Murder on the Orient Express: A film that has more drama that double booked seats!

So I watched Murder on the Orient Express (MOTOE).  I had been looking forward to this for a while. The all-star cast included Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench, Josh Gad,  Penelope Cruz,  Michelle Pfeiffer, among others. The film is available to see in all cinemas now.

I didn’t go into this film with too much knowledge of what was going to happen nor did I research a brief  plot. I’m glad as it meant that I could watch MOTOE with an open mind and be pulled into the excitement of the investigation.

 The Plot

MOTOE was a relatively slow film. It was by no means an action, however I would say that it is a period drama.

The film followed a luxurious train journey which resulted in a halt over the murder of one of their rich travellers. Suspects wining and dining while being potential culprits of murder. The case was investigated by the one and only Mr Poirot.  I’ve always been a fan of his films and have liked the way that he can read people and know more about them than they tell.

MONOE had everything we would expect in Poirot drama –  the body that has been found right under his nose, the little clues that are left behind by the killer who doubts Poirot’s ability to solve the case and the dramatic final announcement where he reveals the murderer with as much public embarrassment as possible.

The solving of this case was more complex and had a twist, which revealed more than Poirot originally anticipated.

The Scenery and Costumes

I have not seen a train  as luxurious as the Orient Express.  Every surface was lined with burgundy felt.  Wine glasses were a rich blue and chandeliers fell from the low ceiling. There was nothing I could fault about the train except the sleeping quarters which despite the other furnishings,  were really basic.

The costume in this film was so beautiful. The “too” short dresses and “slightly see through” meshes that we wear now were replaced with silky vintage gowns that screamed wealth and sensuality. This film is a feast for the eyes to anyone who loves vintage, luxurious clothing.

Final Note

I really enjoyed MOTOE. The plot was engaging, despite it’s slow speed and would recommend it to anyone!

Star Rating? 

I would give this Murder on the Orient Express 4 stars!

4 star rating Oh My Blog

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The Hitman’s bodyguard film review: Guns, car chases, hearts to hearts and wicked one liners!

This is a review of the latest must see action film, The Hitman’s bodyguard, directed by Patrick Hughes. You can see this film now in all major cinemas.

The Plot

The plot followed an ex triple a rated executive protection agent Guard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) who in the attempt to help a friend, fell into the role of protecting Darius Kincaid (Samuel Jackson), a killer who was to stand trial in the Court of Justice. Only Micheal had to get him to court without being killed (or getting Darius killed) and that was not simple.

You can view the official trailer at .

My Thoughts

I was laughing (like really laughing). The script was so funny and these two enemies found common ground with their insulting and funny come backs. I also would be very hesitant to record the number of times the characters (especially Darius) said “m*****f*****” . It would make a great drinking game!

The film was not all guns and car chases. I have not seen many action films recently that have portrayed such a brotherly relationship between the main characters, and for that reason you would never think they are enemies. When one was in danger, the other would swoop in and save the day. It was a nice change.

The film was so entertaining, I was never bored or distracted. There was too much to look at to think about anything else.

The Action

I have not really talked about the action and there was a lot of it. I would say that my description of it does not do it mercy. Completely epic scene after scene, and when you think it gets a little slow, the fast paced action returns all over again.

Samuel Jackson was effortless and crazy as Darius. Combined with Ryan Reynolds hesitant and witty portrayal of Michael, the characters made a fantastic team.

Last Note

Hitman’s bodyguard is the brother film to Bridesmaids. I have not laughed this much at any film since I saw Bridesmaids in the cinema years ago.

Star Rating

What a film! 4 stars is definelty on the cards! Don’t just take it from me, it is worth seeing!


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Dunkirk felt so real that it gave me goosebumps!

So this was the movie people were waiting to see! Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan, had very high expectations and I’m glad to say that I think it has exceeded them.

The Plot

The general plot was as authentic as it could be – no added love stories or context. And that is why I liked it!  Soldiers fighting for survival on the Dunkirk beaches and the kindness of small boat owners who risked their lives to save those who were injured or capsized.

The trauma the soldiers faced both on the ground, in the air and over sea gave me an idea of what it was actually like. Yes I was not there, however I felt like I was. I was at awe as I saw planes fly through the sky and I winced when sudden bombs and gun shots were heard. I could not ever imagine living through it, yet people did. It made me feel very patriotic.

