opinion and lucky to get two!

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The supposedly spooky film My Cousin Rachel is not as dark as it lived up to be! (Spoiler alert)

So I am reviewing the film, My Cousin Rachel, staring Rachel Weisz as Rachel Ashley, Sam Claflin as Philip Ashley and Holliday Granger as Louise Kendall.

This period drama followed Philip who met his cousin Rachel and fell for her, only to find out that she was darker than she seemed. Under that beautiful complexion was a women with a strong desire for power and greed.

My Thoughts

The film was not what I expected. I was expecting something more haunting, and fast paced – some kind of horror film where she jumps out and I was disappointed. Instead I got a love story that was rather less exciting than I imagined.

How did I feel while watching it?

I felt like the plot was developing very slowly and I lacked engagement, up to the last 30 minutes where everything got a little confusing. What was the point of her demise at the end and why was he still thinking about her after what she had done to him If I was him I would have rinsed him off my hands, yet he was still remembering her when he has gotten a fresh start.

However, despite this, I did find that Rachel Weisz really adapted well to the role and her emotion/lack of emotion in her character was astounding.

Final Note

I found the film, My Cousin Rachel a little disappointing and I thought that it would be a lot more jumpy. Still a good film, despite the different outcome.

Star Rating

I would give this film 3 stars as I didn’t really connect with it at the start.

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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The Mummy had me wrapped in its grasp from the off set! (Spoiler alert)

So I went to see the newly released “The Mummy” film and I found it action packed. The film kept me on tenterhooks, as tense music was present all the way through.

My Thoughts

Tom Cruise, who played Nick Morton, an artifact stealer man who stumbled upon a tomb, containing a dark force that was hidden in the hope that it would never be discovered.  He was joined by a young archaeologist Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Wallis) who was eager to discover more. As the discovery emerged, it became clear that there was something more to it, including the cover up of history during in 1127bc. Nick and Jenny both got on very well and they were a great team and worked well together, despite her hidden agenda.

Our evil counterpart, Princess Ahmanet had a very dominating and scary look to her. She was a perfect villain who made the film exciting, as she was always lurking around in corners, jumping out or appearing at any opportunity. She definitely kept me on my toes and I kept jumping in shock, even when I expected it.

The graphics in the movie were very much CGI, however they did look genuine, especially the Egyptian burial sites and prison that held Princess Ahmanet. A scene that was less convincing was the moment where the plane crashed. Nick and Jenny were rolling around in the plane and attempting to hold on to anything they could. It was like they were falling forever and by the time it had crashed, it had felt like hours.

The ending was odd and not what I expected for a Tom Cruise film. He was a hero who took the evil to save Jenny and innocent lives, rather than killing the evil itself. I found this admirable, but very contrasting to his fighting spirit in the film.

Last Note

The Mummy was exciting, tense and worth the watch! The CGI made the film even more exciting too because it made you feel like you were there..

Star Rating

I would give the film 4 stars as it was so well made and exciting from the off set.


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I was left in knots by Berlin Syndrome! (Spoiler alert)

I looked at the plot before hand, but only briefly. I wanted to know what was going on but still be surprised and gripped to the screen. The film did not disappoint.

My Thoughts

The thriller had the two key ingredients – a psychotic killer and obsessive and an unwilling victim who was prepared to risk her life to escape. The way Clare stabbed him in the hand with a screwdriver was gutsy and how she cunningly beat him with his own weapon was sneaky.

At first looks you wouldn’t think that anything was wrong with Andi or odd but looks can be deceiving. Under that neat beard and nice eyes, there was a monster who would manipulate, abuse and lock woman away against their will. His creepy stare and photobooks of disturbing naked photos would be enough to damage someone for life. Especially if they are not you…

Of course this man had no intention if stopping after his previous victim Nathalie and moved on to Clare. A sweet young Australian tourist who just wanted to travel and develop memories.

The plot was definitely gripping and my eyes were locked on the awful situation in front of me. My criticism was that Clare got involved with Andi very quickly and didn’t really think “hmm I don’t know this guy and I am on my own so I should probably be careful”. I think the “stranger danger” advice that parents tell their children is relevant here. Furthermore the dangerous fling between Andi and Clare was a bit naive and rushed.

