Film Review: Land of Mine with deceptive beaches and deadly silences!

This is a review of “Land of Mine”, a Martin Pieter Zandvliet directed film, which is currently showing at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

The plot followed young german POW soldiers forced to deactivate landmines from danish beaches.

My Thoughts

Most of the scenes were set on a peaceful and beautiful beach with a bright blue sky, yet it was far from that. Under that beautiful beach were land mines and combined with an antagonising silence, the film had us in anticipation constantly.

Whilst the danish were not fond of the germans, the film had a surprising mix of themes: cruelty, kindness and silence. At times the silence was unbearable and I was anticipating loud bangs. They always occurred when I least expected them and every time they went off, I felt a sense if dread. Knowing that one by one, a young man would bite the dust and become a another casualty was hard to watch.


This film was so effective… whilst little dialogue can sometimes make a film very boring, Zandvliet used it to his advantage.

Star Rating

I would give this film 3 stars purely because I have seen better an worse films. A healthy middle ground.

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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A love story as exciting and slow as a lazy river: Hampstead film review!

This is a review of Hampstead, a romance which is now available to watch in cinemas.

My Thoughts

I found this film too slow and sedentary. The uneventful plot of a middle class woman, Emily (Diane Keaton) helping, befriending and falling in love with a tramp, Donald (Brendan Gleeson) was not my kettle of fish. After having the pleasure of seeing it twice, I am in no rush to see it again.

I found their love story nice but rather creepy. Who could ever say that their relationship started with a pair of binoculars and a spying? The fact that she regularly spied on him from her attic was off putting, even if it did end up bringing them together and happily finding where they belonged.

I just felt that the time spent watching Hampstead (twice) was a waste of time and could have been used for better things. I didn’t find the film captivating either – everything was too “old” for me.

What I do applaud about this film is how they perceived the relationship between Emily and Donald. Two unliklies (according to society) find a way to make it work.

 Last Note

I was very disappointed by this film and I would not see it again.

Star Rating

I would give Hampstead 2 stars overall.

2 star rating Oh My Blog .png

Not a good film in my opinion and lucky to get two!

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The supposedly spooky film My Cousin Rachel is not as dark as it lived up to be! (Spoiler alert)

So I am reviewing the film, My Cousin Rachel, staring Rachel Weisz as Rachel Ashley, Sam Claflin as Philip Ashley and Holliday Granger as Louise Kendall.

This period drama followed Philip who met his cousin Rachel and fell for her, only to find out that she was darker than she seemed. Under that beautiful complexion was a women with a strong desire for power and greed.

My Thoughts

The film was not what I expected. I was expecting something more haunting, and fast paced – some kind of horror film where she jumps out and I was disappointed. Instead I got a love story that was rather less exciting than I imagined.

How did I feel while watching it?

I felt like the plot was developing very slowly and I lacked engagement, up to the last 30 minutes where everything got a little confusing. What was the point of her demise at the end and why was he still thinking about her after what she had done to him If I was him I would have rinsed him off my hands, yet he was still remembering her when he has gotten a fresh start.

However, despite this, I did find that Rachel Weisz really adapted well to the role and her emotion/lack of emotion in her character was astounding.

Final Note

I found the film, My Cousin Rachel a little disappointing and I thought that it would be a lot more jumpy. Still a good film, despite the different outcome.

Star Rating

I would give this film 3 stars as I didn’t really connect with it at the start.

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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The Mummy had me wrapped in its grasp from the off set! (Spoiler alert)

So I went to see the newly released “The Mummy” film and I found it action packed. The film kept me on tenterhooks, as tense music was present all the way through.

My Thoughts

Tom Cruise, who played Nick Morton, an artifact stealer man who stumbled upon a tomb, containing a dark force that was hidden in the hope that it would never be discovered.  He was joined by a young archaeologist Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Wallis) who was eager to discover more. As the discovery emerged, it became clear that there was something more to it, including the cover up of history during in 1127bc. Nick and Jenny both got on very well and they were a great team and worked well together, despite her hidden agenda.