Best Scenes

Some scenes come to mind, some happy and some very moving. Either way I felt myself near tears when I was watching them. Scenes like the Windstone boat rescuing dozens of men covered in oil after their ship sank. The rescuers consisted of a father and his two sons, one of which fell and later suffered serious injuries, resulting in his death. George, aged 17 who had only young, died with legacy while trying to save others.

Times looked very bleak in the film and when the captain (Tom Hardy) thought everything was lost, he eventually saw them. Dozens of boats, all travelling from far and wide to help transport the soldiers back to safety. In this stunning scene, the captain was asked “What did you see?”. His reply was “Hope” and this hope saved 235,000 men.

Harry Styles Dunkirk
Harry Styles as a soldier in the WW2 Dunkirk evacuation (left)

It was not just Tom Hardy in this film, you may have noticed a well known boy band member, dressed as a soldier with very short hair. I did not recognise him, it was of course Harry Styles! It was definitely not a beautiful sight during the war, but he seemed to cope pretty well in his first acting role. He was remarkably good and very convincing. Maybe a little tune would have done the trick in those times of misery.

I had the pleasure to watch this film twice and it made me think about unity  This is especially relevant because without those small boats, without the friendships and their ability to work as one, no one would have survived.

The Graphics and Music

The music paired with the graphics beautifully. It added anticipation and suspense. You knew how the soldiers were feeling, just by the music.


I loved the fact that the film was not sugar coated and it was big in music and graphics. It showed what it was like and it looked terrifying. My heart was in my chest all the way through, as I saw men waiting and fighting for their lives. I felt very patriotic after the film(s) and proud to be British.

What did you think of Dunkirk?

A family member went to see it on a different occasion and said that it was good but it lacked “Umph”.

Star Rating

Undoubtably, I would give Dunkirk 4 stars. Need I say more?


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Baby Driver was definetly in the fast lane! 

I had the chance to see Baby Driver and this is what I thought!

My Thoughts

The Plot

The plot followed Baby, a funny and young man who was caught in a cycle of crime. He was his bosses best driver and had little choice in driving criminals to and from robberies. He was desperate to get out and have a normal life.

The Characters

Baby (Ansel Elgort) was the main character in the film and it centred around his childhood, his new fresh relationship with Debbie (Lily James) and his trapped career under his dominating boss, Doc (acted by Kevin Spacey).

Kevin Spacey was fantastic and I was expecting him to talk straight to the camera, like he does in House of Cards. He had the same level of authority and uncertainty in the film, which is what he does best.

This was an action movie, however we got little breaks from this through the love story between Baby and Debbie. It was nice to see that another door had opened for him and that he had an opportunity to get away from his crime lifestyle.

The Music and Stunts

The film was full of music, all varying genres, echoing the intensity and mood of Baby at that time. In all the car chases (there were a lot), we were engaged by fast and head bobbing beats. When he was with Debbie, he was different and the atmosphere was more relaxed with songs like “Easy” by Lionel Richie.

The last 10 minutes was all chases, music and severe braking! I felt my ears get sore as I made the most of any quiet scenes. Bright lights and massive car frenzies! It was like F1 on our motorways combined with guns. I can only imagine the time it took to get those stunts right, especially Baby who was able to jump from ledges, avoid bullets and drive insanely fast without hitting road obstacles.

The ending

The ending was happy yet unexpected. Whilst he got what he wanted, he did it the hard way and maybe that was good. He did his time so he could then enjoy the rest of his life and not look back.

Final Note

A fantastic movie and never a dull moment. A fast paced plot that combined action and love. A best of both.

My ears did hurt by the end (due to the loud bullets and music) however it was worth it!

Star Rating

I would give this film 4 stars. Would highly recommend this film to anyone who likes action and/or romance.


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A new planet turned out to be more bloody, gruesome and costly than they thought: Alien returned with vengeance!

The crew were back in the mysterious and bloody Alien film series – Alien Convenant.

The cast included Micheal Fassbender as David and Walter, Katherine Waterson as Daniels, Billy Crudup as Oram and many more.

You can view the trailer here.

My Thoughts

I must say watching Alien was a bit sureal. It was very different to our culture and society now and it did make me wonder whether in 2104 we would be living in spaceships, travelling to planets and cultivating new life.

I found the graphics at first quite ineffective – I was not blown away by them and did not feel like I was sucked into the whole space theme.

