S1, E3: Conspiracies emerged and truths backfired in the series, Broken! (spoiler alert)

I am reviewing S1 E3 of the BBC series Broken. This episode was especially tense and we got an insight into Father Micheal’s flashbacks.

My Thoughts

He had a troubled education – he was mallestered by his english teacher, Father Matthews. He has had trouble in his past taking advantage of girls and it makes me wonder if it was because of his teacher?

It seemed like those who ran the church and took of advantage failed Micheal, yet he still went to God as a priest. He had to face Father Matthew’s sooner or later and when he did, Father Matthew’s was very dismissive of the claims and stated “you enjoyed it”. I felt very sorry for Father Micheal as he didn’t get the apology that he deserved.

Father Micheal was also fighting with his guilt over Vernon’s message. It was like a song in his head that he could not get out – one with a memorable addictive tune like crazy frog.

We also were introduced to a police man who was at the scene when Vernon was shot. He was advised to tell the truth by father Micheal. However the female coworker Dawn, who sprayed on a young boy and lead to his death threatened the police officer to lie. His story did not match up with the other officers and he was angry that she got away with killing a young boy.

All of his family and friends were put against him – peer pressuring him to change his account of the death. He was understandably angry and infuriated that he, the truthful one, was shot down by those who lied. I just wished that he could help and be the officer to allow his mother to know the truth.

Last Note

It was tense, gripping and I had my heart in my chest and I just hoped that Dawn would admit really happened to Vernon. It was so sad to think that someone telling the truth was grated down to the point of lying.

We saw a vulnerable side to Father Micheal in this episode and relived his childhood memories of his unsavoury education. How is he support to help others when he is struggling himself?

Star Rating

Based on my review, I would give the episode 4 stars!


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I was left in knots by Berlin Syndrome! (Spoiler alert)

I looked at the plot before hand, but only briefly. I wanted to know what was going on but still be surprised and gripped to the screen. The film did not disappoint.

My Thoughts

The thriller had the two key ingredients – a psychotic killer and obsessive and an unwilling victim who was prepared to risk her life to escape. The way Clare stabbed him in the hand with a screwdriver was gutsy and how she cunningly beat him with his own weapon was sneaky.

At first looks you wouldn’t think that anything was wrong with Andi or odd but looks can be deceiving. Under that neat beard and nice eyes, there was a monster who would manipulate, abuse and lock woman away against their will. His creepy stare and photobooks of disturbing naked photos would be enough to damage someone for life. Especially if they are not you…

Of course this man had no intention if stopping after his previous victim Nathalie and moved on to Clare. A sweet young Australian tourist who just wanted to travel and develop memories.

The plot was definitely gripping and my eyes were locked on the awful situation in front of me. My criticism was that Clare got involved with Andi very quickly and didn’t really think “hmm I don’t know this guy and I am on my own so I should probably be careful”. I think the “stranger danger” advice that parents tell their children is relevant here. Furthermore the dangerous fling between Andi and Clare was a bit naive and rushed.

Final Note

What a film and my attention was glued to the screen right to the end! Apart from my little criticisms, it would be happy to see it again or recommend it to others!

Star Rating

Based on my review, I would give Berlin Syndrome 4 stars as it was gripping, captivating and nail bitingly tense!


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S1, E2: Troubled Paula faced more drama in an overly packed episode!

This is a review of Paula, episode 2, series 1. on BBC 2, normally shown on Thursday night.

My Feelings

I found this episode quite farfetched and filled with unnecessary drama – fights galore that added nothing to the story line, just a way to lengthen out the episode! I would prefer two episodes to three as it would be easier to watch.

Paula has that marmite feeling to her – you either love her or hate her, and in this episode, I found her very eerie. Yes she had lost Phillip and her brother in suppose suicides, however I found her hard to watch. Her constant frown and vulgar language was very off putting. I do not understand why James and the detective would suddenly be so fixed on her – were we suppose to be scared of her and not James?

We know that James is not mentally stable and has had increasing illusions of a young child. It was very creepy. but brings up the question: Does he have any skeletons in his closet?

To be honest, Paula isn’t any better. Death and stress do bad things to people and her mental capacity has got a little less predictable since her one night stand with James.

Her weird thoughts have also given us a bit of a chill – the fact that she liked being the prisoner in games when she was younger and explained how she visited another family while she was unconscious, after asking her brother to strangle her. It was all a bit disturbing really.