Our evil counterpart, Princess Ahmanet had a very dominating and scary look to her. She was a perfect villain who made the film exciting, as she was always lurking around in corners, jumping out or appearing at any opportunity. She definitely kept me on my toes and I kept jumping in shock, even when I expected it.

The graphics in the movie were very much CGI, however they did look genuine, especially the Egyptian burial sites and prison that held Princess Ahmanet. A scene that was less convincing was the moment where the plane crashed. Nick and Jenny were rolling around in the plane and attempting to hold on to anything they could. It was like they were falling forever and by the time it had crashed, it had felt like hours.

The ending was odd and not what I expected for a Tom Cruise film. He was a hero who took the evil to save Jenny and innocent lives, rather than killing the evil itself. I found this admirable, but very contrasting to his fighting spirit in the film.

Last Note

The Mummy was exciting, tense and worth the watch! The CGI made the film even more exciting too because it made you feel like you were there..

Star Rating

I would give the film 4 stars as it was so well made and exciting from the off set.


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I was left in knots by Berlin Syndrome! (Spoiler alert)

I looked at the plot before hand, but only briefly. I wanted to know what was going on but still be surprised and gripped to the screen. The film did not disappoint.

My Thoughts

The thriller had the two key ingredients – a psychotic killer and obsessive and an unwilling victim who was prepared to risk her life to escape. The way Clare stabbed him in the hand with a screwdriver was gutsy and how she cunningly beat him with his own weapon was sneaky.

At first looks you wouldn’t think that anything was wrong with Andi or odd but looks can be deceiving. Under that neat beard and nice eyes, there was a monster who would manipulate, abuse and lock woman away against their will. His creepy stare and photobooks of disturbing naked photos would be enough to damage someone for life. Especially if they are not you…

Of course this man had no intention if stopping after his previous victim Nathalie and moved on to Clare. A sweet young Australian tourist who just wanted to travel and develop memories.

The plot was definitely gripping and my eyes were locked on the awful situation in front of me. My criticism was that Clare got involved with Andi very quickly and didn’t really think “hmm I don’t know this guy and I am on my own so I should probably be careful”. I think the “stranger danger” advice that parents tell their children is relevant here. Furthermore the dangerous fling between Andi and Clare was a bit naive and rushed.

Final Note

What a film and my attention was glued to the screen right to the end! Apart from my little criticisms, it would be happy to see it again or recommend it to others!

Star Rating

Based on my review, I would give Berlin Syndrome 4 stars as it was gripping, captivating and nail bitingly tense!


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More of a “cover your eyes” film than a thriller: Elle surprised us all with its twist and sensitive content!

What did I think it would be?

I thought it would be more of a thriller, much like Girl on the Train, however I was surprised by how revealing it was. The content was understandably an 18, with the amount of nudity that the film contained.

The general plot

Michelle (acted by Isabelle Huppert) was a CEO of a successful game design programme. She was in her home one night and was attacked by a man in black clothing. He had his face covered so she did not know how he was.

The best scenes

A horrific scene at the start of the film showed Michelle being attacked by a man in black clothes in her own home. This came as a big shock and she was left bleeding and still on the floor, surrounded by broken glass.

Michelle was quite calm after the incident and that surprised me. She seemed to compose herself quickly and acted like it had never happened. She was only reminded when she saw her cat, who had observed the attack happen. I was also confused and worried when she continued to meet and talk to the man who did it. She had unmasked him to find that he was her neighbour, Patrick.

Despite this, she still talked to him and had a little flirt with him when she started a game of footsie at a party. She even left the door partly open, after he drove her back home from another gathering. She knew that he would come in and he did.. it almost seemed like she enjoyed the way he did it and that was worrying as it was not a healthy relationship.

I must say though, that some of the scenes were very funny, especially when Michelle accidently sprayed her work colleague, Richard, in the eyes with pepper spray. She saw him in his car outside her house and thought that he was the attacker. Richard was actually making sure she was safe and was worried about her. They laughed about it later that night.