Final Note

What a film and my attention was glued to the screen right to the end! Apart from my little criticisms, it would be happy to see it again or recommend it to others!

Star Rating

Based on my review, I would give Berlin Syndrome 4 stars as it was gripping, captivating and nail bitingly tense!


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The Other Side of Hope showed humanity but didn’t hold my interest! (Spoiler Alert)

When a film focuses on war, death and refugees, it really makes us hurt emotionally. Stories of war, depicted beautifully by Abi Kaurismaki, made me appreciate what I have – a home, family, food and security.

My Thoughts

The Other Side of Hope had a simple plot and followed a restaurant owner who helped a Syrian refugee who fled war and was desperately trying to find his sister.

Themes in the film included war, in which we learnt of horrible family losses. For Khaled, this consisted of his mother, father, brother and friends family.  We were introduced to Khaled who fled war for a better life and payed to be smuggled over borders. There were some moments where we saw true discrimination and violence against immigrants and I found this very uncomfortable. This was however bypassed by the humanity of local Finnish people who supported Khaled. I found the way Khaled was welcomed by the restaurant owner and the team very encouraging and I hope that those who watch this film understand refugees more and the risks they take to get to safety.

In contrast, I would say that the plot was slow and it took a while for me to get into it. I found myself getting bored and only really being captivated in the last 30 minutes. This film was not really meant to be fast paced though, rather was aimed to be close to the heart and teach us about morals. The film has definitely given me some food for thought!

Last Note

Overall I found the film very heart warming. The only thing I would say is that it was slow to develop and not as funny as I expected.

Star Rating

I would give this film 3 stars as it was not fully to my taste and quite slow in the plot.

3 stae rating Oh My Blog


A new planet turned out to be more bloody, gruesome and costly than they thought: Alien returned with vengeance!

The crew were back in the mysterious and bloody Alien film series – Alien Convenant.

The cast included Micheal Fassbender as David and Walter, Katherine Waterson as Daniels, Billy Crudup as Oram and many more.

You can view the trailer here.

My Thoughts

I must say watching Alien was a bit sureal. It was very different to our culture and society now and it did make me wonder whether in 2104 we would be living in spaceships, travelling to planets and cultivating new life.

I found the graphics at first quite ineffective – I was not blown away by them and did not feel like I was sucked into the whole space theme.

I found the plot started off quite slow and unexciting and it was only in the last hour that the main action happened. Yes there were gory scenes and blood near the start but they only got really thrilling by the end. I found myself wishing for more gore, death, excitement and drama and frankly I was bored.

In the last hour it was anyones nightmare and an Alien fans dream. The fight for survival was intense and there was action around every corner (finally). I had a change of heart and saw for myself why people loved the Alien films! The plot also thickened and everything was not as it seemed even towards the end, which in my opinion gives Alien Covenant the opportunity to continue the series. It also made the film more interesting and I was captivated (at last) by what was in front of me.

I found the characters were very happy and alive at the start, however this didn’t last long and we saw the characters come out of their shells. The crew numbers fell as the film progressed. Some were lucky to make it out alive, however only by a whisker. The fast, insect looking predators, were engineered to be intelligent and adaptable to the environment around them! Bad luck for the crew!

Final Note and Conclusion

I wasn’t blown away with the start, however it did eventually get better! I found it a bit tedious and would reluctantly recommend it. It did not really meet my expectations.

But by all means, watch it and let me know what you think!

Star Rating

3 stae rating Oh My Blog.png

I would give Alien Covenant 3 stars overall!

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Innocence can be deceiving! Love and passion developed into something disturbing in the adapted film Lady Macbeth! (spoiler alert)

This is a review of the newly released film “Lady Macbeth”, adapted from Nikolai Leskov’s novel “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk”.

My Thoughts

I saw the film cover to Lady Macbeth and I read all the reviews. It made me wonder. From first impressions, Katherine (played by Florence Pugh) was innocent. I saw the ridicule she went through and the thought of marrying a man twice her age who she did not love was very disturbing. She was treated like an added extra that the family did not want or need, if anything, she was an inconvenience. I saw very little respect shown towards her by the family or their staff.