 Final Note

Dramatic? yes but a little too dramatic and predictable! You could just tell what was going to happen to her alcoholic brother. It was inevitable.

Star Rating

I would give it 3 stars as the plot was a bit too ambitious!

3 stae rating Oh My Blog

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Line of Duty S4, E5: What was at first a little rivalry between AC-12 and Huntley has become something much more (Spoiler Alert)

I had to take a breather at the end of the penultimate episode of Line of Duty. Never have I been so sure of something then so confused by such a twisted plot line in my life.


I started the episode with the intention of finding out what really happened to Huntley, hoping she would admit it. Instead, she continued to frame Farmer for the numerous  deaths and framed her husband for Tims’s murder, as he was at the scene (but only because he followed her there).  What made this more unrealistic was her ability to have her arm amputated and still plant evidence like nothing was wrong. If that was me, I would be unable to do anything, especially work.

Everyone seemed to be suspecting Huntley (she does make it hard not to), even her husband who was going to file a claim against her. He knew that she was lying about what really happened the night of Tim’s murder however was unaware of her potential involvement in the murder of Leonie Collins. She is such a stubborn character that she is unlikely to admit the truth and ruin her reputation, rather than admit it and be free of the guilt. At this point, I assume that she murdered Tim and had something to do with Leonie, but these series always seem to surprise us.

Alongside this hidden cover up by Huntley, was another alleged cover up and manipulation of evidence by AC-12. According to ACC Hilton, AC-12 were more dangerous than the corrupt officers that they had had a year to investigate (those linked to Matthew Cotton in the previous series). Huntley has ACC Hilton supposedly wrapped around her little finger and has plotted him against them, when in fact Huntley has the secrets to hide.

You never know, ACC Hilton could be involved in this conspiracy too.. And what was it about the Jackie Lavity case from 2012 that troubled him? Was he involved in her disappearance or did he know who was?

This episode was a bit more personal. We saw Abbott vulnerable for the first time in the series when he was told that he still had damage to his back and long term mobility problems could not be ruled out. It was a shame as he was just doing his job and he may not ever walk again. His attack by balaclava man and his fall down three flights of stairs has certainly damaged him and it was heartbreaking to see him upset. The fact that he was unable to look after himself, let alone work really put it all into perspective.

Last Note

Overall I found this episode very farfetched and more packed than the last. It seems that there is no real end to this case and I am not really sure who really did it.

I have the feeling that the last episode (next weeks) in this series is too short to resolve all of the conspiracies and lies. The case has become a lot more complex with the emergence of a new body, Leonie Collins, supposively disposed and stored of differently to the rest, with neither murders being Tim or Micheal.

New people have emerged who may have more to do with it such as Jimmy Lakewell, but it is too early to say without more evidence. With everything that is going on, I expect the last episode in this series to clear up some lose ends, but leave a few uncertain mysteries to follow up in series five.

The director has had us on the edge of our seat from the start of the series so I will be very interested to see how he leaves us on the final episode. Probably on the floor….

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Line of Duty, S4, E4: The tables can turn very quickly and you can find yourself caught! (Spoiler Alert)

This is a series review of Line of Duty (S4, E4) shown weekly on BBC1 on Sunday night at 9pm. Two remaining episodes.

My Thoughts

I was so excited to see this episode, especially after that devastating cliff-hanger of Arnott being pushed off a flight of stairs, by who we suspected was Nick Huntley. You would be glad to know that he was ok and eventually came around. All was safe and sound, or so we thought…

Huntley has become a very investigated officer and even has an undercover agent watching her (Fleming). From what we know so far, Huntley is involved, especially close to home with evidence that her husband was at the crime scene too. She has lied through her teeth to detectives and has lied to her husband. I was starting to get more apprehensive of her and her motives and with everything that was going on, she should be nowhere near the investigations.

Huntley was becoming more and more involved in covering her back. It seemed that she was fooling no one, not even her husband, who thought she was cheating and followed her that night to Tim’s flat. Her Interview with the AC-12 investigators was not going her way and she found herself presented with evidence that she was not doing her job properly and that her husband was involved in Tim’s murder. When we thought it was all over for her, she dropped a bombshell.

Her thorough attitude and accusation of the corruption of her handling of the cases surprised the AC-12 team and they slowly found themselves in deep water. Huntley had them gasping for air as she fired claims of tampering, sexism around promotions and sexist language in the workplace. She bought up things that were beyond their work environment. It was like she had been holding on to her anger and they had hit a nerve with her that unleashed a feared beast.