Michelle’s attitude towards less conventional sex was not all her doing – her mother was attracted to and regulally dated “toyboys” and her father was an extremely violent man who murdered a group of people. Her relationship with her mother and especially her father, was not friendly, which could explain her behaviour.

So what happened to Patrick, you ask? Well he was caught attacking Michelle by her son Vincent, who responded by hitting Patrick with a log and causing a deep head wound. He did not survive the injury, which was a good thing?

Final Thoughts

  • The film, upon reflection was not really to my taste and had more nudity than I anticipated.
  • I have still not got to grips with what really happened, as there was not really any storyline to it.
  • I must say that the only thing I have really taken from the film is that everyone has their preferences and that we should respect them, even if they are rather odd.
  • Overall, I would not recommend this film if you are under 18 (as it was very inappropriate) or if you are sensitive.





The German comedy that makes embarrassing fathers entertaining!

Toni Erdmann, a German comedy, now nearing its time in Cinemas, bought a bit of fun into our serious lives.

The plot

We followed a work obsessed women named Ines Erdmann, who worked beyond her expected role in order to gain fast results. She tried hard to impress her clients and colleagues but nothing ever seemed to work for her. She was never really happy! She was always so hard on herself and never gave herself a break. Can anyone relate to this?

Well that was until her father, Toni arrived and turned her week upside down. He surprised her at business events, stayed with her on business trips and posed as a life coach. Despite her efforts, he never really left and he supported his daughter, as much as she let him. He disturbed her and she got increasingly angry, convinced he was trying to ruin her career and lose important contracts.

Of course, this put a strain on their loving father-daughter relationship. The amount of hurt that he felt when he was turned away by his daughter must have been upsetting, but he knew that there was some fun in her.. he just had to find it!

The characters

Of course if you really look at them, they are both opposites. Whilst Ines is a workaholic, Toni is retired, has free time and is more laid back. Ines looks presentable, whilst Toni wears a large grey beard and a cheeky grin, which makes him look strange. Despite this, Toni’s character is completely harmless and can be seen as an embarrassing father figure that most of us well have, seen or experienced at some point.

Final Thoughts

The overall humour was good and I was laughing at some of it. There were bits where I was sitting there, wondering why people were laughing but I guess it was just my understanding that let me down.

Despite this, I would say that it was enjoyable and it also taught me a life lesson, that you can work hard all the time and be unhappy OR work less and have a bit more fun in your life. Which would you prefer?

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Do you have split reactions about Kevin and his 23 personalities? (Spoiler Alert)

Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and has definitely made a loud comeback. The 2016 horror and thriller is available to see in all good cinemas. The cast of Split includes the Scottish actor James McAvoy, as Kevin, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey and Betty Buckley as Dr Karen Fletcher.

The plot

Dennis (acted by James Mcavoy) in their car.
Casey (acted by Anya Taylor-Joy) in shock when she saw that she was in the car with a stranger.

Kevin was a man with 23 personalities – all different in age, IQ and nature. While Dennis was the control, three girls were kidnapped and taken to an underground building with dark corridors, cells and no windows. Casey, Chloe and Claire were all held in a cell with beds. They tried to outdo Dennis, but there was more to him than they knew.

Claire and Chloe in the cell that they were kept in, when in Kevin’s care.
Kevin as “Hedwig” – a young nine year old
Kevin as “Patricia” – a mother like figure who likes control

They discovered that he was not only Dennis, but he was also Barry (an artist), Patricia (a mother like figure), Jade (sensitive, young man) and Hedwig (A young nine year old). Whilst Barry was creative and kind in nature, Hedwig was dramatically different and very immature. Patricia and Dennis were the two leading personalities who had been previously pushed out but had returned and were taking control of Kevin’s body, protecting him. These two personalities were disciplined and rather OCD about mess.

Kevin as “The Beast” – a stronger, animal like form that Kevin can adopt.

