Liar, Rellik and Dr Forster: The dramas that unfolded this week!

A series round up once again. We close the curtains on Dr Forster! You have made our Tuesday nights entertaining, but we bid you farewell! See you for series 3 (hopefully)…

Liar cover

Liar (episode 4 on Monday 2nd October):

This episode showed us bits and pieces – unnerving things about previous occurrences. Little snippets that made us hate Andrew.

I am not sure about Andrew. He puts his nice face on at work, but is out of control when he is off shift. Breaking into houses, planting evidence, drugging a female police officer… a side to a surgeon that you don’t ever want to be see and hope is true! His audacity to sue her over ruining his reputation shows how he feels he has gotten away with it.

I liked the little potential love story in it between Laura and the man she met at the hotel – that you may be able to recover from something horrifying and abusive. It gives women  (and men, sadly) some hope that it will get better.

Star Rating: 4 stars!



Rellik Killer seies

Rellik (episode 4 on Monday 2nd October):

If you are still watching Rellik, then I applaud you! It takes time to get your head around it, but you are half way. Two more episodes then you can give your brain a rest!

I have been waiting to see what he looked like before the attack and we eventually did. He looked normal, relaxed and calm and he is so different now. He is now dysfunctional, scary and revenge hungry and I don’t blame him!

An episode that is still losing its popularity compared to Lair, its rival show on ITV.

A backwards plot that leaves fans answering their own questions by the end of the episode, taking away any suspense and excitement that watchers expect when watching a “thriller”.

Star Rating; 3 stars!

3 stae rating Oh My Blog 


Dr Forster s2

Dr Forster (episode finale on Tuesday 3rd October):

An episode that in my opinion went a little bit too far. A plot concerning two parents , in a rut, with a child in the middle – confused and sad. You could see it throughout the episode – the pain of not having a family that stands by one another and what it does to you.

There were moments where I thought she could “finish him off early”. She had an opportunity to hit him with her car and even gave him drugs to let him do it himself. But even with her hard cased character, she still loved him. The thought of him doing harm would be too much to bear and haunt her.

The episode was so dramatically farfetched, that it left us all broken with an outcome that every parent would dread. A moment where everything you fort over is gone. Yes, I thought Tom was hit by the car where he had watched his dad give up. I don’t know if him leaving was any better – at least you would know where he is and he was happy, you know?

A series that has come to a sad end, but has potential for a third – maybe Simon will get his life together or Tom will turn up. We hope so.

A series well worth your time!

Series Star Rating: 4 stars



Final Note

Have you picked a side on Liar yet?

Have you been watching Rellik?

Did you enjoy the Dr Forster finale as much as I did?


Thats all from me! 

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Broken S1 E2: When life gets too much, we find solace in others, but is it enough? (Spoiler alert)

This episode was especially moving. This review of the episode talks about sensitive issues such as Suicide.

My Thoughts

The episode followed Roz Demichelin who had been considering suicide since she was found out for stealing money (232,000) from her employer to fund her gambling addiction. Father Micheal was aware of this and had the decision of intervening or letting her go through with it.

I felt bad that she could be driven to those that and I just wanted to shout “please don’t do it”. She had a family, love, children and it was heartbreaking. Yes her family life was stressful and her children had little knowledge of how to cook, clean, wash clothes, just like most children.

We also saw Father Micheal battle with his thoughts and guilts. He tried so hard to help others and convince residents to reconsider, that he was unable to help himself. Memories of his childhood reappearing while in prayer. The residents can go to him for support, but who can he go to?  Even when his mother was ill, he had little solace in others.

Final Note

I found this episode emotional and I really sympathised with the characters. Their lives were so different in many ways however they still struggled. I just wished that things could have ended differently for them.

Star Rating

I would give this episode 4 stars! As always, I was engaged and interested until the credits.



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S3, E4: When more evidence was uncovered, Miller and Hardy had to face some hard truths and some were difficult to swallow (Spoiler Alert).

The case continued and it became more complex than they thought…

The plot

Trish relived the night by going back to the crime scene. She wanted to remember what happened. This was her story:

We saw Trish walk in on the night of the incident, and she was happy. She remembered going into the kitchen and had attempted to help with the plates, despite the chefs dismay. At the party she was happy and was drinking and smoking. She had a cheeky look at Ed, before she went outside. She went out for a smoke, had an argument with Ian and then turned away. She heard her voice a few minutes later (one she did not recognise) and was then hit on the back of the head.

While visiting the crime scene, she lay down where she had been that night and remembered the horror. She told the detectives that she saw a light, probably from the cottage. Beth and the detectives were with her the whole time as she recited her memories.

