The finale series that had us glued to the screens! (Spoiler alert)

We had a lot of great telly this week with thrillers like the finale of Liar. We also said adu to the complicated but truly worth it, Rellik finale!

Liar (Finale on Monday 16th October 2017 BBC1)

The psychological thriller had lots going for it, and the built up was mounting, so much that the evidence was stacked against Andrew. Our opinion of Andrew as a character had become sour as the series went on, as more and more was revealed about his psychotic nature. The bluffing eventually got too real for Andrew! We just wanted him to go down for what he did, but instead the closing scenes panned onto a dead silhouette amongst the marshes.

His death was a surprise to all of us, but maybe for Laura it wasn’t. I wondered what really went on – if she had got to him and wanted to end it once and for all.

This series was engaging and has potential for a second. After all, what really happened to Andrew? Suicide or covered up murder?

Series star rating: 4 stars!


Rellik (Finale on Monday 16th October 2017 ITV1)

The summary at the start was there to help us, but in all honesty, it just showed us how much we had forgotten. It was like watching a show on X4 or X8 and not following anything.

The plot took a dramatic turn in last weeks episode, in which we saw Elaine (aka Helena Parides) kill the Dr Jonas Borner in his car. She later attacked Dr Isaac Taylor after revealing such a haunting revelation that made us think differently about her whole character and intentions.

The series took its time to build, and lost many viewers in the process, but trust me when I say, that the finale not only pulled it all together, but it also had you hooked on every word and scene. And all of a sudden hell is breaking loose and you don’t know where to look. Blood, car chases, gun shots and fire all in one episode. Brilliant! 

The episode, mostly focusing on Elaine and Gabrielle, ended with a little hope, but we are still not certain. Will Elaine return or it the hell over for him in series 2?

What a way to finish a series, which a first was so confusing! I had the time and patience to watch these episodes, and relished in the challenge of decoding it.

I liked the way the plot all linked in by the end.

Series star rating: 3 stars

3 stae rating Oh My Blog


I loved these series (Liar more than Rellik) and I hope you enjoyed them too !


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Liar, Rellik and Dr Forster: The dramas that unfolded this week!

A series round up once again. We close the curtains on Dr Forster! You have made our Tuesday nights entertaining, but we bid you farewell! See you for series 3 (hopefully)…

Liar cover

Liar (episode 4 on Monday 2nd October):

This episode showed us bits and pieces – unnerving things about previous occurrences. Little snippets that made us hate Andrew.

I am not sure about Andrew. He puts his nice face on at work, but is out of control when he is off shift. Breaking into houses, planting evidence, drugging a female police officer… a side to a surgeon that you don’t ever want to be see and hope is true! His audacity to sue her over ruining his reputation shows how he feels he has gotten away with it.

I liked the little potential love story in it between Laura and the man she met at the hotel – that you may be able to recover from something horrifying and abusive. It gives women  (and men, sadly) some hope that it will get better.

Star Rating: 4 stars!



Rellik Killer seies

Rellik (episode 4 on Monday 2nd October):

If you are still watching Rellik, then I applaud you! It takes time to get your head around it, but you are half way. Two more episodes then you can give your brain a rest!

I have been waiting to see what he looked like before the attack and we eventually did. He looked normal, relaxed and calm and he is so different now. He is now dysfunctional, scary and revenge hungry and I don’t blame him!

An episode that is still losing its popularity compared to Lair, its rival show on ITV.

A backwards plot that leaves fans answering their own questions by the end of the episode, taking away any suspense and excitement that watchers expect when watching a “thriller”.

Star Rating; 3 stars!

3 stae rating Oh My Blog 


Dr Forster s2

Dr Forster (episode finale on Tuesday 3rd October):

An episode that in my opinion went a little bit too far. A plot concerning two parents , in a rut, with a child in the middle – confused and sad. You could see it throughout the episode – the pain of not having a family that stands by one another and what it does to you.

There were moments where I thought she could “finish him off early”. She had an opportunity to hit him with her car and even gave him drugs to let him do it himself. But even with her hard cased character, she still loved him. The thought of him doing harm would be too much to bear and haunt her.

The episode was so dramatically farfetched, that it left us all broken with an outcome that every parent would dread. A moment where everything you fort over is gone. Yes, I thought Tom was hit by the car where he had watched his dad give up. I don’t know if him leaving was any better – at least you would know where he is and he was happy, you know?

A series that has come to a sad end, but has potential for a third – maybe Simon will get his life together or Tom will turn up. We hope so.

A series well worth your time!

Series Star Rating: 4 stars



Final Note

Have you picked a side on Liar yet?

Have you been watching Rellik?