I found the plot started off quite slow and unexciting and it was only in the last hour that the main action happened. Yes there were gory scenes and blood near the start but they only got really thrilling by the end. I found myself wishing for more gore, death, excitement and drama and frankly I was bored.

In the last hour it was anyones nightmare and an Alien fans dream. The fight for survival was intense and there was action around every corner (finally). I had a change of heart and saw for myself why people loved the Alien films! The plot also thickened and everything was not as it seemed even towards the end, which in my opinion gives Alien Covenant the opportunity to continue the series. It also made the film more interesting and I was captivated (at last) by what was in front of me.

I found the characters were very happy and alive at the start, however this didn’t last long and we saw the characters come out of their shells. The crew numbers fell as the film progressed. Some were lucky to make it out alive, however only by a whisker. The fast, insect looking predators, were engineered to be intelligent and adaptable to the environment around them! Bad luck for the crew!

Final Note and Conclusion

I wasn’t blown away with the start, however it did eventually get better! I found it a bit tedious and would reluctantly recommend it. It did not really meet my expectations.

But by all means, watch it and let me know what you think!

Star Rating

3 stae rating Oh My Blog.png

I would give Alien Covenant 3 stars overall!

I hope you liked the review. What did you think of the film or the review? Let me know!
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Mindhorn hits the bullseye with non-stop humour!

So I had the chance to review Mindhorn, currently showing in all cinemas. So excited as the build-up to it’s release was fantastic. This is my review!

My Thoughts

The plot followed Richard Horncroft (acted by Julian Barratt) as he was asked to bring back Mindhorn back one more time to help with a serial murder case. Mindhorn was his acting career that got him recognised, yet now it is very different. Once a loved star, Richard has now lost his reputation, his love Pat and his dashing good looks from 20 years before. His efforts for the police did little good, if anything he was embarrassing and seemed to create more problems than solve them.

I found that Mindhorn was very similar to the a dad figure, who was trying to be cool and put “lol” on the end of texts. He was cheesy and enjoyable to watch.

Actors and their Characters

Other actors in this film included Simon Farnaby as Clive Parnevik, Mindhorn’s stunt double in his younger days and Essie Davis as Patricia, Mindhorn’s ex lover, on screen and off.

We have all seen films with Simon Farnaby in (well I hope you have) and he never seems to disappoint. His very laid back attitude and humour at Richard’s expense was very entertaining. Clive (his character) had also aged in the film, but instead had adopted a more healthy lifestyle, giving him a six pack and the ability to walk around topless while gardening.

There are many scenes that have stuck in my mind as the most entertaining and memorable. All of them had such perfect humour that I could not explain them in this review and give them the recognition that they deserve! You will have to just go see it to understand for yourself!

Last Notes

Overall the film was laugh out loud funny all the way through and I enjoyed it. I totally agree with the 4 star reviews from various film magazines and I would see this film 10 times over if I could!

I would give this film 4 stars! I liked it…. a lot!

4 star rating Oh My Blog

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This was no sloppy war film! Emotional and heartwarming acting from the extraordinary Gemma Atherton and Sam Claflin.

I have heard great things about this film and I was eager to see it for myself!

The film included Gemma Atherton as Catrin Cole, Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley and Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard. Such a fantastic cast, I was not surprised by how blown away I was with their acting.


The plot generally followed the life of Catrin Cole, who loved to London to become a script writer, writing “slop”, described as women talk in a new war film, aimed at encouraging men too fight. She was one of a small number of women in the production team, and as a result had to work hard in developing respect from her cohorts. She met new friends on the way, including the dashing Tom Buckley.

My Thoughts

I found Their Finest very moving and emotional. Being set at such a difficult point in time (London, 1940s), the use of film was really important in encouraging morale amongst soldiers, and the film portrayed it well.

The passion from Gemma Atherton (as Catrin Cole) and her determination to create a film worth watching was especially exquisite. Not to mention her unfortunate love Tom Buckley, (acted by Sam Clafin), who was especially supportive to Mrs Cole and showed that love can make dark times a little better. Their story was so beautiful, and the way they developed in their relationship and the way she earned respect from him and her male colleagues was encouraging. I noticed quite early on that there was something between them and it was to my relief, despite his unfortuante luck, she was still happy and continued for him. Of course, times are better now and gender is more equal than that of the 1940s.