This is what Cath’s story of that night:

Cath arrived just after 6, and people started to arrive at 7.30. She was at the door most of the time, and saw Trish and Ian have an argument over his girlfriend Sarah. Trish spent time with Ed too, and he would spend all night with Trish if he could….

Cath also said that Jim, her husband had disappeared from 11.30 onwards and she was not aware of his whereabouts. He was not in the kitchen, hall or in the grounds.


Hardy found the wooden bat that may have hit her on the head that night in a wheelbarrow in the corridor. The wheelbarrow was there and full of nicknacks for the children. The other bat was missing. Could this have been the missing weapon?

A sexual predator off the sexual offenders list was released 10 weeks ago and his last victim was raped and gagged just like trish. Hardy and Miller went and visit Aron. He committed the crime in in the 50s and the 27 year old women freaked out and she started to accuse him of things. He was fishing the night of Trish’s murder… his wife would check his alibi.  He had read the case in the paper but said that he had nothing to do with it.

Ian had some content on a Trish’s laptop… stuff he wanted to delete. But what was it that he wanted to hide? Ian was panicky as getting to the laptop would be difficult with Trish around.

Ed approached Beth one morning and wanted to see if Trish was ok. He seemed overly concerned, but I guess that is normal right?

All the town went to a football celebration on the beach, as a way to show the rapist that he could not ruin the fun and everyone was there, even Trish turned up. There seemed to be a bit of tension as Ian, Ed and Mark turned around. It all fell silent and Cath was the only one to welcome her.

Miller noticed the netting on the football goal and it looked familiar. Liam and Ian knew each other (Ian taught him) and that made Liams alibi more important.

Hardy actually had a date one night a women with a women, so let Miller go home early. He bumped into her on the way home, and was alerted to new DNA evidence. They both went to investigate.

Miller got DNA back and there was a trace of a males DNA. It was Jim, the man who went missing from 11.30 onwards on the night of the party. They approached him that night after Hardy’s date and in the station, he claimed it was a mistake. He was disgusted that they thought he would rape her on the night of the party. He had sex with her on Saturday morning – he was the man she slept with. Cath, his wife, described her marriage as loveless and it would be even worse if she knew about Trish.

Results also came back and suggested that Ian sent the message “shut up, shut up or else”. They wanted his computer. Sarah, his girlfriend, used the computer sent the messages to his ex wife Trish. She rudely said that she did not know she had been raped and had little sympathy for her.

There was a final twist…

A women, came into the station and said that she had some information. She was raped in a field two years ago and she never told anyone. Was this the same man?

Questions and Final Thoughts

  1. What did Ian want off Trish’s laptop?
  2. Where was the light from, which Trish described seeing by the waterfall on the night of the attack?
  3. Was Jim involved?
  4. Who sent the flowers that were left on her doorstep?
  5. Did the same man who raped Lucy two years ago, rape Trish?

All these questions and no real conclusive answer to them. It seemed that this case was more complicated that they both thought. Miller and Hardy had not even narrowed down the potential suspects… ouch. They would have many more long nights to come…

When a second potential victim came to light towards the end of the episode, Miller and Hardy had to face the fact that Trish may not have been the first! It was daunting as they now did not truly know how many women that this man may have hurt!

Hope you enjoyed reading it and feel free to let me know what you thought of the episode or my review!

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The Replacement S1 E2: Ellen’s pursuit in investigating Paula has attracted the wrong attention. Is Ellen wrong to interject or is she right about her after all?

The thriller continued in the second episode. Ellen was still pursuing Paula and decided to get more involved in finding out her intent. She started to get more and more suspicious and this was attracting the attention of her family and psychiatrist husband.

She was not intimidated or scared of Paula, but should she be?

The Plot

“So that’s it she jumped?” She wanted justice and wanted her to go down for the crime, yet she had no proof that Paula did it.

Ellen’s husband said that is was suicide and “wanted it to be all about us”. This was another thing to think about after giving birth to her newborn baby.

Paula turned up one day with flowers – trying to butter her up? She tried to be supportive and asked questions like “why did she call you?” as if she did not know what was going on. She also offered some motherly advice, which they did not appreciate.

Kay’s husband did not know why Kay jumped (or fell?) and confirmed that she was upset by an interference with someone, but who was it?  She suggested that someone else was on the roof and tried to plant the idea.

Paula read the remembrance at Kay’s funeral and it was emotional. They went back a long way. She broke down half way through and Paula came up to finish. She said a few words like she knew Kay well.

