What went down in Rellik and Liar on BBC and ITV1 this week!

A summary of some of the series that we took the pleasure of watching this week. 

Liar (Episode 5, Monday 9th October 2017)

It was a dramatic episode. We had a worried police officer who was spiked and sexually abused in her home, a big over reaction about Laura’s sisters affair with her colleague Tom and more evidence of Andrew’s sick truths hidden away in a wooden shed.

We also saw a more authoritative side to Laura. She put herself in such danger, only for it to backfire in his favour. Tense scenes of rookie mistakes – running backwards in such an isolated boat harbour – the flaws were just too much for her to pull it off.

A episode of nail biting and agonising silences. Twists and turns in all directions, so who really knows? Maybe next week the truth about Andrew will no longer be relevant.

Star Rating: 4 stars


 Rellik (Episode 5, Monday 9th October 2017)

So this week’s episode had its usual and highly complicated plot. I know that many people have given up on the series because it is too much to take in however we are starting to understand a little bit more about these murders.

In this episode, we were able to paint a clearer picture on Gabriel’s character, who before his awful acid ordeal was a catch for the ladies. His unethical views of marriage  and the meaning of commitment was very worrying.

For anyone who has not seen Rellik, you may want to watch it before you read this very disturbing spoiler.

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When you see you child and family slipping away from you, would you fight or give up? The Replacement ends with a gripping outcome! (Spoiler Alert)

Ellen wanted to finish this feud and save her child in this psychotic ending to a tense drama…. and boy did she!

The plot

We ended the last episode with Paula and Ellen having a heated discussion in her house after the dinner party. Paula and Ellen were left alone…

Paula was all tense and reluctantly showed Ellen her daughter’s room, where she found out that Paula’s daughter died two years ago in a car accident. She was angry as Ellen had not given her any apology, which was understandable under the circumstances.

She pretends that Caris is alive so she does not have to tell people. She was still struck with grief and Ellen emailed the police, telling them about her. Of course Paula was late for work the next day, slightly upset and her work colleagues blamed Ellen. Paula convided in one of her colleagues, followed by Ellen’s boss, who gave Ellen a worrying stare.

Kay killed herself as she thought that her best friend, Ellen was having an affair with Paula. This is what Paula told her boss, David. David was sick of the way Ellen pushed people to the ground, like she did to Paula. Did she really die because of this?

Paula seemed to be ruining Ellen’s life…. messing up her references, lying to her boss about her!

Ellen had been applying to other jobs, and Paula had apparently been spiking her references, so she could not get a job! 

Later that week, David, her ex boss, sent Ellen flowers and an invitation to the library, which she helped to create. It would be unprofessional to not have Paula there, but David agreed to make sure she kept her distance.

Paula was ruining everything… Ellen went upstairs to see her and while standing over the stairs, Paula fell on purpose and threw herself down the stairs. Ellen did not push her! Ian, Ellens husband did not believe her and no longer trusted her with their child. She needed supervision.

Paula was buttering up Ellen’s husband, Ian….  she also gave her well known baby tips which he fell for – so he trusted Paula more than Ellen. She was losing her husband and her child… she was losing her husband to Paula who had more of his trust.

Ellen now had a reason to get her back…

The Sad Truth

Everyone was against Ellen, even David, Ian and she was losing her way. She had done nothing wrong, however she was driven to this state of panic and ill health.

She needed to see Lia, and went to his house to find he was not there, but to find that he was with Paula. She was holding him in the air and had him on her lap.  She wanted Lia for herself as she lost her own.

Ellen found out that Georgia was involved in the hit and run that killed her daughter.

Ellen’s husband, Ian looked away from the baby, leaving her on the windowsill for a short period of time. When he saw that Lia was gone, he panicked, calling for “Ellen, Ellen” and proceeded to call Ellen to bring her back.

Paula took her. Ellen was called to where Paula’s daughter had died. Paula admitted to killing Kay as she would not shut up about Caris!

Paula would not give Ellen Lia unless she negotiated something… it was bribery. She wanted her to fight for Lia and Paula gave her pills to take. She took them for her child and Ellen collapsed.

Paula shut her in the garage and left her for dead. She blocked the doors and Ellen struggled to get out. Her vision was blurred as she tried to smash through the windows to get her daughter.  She found a way out to find her daughter unattended. She was not dead… such a relief.

Paula arrived with the police a few mins later, and Paula was arrested of child abduction. Ian apologised for not being on her side and wished for another chance. After everything he did – keeping her for her child, Ian got what he deserved and was only able to see her  on weekends. He should not have trusted her.

She was right all along and she was not crazy after all. I just hope that Paula went down for murdering Kay. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

Final Thoughts

It got sinister and at times, I felt that the battle was over for Ellen. She was faced with supervised visits, a broken down relationship with Ian and a near death experience in a car. But she came through it all for her child.

Is that what Paula wanted? Did she want Ellen to fight for her child and escape for her wellbeing? If so, than she did it in a worrying and over exaggerated way.

Of course the ending was in Ellen’s favour – she was right all along when no one else believed her, not even her husband, who begged to have another chance. She was not the crazy one and was much happier as she held her child with no officials or judgement.

I am however puzzled…. how Ellen got out the car was a bit odd, as she seemed to know a lot about batteries and cleverly used the airbag to start the car. Another criticism was that the ending seemed to jump very quickly from scene to scene and did not finish in the most satisfying way.

Overall it was a gripping, non stop and unpredictable series. We saw tears, deaths, horrible truths and long stares, yet we could still not predict what Paula was going to do. It kept me on my toes and the series is definitely worth watching (even if you have already seen in once). I just wish the ending was better….

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