Did you enjoy the Dr Forster finale as much as I did?


Thats all from me! 

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Trust Me S1 E4: Cathy is at breaking point and everything is too close to call! Will she make it out unscaved? (Spoiler alert)

This episode was the finale (episode 4) and I was expecting shards to fly. But I must say I was surprised as they didn’t fly as thought they would.

It was fast paced and I do applaud Jodie Whittaker for such a passionate performance. Unfortunately my praises end there. There are and having been many flaws in this episode.

I will be going into a lot more detail about the episode now and what I thought! If you have not seen it, don’t read on past this point – it will take away the need to watch the episode and I frankly I want you to watch it and let me know what you think.

I find it is often easier to watch it one after another as it is more like real time. Here is a good opportunity – have a watch and let me know 🙂

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Broken S1 E6: A finale full of heartbreak, forgiveness and grief!

Today I am reviewing the finale of Broken, a series running on BBC 1. It has taken 5 episodes to get to this point and boy was it worth it!

The Plot

The plot of this episode followed the struggles of local residents and finally injected some  well needed hope. The plot was sad and had scenes of loss, which got me a bit.

Father Micheal had lived with guilt for some time. While he blessed and forgave others on a daily basis, he give himself the same respect. His guilt over Vernon’s death and his doubt in his ability to be a priest was hard to see. I have always been fond of Father Micheal’s character.

Andrew, the peer pressured police officer joined his colleagues in a hearing over Vernon’s death and did what he should have done earlier. I was so proud that he found the strength to tell the truth and get the best outcome for Vernon. Helena found peace over the hearing, yet she was less fond of Father Micheal by the end of it.

We remember the horrible tragedy in the Carmicheal family and understandably Chloe and the family were finding it hard to adjust. The gambling machines had caused grief in many families and revenge looked quite appealing. Seeing Chloe without her mother was heartbreaking, as I can not imagine the pain she was going through!

The Ending

With all the trouble in their lives, the residents found some peace by the end of the episode. It was especially nice to see the local residents and friends show their support for Father Micheal. The “wonderful priest” surely has more in him yet!

Last Note

What a series. I adored the acting to Sean Bean and I felt a little teary

Star Rating


No doubt 4 stars!

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Line of Duty S4, E8: AC-12 finally unmasks the truth about Operation Trapdoor and balaclava man, along with a few surprises on the way! (spoiler alert)

Th is is a review of Series 4, episode 8 of Line of Duty, which is finally coming to a close!

We were all left wondering whether Roz would get away with framing her husband and if Micheal would be innocently convicted. We found out….

 So this was the finale?

The finale was unexpected and extremely gripping. We knew in our minds that balaclava man could have been more than one person, but hoped that it wasn’t.

What I thought of the plot and outcome?

The plot was twisted (as we would have expected) and we only really found out the extent of the culprits by the end. The plot was intense and we were put through a series of emotions, such as impatience (when Roz would not admit her doings on Tim), sadness (when we thought Micheal would go to jail as innocent), relieved (when Roz admitted her offence) and surprised (by the involvement of Jamie in the plot).

There was some suspicion around Hilton and the viewers in this case would have be right. Hilton sent and recommended Jamie to work at AC-12 to presumably watch the case and the person connecting them together was Lakewell. He was not balaclava man, but he did frame Micheal Farmer. It was all a group effort and AC-12 could not have pinned it on to Lakewell, without Roz becoming detective. In some way I like her more than I did before this episode as she looked into every detail, in turn convicting him of perverting the cause of justice.

I still don’t understand though… Roz admitted to murdering Tim accidentally, yet she covered her tracks, adding on more suspicion? Why did she not just admit it instead of going to all the trouble of pinning it on her husband and tampering with the evidence? It seemed like she would have denied the murder (convicted manslaughter) if she had not been found out by AC-12 and the clothes and evidence she hid were not recovered?

I do think that this series was quite unrealistic and was lengthened to fit six episodes. In my opinion, it could have been shorter and less farfetched, whilst getting the same outcome and emotions from the viewers.

Am I excited for the next series?

Yes!  We could be faced with a new case in the next series or the return of Balaclava man, bearing in mind that there were many people involved in the operation who AC-12 were not informed of!

Star Rating

Overall I would give this episode:

5 star rating

What an episode to end the series! The five star rating is well deserved!

The plot turns much darker than we thought as a seemingly innocent resident is charged in the final episode of Broadchurch (S4, E8)!

So we were eventually up to the final final episode of Broadchurch and we were definitely disappointed.