I thought that I would leave the episode with a clearer idea of her and Nick’s involvement, however I have been left with less of an idea and an unknown about the future of AC-12. I wonder if matters will be out of their hands, evidence will be discarded or they will be moved from the cases all together.

Huntley played a good game in this episode and seems to have won… for now. The director played with our emotions and changed the focus of the episode so rapidly that the cases seemed even more complex!  Bravo!

I was blown away by the twist and now feel like I am in limbo, not being any closer to finding out the truth and being uncertain about the outcome of AC-12 and the current investigation.

Still to come…

With two more episodes to go, we expect the lose ends to be tied and to find out the truth on who really killed Tim and abducted those girls. We all have our suspicions, however as we know, these series are always truly uncertain until the final moments!

What an explosive episode. I feel like I need a cup of tea to recover!

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Broadchurch S3 E6: Work-life balance is difficult for everyone, even Miller and Hardy!

In this review, I am discussing Broadchurch. In episode 6, we saw the case continue with suspects coming and going.

My Thoughts

This episode informed us of compelling evidence against Ed that was the most conclusive breakthrough yet. My initial impression of Ed at the start was that he was very understanding. Part of me is now worried that he can hide behind that persona and be totally different. I know that in these series, nothing is as it seems…

We saw the emotions run high between the residents, especially Ed and Jim. Ed liked Trish and seemed to lose control when he faced Jim, after he found out that they had slept together. He seemed very obsessed with her and had photos from 10 years ago… and he sent her the flowers, which was kind of creepy. He can also get violent, as we could see from Jim’s facial injuries.

We have seen Miller and Hardy work together for three series now and have developed a fact file of their personalities. Miller, being funny and sensitive and Hardy, in contrast, being direct and very focused.

But in this episode, we saw an angry side to Miller. Smashing laptops and phones after finding her sons porn, Miller seemed to have bottled a lot of anger and it was now all being released. It was kind of scary as I would not have imagined her as this controlling. Hardy on the other hand, was very sensitive and when his daughter Daisy wanted to move back in with his mum, he took a softer, motivational approach and begged for her to stay. It was moving and I felt my heart melt with his words.

It seemed that the case was becoming more than a job, and was developing into an obsession. With so much at stake, it was easy to neglect family and lose track of what was going on. I felt sorry for them as it can’t have been easy.

Hardy and Miller were also angry at Katie – Ed was her father! Katie was hesitant to tell them and refused to get involved in the interview with Ed and no wonder…  Miller worked so hard to get to where she was and Katie just swanned in after 6 months training and potentially compromised the case!


Overall I found the case focused more on the detectives and their families, which is nice as it suggested that their job is not the only thing they are dealing with. They are human too. The plot in this episode seemed very plausible too. I found the episode gripping, intense and personal. I also cried at the end (you will know why if you have seen the episode).

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When you see you child and family slipping away from you, would you fight or give up? The Replacement ends with a gripping outcome! (Spoiler Alert)

Ellen wanted to finish this feud and save her child in this psychotic ending to a tense drama…. and boy did she!

The plot

We ended the last episode with Paula and Ellen having a heated discussion in her house after the dinner party. Paula and Ellen were left alone…

Paula was all tense and reluctantly showed Ellen her daughter’s room, where she found out that Paula’s daughter died two years ago in a car accident. She was angry as Ellen had not given her any apology, which was understandable under the circumstances.

She pretends that Caris is alive so she does not have to tell people. She was still struck with grief and Ellen emailed the police, telling them about her. Of course Paula was late for work the next day, slightly upset and her work colleagues blamed Ellen. Paula convided in one of her colleagues, followed by Ellen’s boss, who gave Ellen a worrying stare.

Kay killed herself as she thought that her best friend, Ellen was having an affair with Paula. This is what Paula told her boss, David. David was sick of the way Ellen pushed people to the ground, like she did to Paula. Did she really die because of this?

Paula seemed to be ruining Ellen’s life…. messing up her references, lying to her boss about her!

Ellen had been applying to other jobs, and Paula had apparently been spiking her references, so she could not get a job! 

Later that week, David, her ex boss, sent Ellen flowers and an invitation to the library, which she helped to create. It would be unprofessional to not have Paula there, but David agreed to make sure she kept her distance.

Paula was ruining everything… Ellen went upstairs to see her and while standing over the stairs, Paula fell on purpose and threw herself down the stairs. Ellen did not push her! Ian, Ellens husband did not believe her and no longer trusted her with their child. She needed supervision.

