The Replacement S1 E2: Ellen’s pursuit in investigating Paula has attracted the wrong attention. Is Ellen wrong to interject or is she right about her after all?

The thriller continued in the second episode. Ellen was still pursuing Paula and decided to get more involved in finding out her intent. She started to get more and more suspicious and this was attracting the attention of her family and psychiatrist husband.

She was not intimidated or scared of Paula, but should she be?

The Plot

“So that’s it she jumped?” She wanted justice and wanted her to go down for the crime, yet she had no proof that Paula did it.

Ellen’s husband said that is was suicide and “wanted it to be all about us”. This was another thing to think about after giving birth to her newborn baby.

Paula turned up one day with flowers – trying to butter her up? She tried to be supportive and asked questions like “why did she call you?” as if she did not know what was going on. She also offered some motherly advice, which they did not appreciate.

Kay’s husband did not know why Kay jumped (or fell?) and confirmed that she was upset by an interference with someone, but who was it?  She suggested that someone else was on the roof and tried to plant the idea.

Paula read the remembrance at Kay’s funeral and it was emotional. They went back a long way. She broke down half way through and Paula came up to finish. She said a few words like she knew Kay well.

Ellen bonded with her daughter by investigating whether she was with her husband, Keiran that night. It was a bit of spy work. Ellen was at a sleepover that night apparently according to her husband. But what was all he said…

Ellen went back into work one day and it was all normal. No one stopped straight away to see her, expect her boss when he looked up from his paperwork. They did not want to put her under any pressure to be there  too early and told her to “sleep on it”.

Ellen found Paula’s daughter on Facebook and messaged her, obviously hoping to find something out that they were not telling her. They messaged each other, but what she did not know was that Paula was behind the messages. So where is her daughter? and does she have one?

Ellen asked to see Kay’s phone and slightly upset her husband. Ellen asked questions about a potential affair and then she leaves. Paula walked around the corner and stared at the car as she drove away. She knew that she was suspicious and could start playing dirty back. She found a number in her phone and a name of “Georgia” who worked for a architectural company. Kay contacted her about a project but they never followed her up on it. She wanted to carry it on…

She wanted to get to know Paula and that could then uncover more of her tendencies. She met Paula’s daughter who seemed normal. And not soon after, she bought her baby into work  everyone loved her and Paula held her for a bit too long. She seemed tense and said how she would love to start again – maybe it was jealousy? either way it was odd.

To her surprise, She was offered a promotion to replace Kay and it was a chance to start a fresh.

Ellen felt a bit left out and left the office, under the watchful eye of Paula. She left for the meeting and Paula found out where she was going. She recognised the workplace from her CV and Paula called and warned Georgia. Georgia then left and told Ellen to stop harassing her.

Ellen left her child in the car, and Paula took a photo of her unattended baby! As leverage or bribery or just for looking? Something was off…

Paula showed the photos to the police and lied about the timescales. She made it out that Ellen left her baby for 10 minutes…. He advised that she talked about the way she felt and did not mention ANY of her theories about Paula. She talked to the psychiatrists who then made a report and a support pack for her.

She visited Paula’s house to find that her daughter was at a sleepover… she was never around?  After a tense conversation and some sneaky eye movements from Paula, their husbands left and they both were left alone.

She confronted her about her intentions – she knew about the photos she took and told her that she had reasons to kill Kay. Paula never showed off her daughter and that’s not what a proud mother does. Where was her daughter?

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Paula saying ” OK, you win”….    

Final Thoughts

The episode was tense and hands on and showed us a more suspicious and creepy side to Paula.

After giving birth to her child, Ellen is still quite delicate and needs to ease herself back in slowly. Ellen is taking it in her stride and is sticking to her views and suspicions. This is a dangerous move as everyone else around her sees something else – a nice women with no bad intentions. Ellen is coming across as slightly crazy and unstable, which works in Paula’s favour.

I am worried that Paula now is in too deep and will be in the firing line. This will threaten her work, personal life and her relationships with people. The question is ….. is it all worth it??

We will find out in the last episode next week! Exciting!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

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What can Theresa May do for our economy?

So you have all probably heard by now that Theresa May is now the new prime minister and that she has moved into 10 Downing Street.

The next question that we need to ask is how she proposes to continue developing our economy. In a recent article by the CMI, May stated that she wanted to address “employee participation on boards, gender pay and a more inclusive industrial strategy” (Scott, 2016). She followed this in her speech this afternoon, ensuring that she wanted to build a better economy and would base her decisions, not for the benefit of the government, but for the benefit of the people.

Do you think that she can continue the work that David Cameron has achieved?

In my opinion, I think she can. David Cameron has reduced unemployment rates, got the UK through the Scottish Referendum and introduced same sex marriage laws over the last six years. It is now time to address issues that he has not put first on his agenda – equal pay for women and an overall exclusive society for all. She has a vision that we all  need, in order to lead us in the right direction.

I think that although leaving the EU is risky with unknown consequences, Theresa May has the ability to get us through these dark times and mend EU trade agreements and relationships.

If you agree or have an opinion on this, feel free to comment!


Scott, M. (2016). PRIME MINISTER THERESA MAY: WHAT’S HER PLAN FOR THE COUNTRY?. Available: Last accessed 13th July 2016.

Theakston, K. (2016). Evaluating David Cameron as Prime Minister by Professor Kevin Theakston, University of Leeds. Available: Last accessed 13th July 2016.

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EU Dilemma 

Everyone is talking about the European Union vote on the 23rd June. With all the news coverage about it,  it is starting to get confusing. The main issue I have is that there is so much riding on this decision. What we put on that polling card will decide our future, especially the younger generations.
To help put my mind at rest and decide, I am going to write pros and cons of remain and leave. This is just an opinion, I am by no means saying that this is fully accurate or the best option.

Firstly I feel that if we remain in the EU, we can retain our cheaper trade deals and help UK industries such as the steel industry grow. Additionally to this, the EU provides the UK power around decision making, alongside the other influential countries. The NHS also is at risk if we leave the EU. This is according to Simon Stephens who states that the NHS requires additional funding that the EU can provide. The EU also provides the UK with skilled migrants who can fill in UK job shortages, helping the economy to grow. One area includes doctors.

To contradict this, exiting the EU can save the UK money. With no requirement to pay the EU budget, the UK can save up to 13 million which can be invested into public services such as the NHS. With an independent position from the EU, the UK can further control their borders, helping to reduce conflicts from other country members.

So based on my analysis, I know what I am going to vote. If you have any opinions or questions, please comment. For more details on whether to stay or leave the EU, go to .

Should we stay or leave the EU?