One by one, the girls tried to escape and got desperate to do so when they were warned about a visit from “The Beast”… The Beast represented a stronger, taller and more animal like personality existing in Kevin. The Beast was hard to escape from and Chloe and Claire were both attacked and killed by “The Beast”. Casey found a way out of her cell and walked into the store room where Chloe was being eaten alive….

Casey tried to run from “The Beast”, but found herself trapped. She shot him in the chest with a rifle that she found in his office. However he was impenetrable and Casey had finally realised that she would not make it out alive.

When we all thought it was over for Casey, it all changed. “The Beast” had his values.. he spared those who were pure. Casey, was of course pure, quiet and she was later rescued by a groundsman, from the deserted cell.

Why was Kevin different?

Kevin had a condition that allowed him to have all these personalities. Dr Karen Fletcher was working with him and helping Kevin to control his personalities. She did not believe Kevin when he talked about “The Beast” and thought it was a story, however she was wrong to doubt Kevin.

Kevin and his various personalities made him unpredictable and his ability to hold a few at one time made him extremely dangerous. His individual personalities were not all seen in the film however Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig and Jade were revealed. His last mysterious personality was revealed towards the end and “The Beast” was the most terrifying of all.

Where was Kevin now may you ask? Well we do not know where he was, but from the conversations he was having with his personalities, it was clear that he was not gone for good – “The Beast” would return and show the world his power.

What was even more unnerving was that Kevin was not the only one who had this condition and the ability to be what they can be whatever they believed themselves to be. Mr Glass was mentioned – a man who was in a wheelchair and disappeared 15 years ago….

The suspicious male who knew his name was sitting on a chair and had a feeling of eeriness to him. Was he Mr Glass? He could be? If a man could turn into a beast, a handicapped man could walk?

Final Thoughts?

I knew that Split would be fast paced and gripping, but what I was most surprised about was the effortless acting from James McAvoy. The way he portrayed those contrasting personalities and pulled us along in Kevin’s battle for the limelight was mesmerising. I was constantly on my toes, waiting for the door to unlock or for someone to jump out on the screen.

Bye for now.

Scorsese’s message is definitely not Silent…Its loud in importance!

The film is not for the faint hearted! It is heartbreaking and gruesome at times! Despite this, It was hard to look away. Martin Scorsese directed this 2016 film and he did a good job of it. The plot includes main actors: Andrew Garfield as Sebastião Rodrigues, Adam Driver as Francisco Garupe and Liam Neeson as Father Cristóvão Ferreira

The plot

Silence was based in Japan in the year 1633. At this time, Christianity was unacceptable and supporters of this religion andGod were told to “stand on a picture of their god”, and they would be set free. If they didn’t they would be tortured or killed.


Father Sebastião Rodrigues (played by Andrew Garfield)

Silence was a film following two priests (Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe) who travelled to Japan to rescue Father Ferreira, who was rumoured to have surrendered his religion of  christianity and stayed in Japan. The two priests went to find him,  entering Japan, with a high risk of being caught and killed because of their beliefs.

They wanted to spread the word of Christianity and support Christians who were hiding from the Japanese. They came across a group of Christians who prayed in secret and hid God memorabilia. This did not get past the Japanese authorities and slowly they were picked and killed.

An iconic, if torturous scene included the death of three men. They were tried to crosses in a low lying rocky area by the sea. Slowly, as the water rose throughout the night, they drowned with one man surviving for four days. He spent his last day singing a happy tune whilst being battered by the waves.

Of the group of Christians the Padres met, a few gave in to the pressure and sinned on multiple occasions. They stepped onto the photo of their God, when asked and sinned. Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe, however kept their faith and continued to help others. This was at the expense of others lives, as the padres’ belief in Christianity fueled the religion and members died as a result. They had both watched their followers die and as much as they wanted to get involved, it was their choice to stick to their values. They felt guilty and horrified by the scenes of torture and death.

Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe (the padres’) split up as they were wanted by the Japanese, with a money reward for bringing him in. Father Rodrigues was found by one of his Christian followers who handed him to the Japanese for the money incentive. At this time he was unaware of where his fellow padre was, Father Francisco Garupe.