Paula was buttering up Ellen’s husband, Ian….  she also gave her well known baby tips which he fell for – so he trusted Paula more than Ellen. She was losing her husband and her child… she was losing her husband to Paula who had more of his trust.

Ellen now had a reason to get her back…

The Sad Truth

Everyone was against Ellen, even David, Ian and she was losing her way. She had done nothing wrong, however she was driven to this state of panic and ill health.

She needed to see Lia, and went to his house to find he was not there, but to find that he was with Paula. She was holding him in the air and had him on her lap.  She wanted Lia for herself as she lost her own.

Ellen found out that Georgia was involved in the hit and run that killed her daughter.

Ellen’s husband, Ian looked away from the baby, leaving her on the windowsill for a short period of time. When he saw that Lia was gone, he panicked, calling for “Ellen, Ellen” and proceeded to call Ellen to bring her back.

Paula took her. Ellen was called to where Paula’s daughter had died. Paula admitted to killing Kay as she would not shut up about Caris!

Paula would not give Ellen Lia unless she negotiated something… it was bribery. She wanted her to fight for Lia and Paula gave her pills to take. She took them for her child and Ellen collapsed.

Paula shut her in the garage and left her for dead. She blocked the doors and Ellen struggled to get out. Her vision was blurred as she tried to smash through the windows to get her daughter.  She found a way out to find her daughter unattended. She was not dead… such a relief.

Paula arrived with the police a few mins later, and Paula was arrested of child abduction. Ian apologised for not being on her side and wished for another chance. After everything he did – keeping her for her child, Ian got what he deserved and was only able to see her  on weekends. He should not have trusted her.

She was right all along and she was not crazy after all. I just hope that Paula went down for murdering Kay. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

Final Thoughts

It got sinister and at times, I felt that the battle was over for Ellen. She was faced with supervised visits, a broken down relationship with Ian and a near death experience in a car. But she came through it all for her child.

Is that what Paula wanted? Did she want Ellen to fight for her child and escape for her wellbeing? If so, than she did it in a worrying and over exaggerated way.

Of course the ending was in Ellen’s favour – she was right all along when no one else believed her, not even her husband, who begged to have another chance. She was not the crazy one and was much happier as she held her child with no officials or judgement.

I am however puzzled…. how Ellen got out the car was a bit odd, as she seemed to know a lot about batteries and cleverly used the airbag to start the car. Another criticism was that the ending seemed to jump very quickly from scene to scene and did not finish in the most satisfying way.

Overall it was a gripping, non stop and unpredictable series. We saw tears, deaths, horrible truths and long stares, yet we could still not predict what Paula was going to do. It kept me on my toes and the series is definitely worth watching (even if you have already seen in once). I just wish the ending was better….

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Do you have split reactions about Kevin and his 23 personalities? (Spoiler Alert)

Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and has definitely made a loud comeback. The 2016 horror and thriller is available to see in all good cinemas. The cast of Split includes the Scottish actor James McAvoy, as Kevin, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey and Betty Buckley as Dr Karen Fletcher.

The plot

Dennis (acted by James Mcavoy) in their car.
Casey (acted by Anya Taylor-Joy) in shock when she saw that she was in the car with a stranger.

Kevin was a man with 23 personalities – all different in age, IQ and nature. While Dennis was the control, three girls were kidnapped and taken to an underground building with dark corridors, cells and no windows. Casey, Chloe and Claire were all held in a cell with beds. They tried to outdo Dennis, but there was more to him than they knew.

Claire and Chloe in the cell that they were kept in, when in Kevin’s care.
Kevin as “Hedwig” – a young nine year old
Kevin as “Patricia” – a mother like figure who likes control

They discovered that he was not only Dennis, but he was also Barry (an artist), Patricia (a mother like figure), Jade (sensitive, young man) and Hedwig (A young nine year old). Whilst Barry was creative and kind in nature, Hedwig was dramatically different and very immature. Patricia and Dennis were the two leading personalities who had been previously pushed out but had returned and were taking control of Kevin’s body, protecting him. These two personalities were disciplined and rather OCD about mess.

Kevin as “The Beast” – a stronger, animal like form that Kevin can adopt.

One by one, the girls tried to escape and got desperate to do so when they were warned about a visit from “The Beast”… The Beast represented a stronger, taller and more animal like personality existing in Kevin. The Beast was hard to escape from and Chloe and Claire were both attacked and killed by “The Beast”. Casey found a way out of her cell and walked into the store room where Chloe was being eaten alive….