Ellen bonded with her daughter by investigating whether she was with her husband, Keiran that night. It was a bit of spy work. Ellen was at a sleepover that night apparently according to her husband. But what was all he said…

Ellen went back into work one day and it was all normal. No one stopped straight away to see her, expect her boss when he looked up from his paperwork. They did not want to put her under any pressure to be there  too early and told her to “sleep on it”.

Ellen found Paula’s daughter on Facebook and messaged her, obviously hoping to find something out that they were not telling her. They messaged each other, but what she did not know was that Paula was behind the messages. So where is her daughter? and does she have one?

Ellen asked to see Kay’s phone and slightly upset her husband. Ellen asked questions about a potential affair and then she leaves. Paula walked around the corner and stared at the car as she drove away. She knew that she was suspicious and could start playing dirty back. She found a number in her phone and a name of “Georgia” who worked for a architectural company. Kay contacted her about a project but they never followed her up on it. She wanted to carry it on…

She wanted to get to know Paula and that could then uncover more of her tendencies. She met Paula’s daughter who seemed normal. And not soon after, she bought her baby into work  everyone loved her and Paula held her for a bit too long. She seemed tense and said how she would love to start again – maybe it was jealousy? either way it was odd.

To her surprise, She was offered a promotion to replace Kay and it was a chance to start a fresh.

Ellen felt a bit left out and left the office, under the watchful eye of Paula. She left for the meeting and Paula found out where she was going. She recognised the workplace from her CV and Paula called and warned Georgia. Georgia then left and told Ellen to stop harassing her.

Ellen left her child in the car, and Paula took a photo of her unattended baby! As leverage or bribery or just for looking? Something was off…

Paula showed the photos to the police and lied about the timescales. She made it out that Ellen left her baby for 10 minutes…. He advised that she talked about the way she felt and did not mention ANY of her theories about Paula. She talked to the psychiatrists who then made a report and a support pack for her.

She visited Paula’s house to find that her daughter was at a sleepover… she was never around?  After a tense conversation and some sneaky eye movements from Paula, their husbands left and they both were left alone.

She confronted her about her intentions – she knew about the photos she took and told her that she had reasons to kill Kay. Paula never showed off her daughter and that’s not what a proud mother does. Where was her daughter?

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Paula saying ” OK, you win”….    

Final Thoughts

The episode was tense and hands on and showed us a more suspicious and creepy side to Paula.

After giving birth to her child, Ellen is still quite delicate and needs to ease herself back in slowly. Ellen is taking it in her stride and is sticking to her views and suspicions. This is a dangerous move as everyone else around her sees something else – a nice women with no bad intentions. Ellen is coming across as slightly crazy and unstable, which works in Paula’s favour.

I am worried that Paula now is in too deep and will be in the firing line. This will threaten her work, personal life and her relationships with people. The question is ….. is it all worth it??

We will find out in the last episode next week! Exciting!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

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Unforgotten Finale: Will Colin, Marian and Sara be charged? Is there more to their acts than we think? (Spoiler Alert)

Cassie, Sammy and the team had all worked hard on the case. They had been up at night researching and piecing the case together. Cassie now had a good rapport and had evidence that could get them to confess. This was of course the finale and we were expecting it to be good… we were right!

The plot

As you would expect Cassie investigated more thoroughly into each of the suspects. Knowing that they won’t confess, she sent members of her team to talk to their families. All of these interviews gave us an insight into their childhoods, and all contained a common theme: A certain time in their childhood, where they changed from happy and normal to an introverted, quiet and angry child.

Marian’s childhood was turned upside down when she was regularly visited in her room by a man that lived in her house. He claimed that he wanted to prepare her as she was now 11 and starting to become a woman. He was sexually abusing her every Saturday night when her mother was downstairs. One awful night, when her mum and sister were away at the cinema, he dropped by at the house and raped her. He raped her because she was special.

The awful thing that was Marian told her mother. At this point, she was 12 and her mother started to fold in her bedroom after she went to sleep – as a way to stop him coming in. She did this for six months and then just stopped. Her sister had been wondering why Marian was always quite angry and in her own world, and was shocked by the knowledge that her mother knew but did nothing about it. This was so sad to see as a mother should never let anyone do this to their child.

Colin had a happy childhood, up to the age of 9. It was all because of a friend who used to call by for Sunday lunch. Liam Paxton ran a platoon club and his father allowed him to join. Colin was over the moon and had an amazing first 6 months. However while on a camping trip, Colin was told to share a tent with him as his tent was “not waterproof”. He got closer to Colin as the nights went on. He even visited his house for the next 6 months while Colin’s parents were away and did horrible things… things that damaged him emotionally. As a result of this his condition plummeted, much like Marians.