The end film was so incredibly moving, I can only imagine how encouraging it was during the war. Even thought, I had seen the filming and backstage work of it, I was still incredibly surprised.

Last Note

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest films that has been released this year and will have you weeping in your seats. I felt a sense of pride and respect for Britain after watching this film, towards the soldiers who fort, the women in the factories and the production crews that kept the people going.

I would see this film again and again (but remember to take tissues).

Star Rating

As a way to critically evaluate these films and make it easier for you, I have a new rating system, which will apply to all my films and series reviews from this point (1 being disappointing and 5 being fantastic).

Their Finest is marked as

5 star rating.png

Fantastic, I loved it! Well worth another watch!

If you have any comments, feel free to put them in the comments section. I would love to hear what you all have to say!

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Boss Baby may have the attitude, but not the laughs!

So this review is about Boss Baby, available to see in all cinemas. Directed by Tom Mcgrath, Boss Baby is perfect for all the family with funny humour and business school references, such as the use of memos.

The plot

A plot containing a talking spy baby with a brief case and low voice was definitely going to get some attention. There was something about the film cover that made it look a lot more outgoing and action packed than it actually was.

The plot in my opinion was not really plausible (e.g. the mass production of babies on a production line and the division between spy babies in middle management and babies for family). But for the sake of the young audience who would be watching it, the whole plot was funny and entertaining.

The part of the plot I did enjoy was the idea of puppies that would never grow up. Every family could have a puppy and enjoy their size and energy until the parents were old and the children were in their 40s. It would be nice to think that could happen in real life, but not yet. Science has not caught up yet…

There would be an issue of overcrowding if puppies lived forever. New puppy nursing homes would have to be built and run to look after the puppies that are replaced with newer models. What a job to have though!

Many children, growing up with younger brothers or sisters would be able to relate to the plot (except the talking baby and spying bit). They would be more familiar with the crying and increased attention on their younger sibling.

The script was funny overall. Business school puns were a bonus and I found myself laughing here and there, but not all the way through. I did find myself losing a bit of interest throughout the film as the plot was a little simple and I was bought back in by the odd joke. The script probably did not read well with me as I was much older. I imagine that younger children would have a lot more fun with it and be more enticed.

My rating

My rating of this film would be 3/5 stars. Bearing in mind my age and maturity, the plot was a little simple and lacked humour. Nethertheless, it was not the worst film I have seen and it did make me awww when I saw all the puppies!

Boss Baby is probably better for a younger audience…

If you have any comments about the film or the review, please let me know 🙂

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Viceroy’s House: A true story about the creation of Pakistan and the difficult decisions behind it (Spoiler Alert!)

This newly released historical/drama film has a well acclaimed cast including Hugh Bonneville as Louis Mountbatten, Gillian Anderson as Edwina Mountbatten and  Michael Gambon as General Hastings Ismay.

The plot

Viceroy’s House centred around the last british ruling over India in 1947 –  1948.  It gave us the impression that Louis Mountbatten genuinely wanted the best for India and believed that he was doing would be for the best of the people. What I am referring to is the split of India, along the gulf coast, in order to create a new Islamic country, Pakistan.

They came into power to help smoothen the transition of ownership back to India, after India had been ruled under Queen Elizabeth for three centuries.

Lord and Edwina Mountbatton in a full staff photo.jpg
Lord Mountbatten (middle in grey suit) with Edwina Mountbatten (right) and their daughter (left). They are pictured with all the staff who worked in the house. 

The “Mountbatten Plan”

Lord Mountbatten (middle) with Kumar (left)

Lord Mountbatten was faced with a difficult task of convincing other leaders of the best solution and negotiating something that could help India rule on its own. He knew of the conflict and tension between the Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, and as none of the leaders could agree, he understood the importance of a partition. While he felt it was better to have a united India, seconded by Gandhi who stated that “divisions do not create peace” and that “partitions unleash passion not peace”, a partition was the only way that he could get the leaders to agree.

The plan implemented by Lord Mountbatten was not a new idea and had been originally considered by Churchill in 1945 when he was in power. While this seemed good, the real reason for the split of India became a strategy for political gain and easy access to oil supplies in the Gulf Coast. The idea of splitting India was not in Churchill’s opinion to reduce conflict, it was to exploit resources and influence a smaller and less powerful country. Lord Mountbatten was shocked by the discovery and in contrast to Churchill, firmly believed that the split was for the best of the people.