We eventually found out who raped Trish Winterman and it was one of the secondary characters that had so little attention that he was overlooked. Micheal Lucas, Clive’s son was revealed to be the rapist, but not in the way you think. Micheal, as you know, was innocent and quiet and was not intending to hurt anyone. Committing the rape was as a result of peer pressure, by Leo Humpreys, who was obsessed with sex and porn.

The way Leo tried to turn Micheal’s mind dark and groom him into committing sexual acts was especially upsetting. We saw a dark side to Leo, more dark than his long stares, which were especially uneasy. Leo had a history of raping girls since he left university, including two who were unidentified. It started once a month, but it became an addiction and he found it “beautiful” and felt like he was “the only one in the world” when he did it. He was proud to rape girls which was hard for the detectives to hear, especially Miller who was bought to tears.

We didn’t have our eyes set on Micheal as the rapist earlier on in the episode. Before this, the plot followed the motives of Clive and Leo (as a duo) and it seemed very plausible that it was them. The director was very clever to steer us in a totally different direction from what was actually the truth. When we found out the truth, we were disgusted at Leo, yet we felt sorry for Micheal as he was pressured into it. This was odd as we normally feel negative towards the perpetrator.

I must say that I am happy that the detectives found the rapist and revealed the real side to Leo. The town eventually found peace and started to forgive each other. It all happened so fast though… if you found that one of your residents was a rapist, it would take longer than a day to get over it! Leo, of course, coached the football team and ran a hardware shop, so everyone in the town would have interacted with him in some way.

What a great series and final episode! It was tense, captivating, shocking and surprisingly happy all at the same time!

It will be sad to not watch Broadchurch on a Monday night. I have grown found of the series, characters and plot twists. On the bright side, we can relive Broadchurch by watching it from series one as much as we like! Hooray!

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews of Broadchurch! All comments welcome!

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When you see you child and family slipping away from you, would you fight or give up? The Replacement ends with a gripping outcome! (Spoiler Alert)

Ellen wanted to finish this feud and save her child in this psychotic ending to a tense drama…. and boy did she!

The plot

We ended the last episode with Paula and Ellen having a heated discussion in her house after the dinner party. Paula and Ellen were left alone…

Paula was all tense and reluctantly showed Ellen her daughter’s room, where she found out that Paula’s daughter died two years ago in a car accident. She was angry as Ellen had not given her any apology, which was understandable under the circumstances.

She pretends that Caris is alive so she does not have to tell people. She was still struck with grief and Ellen emailed the police, telling them about her. Of course Paula was late for work the next day, slightly upset and her work colleagues blamed Ellen. Paula convided in one of her colleagues, followed by Ellen’s boss, who gave Ellen a worrying stare.

Kay killed herself as she thought that her best friend, Ellen was having an affair with Paula. This is what Paula told her boss, David. David was sick of the way Ellen pushed people to the ground, like she did to Paula. Did she really die because of this?

Paula seemed to be ruining Ellen’s life…. messing up her references, lying to her boss about her!

Ellen had been applying to other jobs, and Paula had apparently been spiking her references, so she could not get a job! 

Later that week, David, her ex boss, sent Ellen flowers and an invitation to the library, which she helped to create. It would be unprofessional to not have Paula there, but David agreed to make sure she kept her distance.

Paula was ruining everything… Ellen went upstairs to see her and while standing over the stairs, Paula fell on purpose and threw herself down the stairs. Ellen did not push her! Ian, Ellens husband did not believe her and no longer trusted her with their child. She needed supervision.

Paula was buttering up Ellen’s husband, Ian….  she also gave her well known baby tips which he fell for – so he trusted Paula more than Ellen. She was losing her husband and her child… she was losing her husband to Paula who had more of his trust.

Ellen now had a reason to get her back…

The Sad Truth

Everyone was against Ellen, even David, Ian and she was losing her way. She had done nothing wrong, however she was driven to this state of panic and ill health.

She needed to see Lia, and went to his house to find he was not there, but to find that he was with Paula. She was holding him in the air and had him on her lap.  She wanted Lia for herself as she lost her own.

Ellen found out that Georgia was involved in the hit and run that killed her daughter.

Ellen’s husband, Ian looked away from the baby, leaving her on the windowsill for a short period of time. When he saw that Lia was gone, he panicked, calling for “Ellen, Ellen” and proceeded to call Ellen to bring her back.

Paula took her. Ellen was called to where Paula’s daughter had died. Paula admitted to killing Kay as she would not shut up about Caris!

Paula would not give Ellen Lia unless she negotiated something… it was bribery. She wanted her to fight for Lia and Paula gave her pills to take. She took them for her child and Ellen collapsed.