And as for Sara, her husband confirmed that at the age of 13, she was taken by David Walker to parties and given drugs and alcohol. These gatherings occurred on a few occasions and she endured awful treatment from people at the party. Sara’s husband told Cassie that she reported the rape but, the police ignored her as her occupation as a prostitute made her less believable and suggested that she was putting it on herself.

The question now is how they know each other and how were they all involved?

Well, Sara and Colin both were emotionally damaged by their experiences (understandably) and both were inmates of the Psychiatric Unit in Eeling. This is also where they met Marian. They recognised people of their kind – those that had been abused, and devised a plan to kill each others abusers.

Final Thoughts

I was convinced at the start of the episode that the severity of their crimes would deserve conviction, however listening to their stories of rape and abuse, it just felt wrong. Wrong to punish them any more for what they had gone through.

So Cassie acted accordingly and with Sammys approval, decided that they did not deserve to be punished. They killed them to end the abuse, to stop the vulnerability and attacks, to find closure. Punishing them would not be helpful for their mental condition either.

I certainly think that there are more guilty people in the series – Tessa, who knew about what David was doing and did not say a word. She could have saved Sara. And of course, Marian’s mother knew and she just ignored it and didn’t believe her own daughter!

The ending was appropriate and showed signs of humanity and respect for the victims wellbeing, over justice.

I really enjoyed this series… it was always twisted and you never really knew all of the facts until the end, where we all of a sudden felt empathy for the victims and changed our whole outlook on the case. Absolutely brilliant!

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The verdict was approaching and Yvonne had to face the Jury… was she innocent or guilty?

It’s the final of Apple Tree yard and it was a cracker of an episode! The court case continues…

Being in court was a shock to Yvonne and she would never have imagined herself there. All the details were finally revealed and the Jury knew all their secrets, or did they?

The plot

Costley and Yvonne in the box during the case.

The case continued…. evidence by Costleys defence was put forward. The Jury gained an insight into my Costleys real job in the police force and his behaviour.

Sgt Jones mentioned how he was good at his job. He was acting normal, however after further details, failed to tell the court that on one occasion she had been involved in a sexual relationship with him at a bar. He had fingered her while they were drinking at a bar two weeks after Yvonne had told her about George. So Mark Costley was a sexual predator. I guess we knew that from his and Yvonnes encounters.

His defence also claimed he was suffering from a personality disorder and named him as a “high functioning patient”. As a patient, he seemed calm with good coping methods, however would have the tendency to last out. This had already occurred in 2005, when he pushed a man out a window, who was suspected to be sleeping with his girlfriend.

This seemed like unreliable evidence, by the fact that it was based on per PHD study, that was later written in a recognised medical book, of having no evidence that the mental condition existed. His mental case was flawed.

Mark’s defendant questioning Yvonne and trying to frame her for his murder.

The next day, she was on the stand. She was ok at first and explained calmly how Mark and her met. She stuck to the story of how his daughter was wanting to go into science and he needed some advice. But it was not really how it went…

Yvonne being raped in George’s office after the party.

Of course she told the court about the rape. I can only imagine how degrading that must be… how you lose your dignity in front of all those people. It was like she was reliving it all over again, sobbing and pausing in between her sentences.  After a short break, she was ridiculed by Mark’s defendant. She mentioned how they were drinking together and suggested that she may have initiated the rape… but putting her hand on his knee. This angered Yvonne, as she did not ask for any of this to happen.

When asked why she did not report it, Yvonne explained that she did not want the incident in her home and did not want her husband thinking about it at the kitchen table.

Yvonne and Costley in Apple Tree Yard, during their sexual encounter.

But of course, Mark Costley had a game going and it was about to get worse! Mark’s defendant asked her about her career in London – how she knew all the streets and back alley ways and APPLE TREE YARD. Well Yvonne remembered this moment well, when she and Costley had intimate sex in daylight, down this dark side road. Shock was all over her face… and she could not hide it… the Jury were surprised by her confession. Her sexual encounter there just gave her more connections to Costley and the death of George.

We did not see her families reaction to this, nor her husbands, but I imagine that it is disappointment, anger and possibly the worst thing that Gary wanted to hear.

The verdict

It was tense. My heart was in my chest as the Jury read out their final verdict. I didn’t want her to go to jail, she had done nothing wrong accept have an affair and innocently drive Costley to George’s house, unaware that he was going to kill him.

The verdict read as followed:

  • Mark Costley is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Mark Costley iGUILTY  for manslaughter
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for manslaughter

It was a great result for Yvonne and for the viewers. I was so relieved as I honestly thought the worst.