Casey tried to run from “The Beast”, but found herself trapped. She shot him in the chest with a rifle that she found in his office. However he was impenetrable and Casey had finally realised that she would not make it out alive.

When we all thought it was over for Casey, it all changed. “The Beast” had his values.. he spared those who were pure. Casey, was of course pure, quiet and she was later rescued by a groundsman, from the deserted cell.

Why was Kevin different?

Kevin had a condition that allowed him to have all these personalities. Dr Karen Fletcher was working with him and helping Kevin to control his personalities. She did not believe Kevin when he talked about “The Beast” and thought it was a story, however she was wrong to doubt Kevin.

Kevin and his various personalities made him unpredictable and his ability to hold a few at one time made him extremely dangerous. His individual personalities were not all seen in the film however Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig and Jade were revealed. His last mysterious personality was revealed towards the end and “The Beast” was the most terrifying of all.

Where was Kevin now may you ask? Well we do not know where he was, but from the conversations he was having with his personalities, it was clear that he was not gone for good – “The Beast” would return and show the world his power.

What was even more unnerving was that Kevin was not the only one who had this condition and the ability to be what they can be whatever they believed themselves to be. Mr Glass was mentioned – a man who was in a wheelchair and disappeared 15 years ago….

The suspicious male who knew his name was sitting on a chair and had a feeling of eeriness to him. Was he Mr Glass? He could be? If a man could turn into a beast, a handicapped man could walk?

Final Thoughts?

I knew that Split would be fast paced and gripping, but what I was most surprised about was the effortless acting from James McAvoy. The way he portrayed those contrasting personalities and pulled us along in Kevin’s battle for the limelight was mesmerising. I was constantly on my toes, waiting for the door to unlock or for someone to jump out on the screen.

Bye for now.

Tom Hanks braces us with this high flying, thrilling film, Sully!

Tom Hanks has graced us once again, in a new 2016  gripping thriller, that is based on a true story. This 2016 film  was directed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood and was definitely making a big wave!  The cast included

The Plot

Tom Hanks, played Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and was presented with an unfortunate situation. He was left to land the US Airways flight with his fellow co-pilot, Jeffrey “Jeff” Skiles  (played by Aaron Eckhart) after a flock of birds damaged both the engines. Flight 529 was scheduled to fly from  LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, however three minutes in, the pilots had to act fast and decided to land in the Hudson River.

The 155 Passengers standing on the wings – waiting to be rescued

The passengers were frightened and rightly so… flights that crash on water generally do not end up well, so the fact that all 155 passengers survived was a revelation. The cabin crew and pilots were very effective at their job and

His approach was criticised by the board and as a result he felt downgraded and guilty.

Their appeal, in which their decisions on the flight were criticised

He attended a hearing and evidence was presented against him. The board were suggesting that there was time to land the plane safely and land back on the intended runway. They also presented simulations that duplicated their flight, height and bird flock attack.

The case seemed to be piled against him but then he presented them with some thoughts. Firstly he mentioned how the simulations did not have the human aspect and  lacked the 35 second pause before the left turn for the runway. The board also revealed that the pilots who took part in the simulation had 17 attempts, meaning that they knew when to turn and how to land.

With this is mind, the simulations were repeated with a 35 second pause and on both routes, the plane did not make the runway. Not only had Sully been right to land in the Hudson River, but the board had presented evidence that was not reliable and did not represent the situation correctly.

By the end of the film, I felt like he had gone through unnecessary grief over the flight. I had a feeling at the start of the hearing that he was telling the truth and it would have broken my heart if his career ended after one bad call on a three minute flight.

You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjKEXxO2KNE .


The film was gripping and non stop! I loved it and felt so much respect for Sully and what he did for the passengers.

Book your seat for this film while they are still available!

Bye for now




Film Review: The Girl on the Train at Tyneside Cinema

What was the plot

A divorcee becomes caught in a missing persons investigation. Her story evolves and lies are revealed. It is too late for her to leave now. The plot features known actors such as Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett.

Girl on the train pic 1.jpg

What did I think of the film?

I was gripped from the moment the film started. At first the plot seemed simple, but as you know, thrillers often arent what you expect them to be. The plot thickened and I found myself questioning everything I thought at the start.

I had the opportunity to see it twice and even though I knew the plot, it only made it better.


This film was amazing! If you get the chance to see it, go!

Bye for now