Paula shut her in the garage and left her for dead. She blocked the doors and Ellen struggled to get out. Her vision was blurred as she tried to smash through the windows to get her daughter.  She found a way out to find her daughter unattended. She was not dead… such a relief.

Paula arrived with the police a few mins later, and Paula was arrested of child abduction. Ian apologised for not being on her side and wished for another chance. After everything he did – keeping her for her child, Ian got what he deserved and was only able to see her  on weekends. He should not have trusted her.

She was right all along and she was not crazy after all. I just hope that Paula went down for murdering Kay. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

Final Thoughts

It got sinister and at times, I felt that the battle was over for Ellen. She was faced with supervised visits, a broken down relationship with Ian and a near death experience in a car. But she came through it all for her child.

Is that what Paula wanted? Did she want Ellen to fight for her child and escape for her wellbeing? If so, than she did it in a worrying and over exaggerated way.

Of course the ending was in Ellen’s favour – she was right all along when no one else believed her, not even her husband, who begged to have another chance. She was not the crazy one and was much happier as she held her child with no officials or judgement.

I am however puzzled…. how Ellen got out the car was a bit odd, as she seemed to know a lot about batteries and cleverly used the airbag to start the car. Another criticism was that the ending seemed to jump very quickly from scene to scene and did not finish in the most satisfying way.

Overall it was a gripping, non stop and unpredictable series. We saw tears, deaths, horrible truths and long stares, yet we could still not predict what Paula was going to do. It kept me on my toes and the series is definitely worth watching (even if you have already seen in once). I just wish the ending was better….

Let me know what you thought of the review and the final episode. Share if you enjoyed reading it too…

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Unforgotten Finale: Will Colin, Marian and Sara be charged? Is there more to their acts than we think? (Spoiler Alert)

Cassie, Sammy and the team had all worked hard on the case. They had been up at night researching and piecing the case together. Cassie now had a good rapport and had evidence that could get them to confess. This was of course the finale and we were expecting it to be good… we were right!

The plot

As you would expect Cassie investigated more thoroughly into each of the suspects. Knowing that they won’t confess, she sent members of her team to talk to their families. All of these interviews gave us an insight into their childhoods, and all contained a common theme: A certain time in their childhood, where they changed from happy and normal to an introverted, quiet and angry child.

Marian’s childhood was turned upside down when she was regularly visited in her room by a man that lived in her house. He claimed that he wanted to prepare her as she was now 11 and starting to become a woman. He was sexually abusing her every Saturday night when her mother was downstairs. One awful night, when her mum and sister were away at the cinema, he dropped by at the house and raped her. He raped her because she was special.

The awful thing that was Marian told her mother. At this point, she was 12 and her mother started to fold in her bedroom after she went to sleep – as a way to stop him coming in. She did this for six months and then just stopped. Her sister had been wondering why Marian was always quite angry and in her own world, and was shocked by the knowledge that her mother knew but did nothing about it. This was so sad to see as a mother should never let anyone do this to their child.

Colin had a happy childhood, up to the age of 9. It was all because of a friend who used to call by for Sunday lunch. Liam Paxton ran a platoon club and his father allowed him to join. Colin was over the moon and had an amazing first 6 months. However while on a camping trip, Colin was told to share a tent with him as his tent was “not waterproof”. He got closer to Colin as the nights went on. He even visited his house for the next 6 months while Colin’s parents were away and did horrible things… things that damaged him emotionally. As a result of this his condition plummeted, much like Marians.

And as for Sara, her husband confirmed that at the age of 13, she was taken by David Walker to parties and given drugs and alcohol. These gatherings occurred on a few occasions and she endured awful treatment from people at the party. Sara’s husband told Cassie that she reported the rape but, the police ignored her as her occupation as a prostitute made her less believable and suggested that she was putting it on herself.

The question now is how they know each other and how were they all involved?

Well, Sara and Colin both were emotionally damaged by their experiences (understandably) and both were inmates of the Psychiatric Unit in Eeling. This is also where they met Marian. They recognised people of their kind – those that had been abused, and devised a plan to kill each others abusers.

Final Thoughts

I was convinced at the start of the episode that the severity of their crimes would deserve conviction, however listening to their stories of rape and abuse, it just felt wrong. Wrong to punish them any more for what they had gone through.

So Cassie acted accordingly and with Sammys approval, decided that they did not deserve to be punished. They killed them to end the abuse, to stop the vulnerability and attacks, to find closure. Punishing them would not be helpful for their mental condition either.

I certainly think that there are more guilty people in the series – Tessa, who knew about what David was doing and did not say a word. She could have saved Sara. And of course, Marian’s mother knew and she just ignored it and didn’t believe her own daughter!