The language that Katherine’s husband used was vulgar, disrespectful and is is sad to think that women in the 19th century were treated like that and sold with land. Sentences like “You have gotten fat and foul smelling” and “Take your night dress off. Face the wall” still invade my thoughts.

As the film developed I got the sense that she wanted more freedom and passion. Once a young sweet girl, Katherine became more mature and dominating. She had sexual desires that had to be met and she resisted commands from her husband and his family.  She had an enormous sense of power and did as she pleased, without admitting her mistakes, instead framing others.

At first I thought she wanted to be with her love Sebastian, who she met when her husband was away. It seemed clear towards the end that she had little love for him (or anyone) and did it all for her personal gain.

I must say that the acting by Florence Pugh was effortless. She flowed so well as Katherine changed from quiet and innocent to disturbing and unpredictable. I was unable to anticipate any of her actions. What she did and how she acted was unsettling and I was perplexed all the way through.

I left the film thinking did this poor treatment drive her to be this cruel or was it skin deep?

Last Note

I was drawn in by the plot and the demeanor of the character. Lady Macbeth was enticing, impossible to ignore and captivating to the end.

Star Rating

4 star rating Oh My Blog

It may not be to everyones taste, but with my interest in multiple genres, I liked it. Mind you, I think seeing it once would be sufficient as none of the shocks in the film will have the same effect.

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Mindhorn hits the bullseye with non-stop humour!

So I had the chance to review Mindhorn, currently showing in all cinemas. So excited as the build-up to it’s release was fantastic. This is my review!

My Thoughts

The plot followed Richard Horncroft (acted by Julian Barratt) as he was asked to bring back Mindhorn back one more time to help with a serial murder case. Mindhorn was his acting career that got him recognised, yet now it is very different. Once a loved star, Richard has now lost his reputation, his love Pat and his dashing good looks from 20 years before. His efforts for the police did little good, if anything he was embarrassing and seemed to create more problems than solve them.

I found that Mindhorn was very similar to the a dad figure, who was trying to be cool and put “lol” on the end of texts. He was cheesy and enjoyable to watch.

Actors and their Characters

Other actors in this film included Simon Farnaby as Clive Parnevik, Mindhorn’s stunt double in his younger days and Essie Davis as Patricia, Mindhorn’s ex lover, on screen and off.

We have all seen films with Simon Farnaby in (well I hope you have) and he never seems to disappoint. His very laid back attitude and humour at Richard’s expense was very entertaining. Clive (his character) had also aged in the film, but instead had adopted a more healthy lifestyle, giving him a six pack and the ability to walk around topless while gardening.

There are many scenes that have stuck in my mind as the most entertaining and memorable. All of them had such perfect humour that I could not explain them in this review and give them the recognition that they deserve! You will have to just go see it to understand for yourself!

Last Notes

Overall the film was laugh out loud funny all the way through and I enjoyed it. I totally agree with the 4 star reviews from various film magazines and I would see this film 10 times over if I could!

I would give this film 4 stars! I liked it…. a lot!

4 star rating Oh My Blog

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Boss Baby may have the attitude, but not the laughs!

So this review is about Boss Baby, available to see in all cinemas. Directed by Tom Mcgrath, Boss Baby is perfect for all the family with funny humour and business school references, such as the use of memos.

The plot

A plot containing a talking spy baby with a brief case and low voice was definitely going to get some attention. There was something about the film cover that made it look a lot more outgoing and action packed than it actually was.

The plot in my opinion was not really plausible (e.g. the mass production of babies on a production line and the division between spy babies in middle management and babies for family). But for the sake of the young audience who would be watching it, the whole plot was funny and entertaining.

The part of the plot I did enjoy was the idea of puppies that would never grow up. Every family could have a puppy and enjoy their size and energy until the parents were old and the children were in their 40s. It would be nice to think that could happen in real life, but not yet. Science has not caught up yet…

There would be an issue of overcrowding if puppies lived forever. New puppy nursing homes would have to be built and run to look after the puppies that are replaced with newer models. What a job to have though!

Many children, growing up with younger brothers or sisters would be able to relate to the plot (except the talking baby and spying bit). They would be more familiar with the crying and increased attention on their younger sibling.