Mark Costley left the stand GUILTY and Yvonne can finally go home. She was greeted by her husband and her son. He hugged her despite the shock of the affair.. he must be happy to have her back. Her daughter, Carrie however, was not ready to see her, she was still upset with her.

Family Life

Gary had admitted to meeting Rosa behind his back earlier in the court case and said that nothing had gone on sexually between them. Yvonne had been silently ridiculing him for it, despite the affair, that she did not tell him. There were occasions when she could have, but she failed to mention it. Understandably Gary was not happy and did not understand why she did not tell him about the rape or the affair.

The final Twist

Yvonne went to visit Mark when he was in jail, and he seemed nicer. He said that he wanted to make her feel safe and make their love feel real. He genuinely cared about her . He also protected her from going to jail for murder…. “I want you to kill him” and “I want you to smash his f***ing face in”. She said these in the flat, while they were in bed. She should be in jail!

Final Thoughts

What a surprising way to finish the series. When we thought she was innocent, it suddenly dawned on her that she was not innocent at all, but was partly to blame for George’s murder. I’m not sure that I feel the same way about her now that I know that George is in jail for her.

Let me know what you thought of the finale.

Bye for now.


Cassie digs deeper into David Walker’s death and uncovers yet more shocking discoveries!

This case was complex, but as we go into episode 5, Cassie begins to unpick it. What she finds starts to link a few of the suspects to the victim… It’s exciting as we are getting closer to the truth!

The Plot

Colin has a history with David Walker and knew him – was this a reason to kill him?

We find out in a shock that Gonzales was paid 5,000 by David Walker to frame Colin for rape and to make up a story. This incident had been haunting Colin for a while, and as he was a drunk, he had no recollection of it. What an easy way to take revenge. But why did David want revenge on him? Gonzales also knew Walker, but from what?

Cassie and the team found the address, which they suspected as the location of “the gatherings”. It was a big improvement in the case and they could now interrogate all the suspects and see if they recognised the address. The address had been lived in for “donkeys years” from before 1979 by a man named Ken. Who was Ken? Ken unfortunately passed away and was buried 500 yards down the road in the cemetery.

Was Tessa pick up the young girl and know about “the gatherings”?

When a witness was interviewed, she confirmed that it was the house that she went to for “the gatherings” and where she was taken on three occasions. She was always put in a taxi home after, but on one occurrence, she was driven back by a women in a Blue Golf Convertible  with red trim. When DI Tessa was interviewed, she denied knowing anything about her son’s doings or gatherings, yet when the Cassie mentioned the Blue Golf convertible with red trim, she got tense. Like she was unsure of what to do or say. Was this the end of her story? Was that her car and did she know about “the gatherings”?

Cassie was determined to get the three suspects in one room. They all arrived at  the station and sat in separate seats, in three different areas in the waiting room. No talking or eye contact, as if trying to look like they did not know each other.Of course this behaviour was odd and most of us would sit and chat – about the weather or about the kids.

All three of the suspects were interviewed separately and were presented with evidence that Cassie and the team had collected.

Sara Mahmoud Unforgotten episode 5.jpg
Sara Mahmoud looks as if she is hiding something – is there more to tell? 

Sara Mahmoud seemed very short with the detective – mostly yes or no answers with very little detail. She was not giving much away and looked emotionless. They showed her a photo of the house, where they suspected \”the gatherings” took place and she denied any knowledge of the house. Yet earlier that day, the witness remembered her and placed her at the house at a few of the gatherings. If she was lying about this, what else was she hiding?

Sara said that she coped after her mother died when she was young, that she was happy and enjoyed school. She said she left school at 16 and did not want to go into higher education. Well Sara’s father, who turned up at her house, told her husband the total opposite. She was lying about it all. She left school at 13, she hated school and got into fights and violence, as a rebellious child. My suspicion was that she was not being truly honest about the case… Cassie noticed it too!

Marian was struggling emotionally – was it the guilt? 

Marian was interrogated in her interview and denied any knowledge of how Shenade got her address or any recollection of the house, where “the gatherings” took place. Marian seemed to be a bit stressed and tense; everything seemed to be too much for her emotionally. It was affecting her job and the relationship with her husband.

There were leads, photos and more suspicion around these four suspects: Tessa, Sara, Marian and Colin. There were links that could really catch them all out… the  only question was when were they going to admit what REALLY happened?

Final Thoughts

There are twists every episode and when you think you have seen it all, you are deeply surprised! There are really no perfect characters in the series and I have my doubts about all of them, none of them seem fully truthful. Make sure that you see the last episode. It will be great and the almost impossible case for Cassie will be solved at last.

Feel free to comment or message me with your opinions.

Bye for now.