The ending was appropriate and showed signs of humanity and respect for the victims wellbeing, over justice.

I really enjoyed this series… it was always twisted and you never really knew all of the facts until the end, where we all of a sudden felt empathy for the victims and changed our whole outlook on the case. Absolutely brilliant!

Let me know what you think of the series or review, by commenting on this post or getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter!

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The verdict was approaching and Yvonne had to face the Jury… was she innocent or guilty?

It’s the final of Apple Tree yard and it was a cracker of an episode! The court case continues…

Being in court was a shock to Yvonne and she would never have imagined herself there. All the details were finally revealed and the Jury knew all their secrets, or did they?

The plot

Costley and Yvonne in the box during the case.

The case continued…. evidence by Costleys defence was put forward. The Jury gained an insight into my Costleys real job in the police force and his behaviour.

Sgt Jones mentioned how he was good at his job. He was acting normal, however after further details, failed to tell the court that on one occasion she had been involved in a sexual relationship with him at a bar. He had fingered her while they were drinking at a bar two weeks after Yvonne had told her about George. So Mark Costley was a sexual predator. I guess we knew that from his and Yvonnes encounters.

His defence also claimed he was suffering from a personality disorder and named him as a “high functioning patient”. As a patient, he seemed calm with good coping methods, however would have the tendency to last out. This had already occurred in 2005, when he pushed a man out a window, who was suspected to be sleeping with his girlfriend.

This seemed like unreliable evidence, by the fact that it was based on per PHD study, that was later written in a recognised medical book, of having no evidence that the mental condition existed. His mental case was flawed.

Mark’s defendant questioning Yvonne and trying to frame her for his murder.

The next day, she was on the stand. She was ok at first and explained calmly how Mark and her met. She stuck to the story of how his daughter was wanting to go into science and he needed some advice. But it was not really how it went…

Yvonne being raped in George’s office after the party.

Of course she told the court about the rape. I can only imagine how degrading that must be… how you lose your dignity in front of all those people. It was like she was reliving it all over again, sobbing and pausing in between her sentences.  After a short break, she was ridiculed by Mark’s defendant. She mentioned how they were drinking together and suggested that she may have initiated the rape… but putting her hand on his knee. This angered Yvonne, as she did not ask for any of this to happen.

When asked why she did not report it, Yvonne explained that she did not want the incident in her home and did not want her husband thinking about it at the kitchen table.

Yvonne and Costley in Apple Tree Yard, during their sexual encounter.

But of course, Mark Costley had a game going and it was about to get worse! Mark’s defendant asked her about her career in London – how she knew all the streets and back alley ways and APPLE TREE YARD. Well Yvonne remembered this moment well, when she and Costley had intimate sex in daylight, down this dark side road. Shock was all over her face… and she could not hide it… the Jury were surprised by her confession. Her sexual encounter there just gave her more connections to Costley and the death of George.

We did not see her families reaction to this, nor her husbands, but I imagine that it is disappointment, anger and possibly the worst thing that Gary wanted to hear.

The verdict

It was tense. My heart was in my chest as the Jury read out their final verdict. I didn’t want her to go to jail, she had done nothing wrong accept have an affair and innocently drive Costley to George’s house, unaware that he was going to kill him.

The verdict read as followed:

  • Mark Costley is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Mark Costley iGUILTY  for manslaughter
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for manslaughter

It was a great result for Yvonne and for the viewers. I was so relieved as I honestly thought the worst.

Mark Costley left the stand GUILTY and Yvonne can finally go home. She was greeted by her husband and her son. He hugged her despite the shock of the affair.. he must be happy to have her back. Her daughter, Carrie however, was not ready to see her, she was still upset with her.

Family Life

Gary had admitted to meeting Rosa behind his back earlier in the court case and said that nothing had gone on sexually between them. Yvonne had been silently ridiculing him for it, despite the affair, that she did not tell him. There were occasions when she could have, but she failed to mention it. Understandably Gary was not happy and did not understand why she did not tell him about the rape or the affair.

The final Twist

Yvonne went to visit Mark when he was in jail, and he seemed nicer. He said that he wanted to make her feel safe and make their love feel real. He genuinely cared about her . He also protected her from going to jail for murder…. “I want you to kill him” and “I want you to smash his f***ing face in”. She said these in the flat, while they were in bed. She should be in jail!

Final Thoughts

What a surprising way to finish the series. When we thought she was innocent, it suddenly dawned on her that she was not innocent at all, but was partly to blame for George’s murder. I’m not sure that I feel the same way about her now that I know that George is in jail for her.

Let me know what you thought of the finale.

Bye for now.