He was taken as hostage and offered a choice. Padre Rodrigues could save all the hostages if he goes against God and Christianity or they would be killed. He refused to betray God and they suffered. He felt guilty but he knew that if he gave up, than other Christians would not have anyone to believe it.

Whilst he was being imprisoned, Christians were still being killed. A group of Christians refused to defy God and stand on the picture of him. They were taken away and just as Padre Rodrigues felt glad, he heard an awful scream and to find a head of one of his followers rolling on the ground. They had chopped off all their heads in front of their family friends.

Padre Rodrigues was escorted to a beach, but not for a relaxing time out. The japanese bought a group of Christians and attempted to wrap them in a wooden rug. They then put them on a boat and stopped in a deep area in the sea. One of these victims was his fellow padre Francisco Garupe. One by one they pushed the victims off the boat where they were drowned and and pulled down by the weight of the wooden rug. Padre Francisco Garupe went over the save them and stop them from drowning and as a result of this he was held down in the water, drowning with the other victims.

Sebastião Rodrigues was angry, upset and trying to fight through the group of men who were blocking his path – they stopped him from saving his friend and followers. She was made to watch it all and live through the horror of it in his head. He was taken back to the camp and slept badly, visualising his friend float in the water.


Father Ferreira before he defied Christianity and remained in Japan.

Later on in his imprisonment, he met the very man he was coming to find.. Father Ferreira who was not the same man he thought he knew. He was studying astronomy and wiring a book unmasking Christianity. He no longer believed in God, Christianity and had adopted a Japanese name and attitude. Father Ferreira had to been presented with the pressure to defy God and stand on the picture… he did.

People were still dying because of him… was he right to stick to his faith or should be surrender?

He had completely lost his faith and had realised that God was not answering his calls. It was just… silence.

When presented with the opportunity again to support or defy God, he made a decision to go against his God. He fell to the ground and cried… he had sinned and had deserted his friends and followers.

In 1941, he was now living in Japan, alongside Father Ferreira and in this time he wrote a book on the lost priests. He married a dead victims wife he lived a long life. He died at an old age with no attempt to pray or plead to God. He was buried the Buddhist way and was laid to rest. But that they did not know was that inside his hand, that was clenched, laid a figurine of God.

All those years, he was following Japanese values, but inside he still loved God and stayed by him at his death.

Your can view the full trailer at .


This  film was long, approximately 159 minutes but it was two and a half hour of passion and grit. Following your religion is one thing, but following it, knowing that it is hurting others is another. The nice thing to remember is that although Padre  Rodrigues chose to follow Japan, he still believed in God and died peacefully, holding the lord in his hand.

You may enjoy this film more than you think.

Bye for now.



Life as a Disney movie: The importance of animation in expressing feelings

Many people do not know a lot about Autism, and do not really understand what it is. This documentary, exploring the use of animation to express feelings, will definitely change that.

According to the National Autistic Society , “Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others” (2006). Autistic people see the world differently to others and the extent of this can be on a spectrum, from slightly impacted to highly impacted.

Autism is explained more at .

The plot

We visited Owen Suskind, an autistic individual  who lived with his parents and brother, Walter.

His parents were unaware of his condition and struggled to cope with the change in their son. They thought they had “lost him” as he briefly stopped speaking and developed Echolalia, the process of repeating words or phrases.

His parents were aware of this obsession with Disney Movie, but did not look into it very far, until they made an insightful discovery.

They started to talk to him in Disney voices and watched Disney movies with him. They used these movies to help him cope with difficult situations such as growing up, moving house or undertaking a degree.

Disney movie characters which can relate to Owen’s emotional state

Although this plot is brief, I wanted you to have an open mind when you saw it and not have premade opinions on it. For more information and viewing times, you can visit .


The film was heart warming, and slightly sad. The film showed that everyone is different and has their own difficulties. It was an interesting insight into autism and I hope that it raises more awareness of the disability.

Bye for now.