The script was funny overall. Business school puns were a bonus and I found myself laughing here and there, but not all the way through. I did find myself losing a bit of interest throughout the film as the plot was a little simple and I was bought back in by the odd joke. The script probably did not read well with me as I was much older. I imagine that younger children would have a lot more fun with it and be more enticed.

My rating

My rating of this film would be 3/5 stars. Bearing in mind my age and maturity, the plot was a little simple and lacked humour. Nethertheless, it was not the worst film I have seen and it did make me awww when I saw all the puppies!

Boss Baby is probably better for a younger audience…

If you have any comments about the film or the review, please let me know 🙂

Bye guys 🙂






The claws were definitely out in the concluding Xmen film, Logan! (Spolier Alert)

Hugh Jackman is always pleasure to see, and no more so than in Logan, the last X Men film! Released in early March this year, Logan brings Wolverine back for his final adventure before he eventually turns in.

The General Plot

Lost and out of touch… Logan looked older and less on the ball when men tried to remove the alloy wheels on his car. Not the logan we know. He was a taxi and Chauffeur driver and a drunk. He was also dying… and you could see it!

People recognised him as Wolverine and wanted him to do things for them. Do the dirty work so to speak…. He killed three of the men who tried to steal his wheels and a man approached him in the taxi, aware of his act.

Logan was also approached by a women, named Gabriella who begged him to help her and I think it concerned a child. Gabrielle boyfriend wanted to take her daughter and she gave logan £20 000 to get them out of the city.

Gabrielle was a nurse in a hospital facility where they created mutants and kept them away from the world. She was tricked into thinking that the research was around cancer.
Laura, who Logan thought was Gabrielles daughter  was actually a child in the facility, who like many others were trained as soldiers but they did not want to fight.

Eden – a place for mutants! Where? It was illustrated in a comic strip which was in Laura’s bag along with files on other children who were experimented on and kept in the facility. Laura wanted to get to Eden and to be with people of her kind, it was her family after all.

The man who approached her in the taxi wanted the girl Laura. Laura looked cute but she had claws like Logan. She was strong and fast.. She was healable and unbreakable, and very scary when angry. Does she seem familiar?

Of course Charles was very much alive however he did suffer monumental seizures. His mind was still strong and he always had these thoughts in his head. He said that “they are waiting for him” and I guess that they were. He was also very fond of Laura as he knew that she was his daughter, aware of her claws.

Best Scenes

There was an epic chase, in which Logan, Laura and Charles tried to escape f head of security in which they got a car in front of a train literally. It was all go… and this was only one of a few action scenes in this film (all of them as my best scenes).

Charles, Laura and Logan stayed over after having a meal with a lovely family whom they helped on the motorway earlier that day. It had been such a lovely evening until later that night when the family were slaughtered by a faster and clean shaven Logan lookalike. Laura was also taken by the men. Charles was stabbed and this really shook Logan up. Logan had loved Charles and he had been there from the start

The fight between Logan and his lookalike was epic and Logan was too weak. He was about to die, when he was saved by the man he was staying with. Covered in blood, Logan rescued Laura. He had to look after Laura for Charles sake. It was sad as Logan really cared for Charles.

Laura drove the car to a self made wooden base where she found all the children she knew from the tests. Logan was asleep and injured in the passenger seat next to her. The children were her only residential family apart from Logan.. They would leave the next evening however was it early enough before the men arrived?

The children all left and Logan was alone – however the drones arrived and then he saw the cars – the men knew the coordinates and the children were being caught one by one.

Logan took a big needle containing a solution which increased healing and strength. He got stronger and faster – but soon enough, he had a dip and he was killed after a courageous fight.

What happened to the children?

The children were saved by logan and as he lay wounded beyond healing, Laura muttered daddy under her breath and cried as he became still. At his burial, she spoke beautiful words before they left for Eden and a new home.

Final Thoughts?

I enjoyed Logan and all of its action. It was a game of cat and mouse and I was transfixed all the way through. The ultimate film was by far the best of all of them and gave all Xmen fans the closure they needed. Such a shame that Charles and Logan had to unfortunately decease.