Those who wanted to stay united as India were faced with the realisation that their home was changing and those who wanted change in the form of  a new country, Pakistan were excited to start a new life. Families were torn apart by the events – forced to choose Pakistan or India? Riots took place and even after this creation of a new country, there was still famine, suffering and death. Was this just the start?

Star-crossed lovers

Aalia, a young muslim girl, set to wed a young man after he got back from serving in the army, had hidden feelings for a young hindu named Kumar. With their religious beliefs, it was frowned upon for them to be together and when it was finally time to stay in India or move to Pakistan, he was heartbroken. She left with her husband to be, and her father, whom Kumar had cared for while he was in prison for marching with Gandhi.

He had lost the love of his life, and much like Romeo and Juliet, their relationship was not meant to be. He thought he had lost her for good after the night train she was on was bombed. He fell to the ground, crying and it was like a piece of his heart had been broken. Not only had he lost his family in the riots, but he had lost Aalia.

Aalia was a strong girl and was rescued from the train track. She was found by a women after she was pushed off by her father, saving her from the explosion. Her father and future husband died. She was taken to the camp in India where Kumar was helping out. She saw him but he did not see her – she was desperate and she grabbed a microphone and called his name. He was about to leave when he heard it and as soon as he did, he ran. He loved her and despite her leaving him for the train, he still wanted to be with her. Their embrace was golden – I cried and I am not afraid to admit it, because it was so beautiful after everything they had been through.

All good intentions

The Mountbatten family agreed to stay after Pakistan had become independant and help with food supplies and first aid. They tried their best to combat the effects of the partition and sent in humanitarian aid and water. They truly loved the country and tried to provide as much support as they could.

Despite their good work, people suffered – 14 million people were displaced in the largest mass migration they had ever seen. 1 million people died because of disease, famine and riots.

My Thoughts

This film was directed by the cousin of a women who was taken into camps when migrating to Pakistan , and then later reunited with her family, so it had a personal touch to the director and her loved ones.

The film depicted how much Lord Mountbatten and his family cared about India and the people. The themes of religious tension and rioting in the film brought to light how hard the decision was and that it was a double-ended sword, for whatever decision they made, there would be deaths.

I found the film moving and emotional, but really… we will never know if the film was showing a more forgiving side to the British, than they may have been at that time.  The additional story line and love plot was a nice feature and seemed to pad out the film, distracting us from the damage that Britain had caused from taking India over in the first place.  In my opinion, the film was good but seemed more like a cover-up.

Let me know what you think of the review and the film. I would love to hear what you all think.

Bye guys 🙂




Lego Batman had the right building blocks for a great film! (Spolier Alert)

Lego Batman brings us an adventure that is exciting and full of humour! What a joy to watch, even as an adult!

The Plot

Joker brought villians together to destroy the city and destroy everything that supports it. All the villians from the Phantom Zone, include Zoron, Voldemort, Kingkong and the Wicked Witch sided with Joker. Batman worked with other Joker hating villians, the commissioner and Robin to help save the city.

There were many memorable scenes including a very humorous scene with Batman and Joker. Batman’s relationship with Joker didn’t mean a lot, despite Jokers want to feel valued and feared by Batman.

We saw the famous superhero in a different light… his love for cheesy chick flicks and his feelings of loneliness while living on his own with no family. Bruce Wayne (Batman) was living in his Bat Cave on his own…. that was until he unintentionally adopted a young boy. Batman didn’t want to get involved with looking after him, however later found him useful in trapping all the villains. Batman started to feel for him, and later gave him his own special name, Robin!

The film also showed us that Batman still needed love and belonging…a softer side to his personality that many of us overlook. Batman was faced with the Joker and his notorious villians, and despite wanting to face them on his own, he was offered support that at first he refused. Eventually he came to his senses and valued the support towards the end. It gave him a family – a life that he could share with others and enjoy, something that we all need and aspire to have.

Despite the insight into his personal life, we were not short of action! Batman lived up to his superhero talent and showed us how to really “kick butt”!

Final Thoughts

Lego Batman was fun, engaging, slightly emotional and full of action. A whole range of emotions went through my head from sadness to pride. Although it was animated Lego, it was amazing to see and a lot better than I expected it to be. Bye for now.