My name is Honor Hierons and I will be graduating from York St John November this year. I am originally from Newcastle but moved to York to study Business Management at York St John.

Every student will think about the transition to a graduate  – some will look forward to finishing their degree and chilling, while many, like me, will worry about their career.

You would assume that being a graduate would make you stand out in the job market, and graduates did for a while when fewer people went to university. In today’s world, it is so much harder to get a job. I have been applying for graduate schemes and marketing jobs since September and nothing has come along. Yes I have got a few interviews but nothing has developed past that.

I hoped that my life would have changed dramatically. That I would be in a job that I would enjoy and be able to start my career. Instead, I have moved home with a routine gym session in the morning and Orange is the new black in the afternoon.

This is a harsh reality that all students face when applying for full time Jobs. There is an uncertainty as generally students lack experience and I’m not surprised after being in full time education. As well as this, moving away from your university friends can be hard and some days you wish you could just live like a student again.

The thing is… you just have to keep going and applying. Whether it is a job just to get you experience or your dream position or company, it will still make you more employable. 

Hopefully this blog can reach out to those in the same position as myself and encourage you to all keep going – to keep pushing through those applications. Your perfect job will come along!

That is all from me but if you would like to ask anything or suggest future blogs, I would love to hear from you! 🙂