The Replacement S1 E1: When a replacement joins the team it looks innocent or is it? We find out in the thrilling 3 part series!

The series features Morven Christie as Ellen and Vicky McClure as the suspicious and too good to be true replacement, named Paula.

The Plot

The three part thriller follows Ellen. Ellen goes on maternity leave only to become increasingly paranoid about the motives of the person covering for her.

After pulling off a £12.2 million deal, Ellen had been made a new associate and after being sick the next morning, she discovered that she was pregnant.

A new replacement, named Paula was introduced and she came across as confident and felt that she was ready. They hit it off straight away and were bonded over lunch.

Paula had already met the client and had visited the library. She had looked into new ideas to change the building and was already interfering before she started the work. It was worrying Ellen… Her boss wanted to introduce her to the company earlier, to work there when she was around. It looked like she had the company wrapped around her little finger.

Ellen visited the site to find Paula there. She got on the building site and had got in with the access code. She was meeting all the bosses and found Ellen’s husband, Ian’s phone number. She seemed like she knew too much and had already invited them for Sunday lunch. She even stopped her eating cheese and kept commenting on the baby. Paula was really getting on with the client, maybe better than she did.

Paula was going ahead with the development and she was organising things behind Ellen’s back, such as a presentation to the client. She did not CC her in to any communications with the client’s PA and never wanted to get her involved. Of course Paula bought up Ellen’s mental state and suggested that she would make herself ill with this all going on with the pregnancy. She was making her out as someone who was unfit to work and was slowly taking away her responsibility. She was trying to be her replacement.

She felt isolated at work and had to get her involved in the presentation to the client. She was great at presenting and she had the attention of all her colleagues. By pointing out that she was not CCd in and by having a slightly heated conversation with Paula, she was

Ellen’s boss suggested that she should take her maternity leave early and she would be out the company for longer. She was in a good mental state to be on the building site, but colleagues disagreed and her husband was starting to question her mental state. Paula had called Ian and told her that her colleagues were worried about her- concerned about her mental state.

The fact that Paula was getting on so well with her colleagues was getting to Ellen. After 10 years, she was slowly being isolated from the group after 10 years.

She went to look and view tiles on the building site and fell. Ellen was with her, observing and reported it to health and safety. She was suspended and told to come back when she was ready. Ian, her boyfriend and ex Psychiatrist, was convinced that she should not come back because of her mental state.

For the next three months, Paula was in the driving seat and not had full control of it. She was oddly comfortable and smug. She was planning on coming back and replacing her, but would that still happen in a few months…

She was called to the site to talk with her boss, Kay but when she arrived, it was empty. Kay fell from a height and we do not know how! She was going to tell Ellen something, and then she died… suspicious! Paula was then seen in many menacing scenes at the end, all zooming in as she stared out of the window. Was it all just unfolding?

Final Thoughts

I was reluctant at first believe that she was was dangerous, but as she got too involved way to quickly, her intention became clear. Yet it only became clear to Ellen – the rest of the team were wrapped around Paula’s finger and slowly started to isolate her from the plans.

I am eager to find out what Kay was going to tell Ellen, before she fell on the site? It could have been important – maybe worth killing for to stop it getting out?

Gripping and definitely thrilling, I was on the edge of my seat and I am excited to find out what else is in store for Ellen.

Stay tuned for the next episode!

Bye guys 🙂







Broadchurch S3 E1: DS Miller and DI Hardy make a dramatic return in the final series of Broadchurch with another shocking case!

Broadchurch is back with our favourite detectives (David Tennant) as DI Alec Hardy and (Olivia Coleman) as DS Ellie Miller). But what do they have in stall for us?

The Case

DS Miller was called to treat a girl called Trish, who reported a sexual attack. Trish was scared, quiet and an older lady. She and DI Hardy took her to the station in silence. In the car, you got the sense that the detectives relationship was still something is still lingering from the last series.

DS Miller was busy and did not have alot of family time to look after her children. Her father stepped in to help but was left most nights while she was solving cases.

They asked her questions and she was open about the intimate details, but had no knowledge of who he was. It is all a bit patchy and details of how she was found were still unknown or concealed by the victim. I really felt for her and hoped that the killer would be found – her her sake and any other victims out there.

They dropped her off home after various tests and the neighbourhood was relatively quiet. Neighbours were sitting in a car, just leaving the street and they just stared. Something about them was odd. DS Miller sat with Trish, as DI Hardy looked around her house and felt that she was safe.

She was invited to Cath’s birthday party two days before, and that was where the attack took place, by the water. The clothes were taken to be examined and she was left to have days off from her farm shop shifts.

The next question was that if the attack took place on Saturday night, what was she doing between Saturday and Tuesday night?  She went home before she went to the police station so that was 60 hours gone already!

The detectives had an argument in the car on the way back to the location of the party. DS Miller had given Trish her personal number and DI Hardy knew that she had done it before. It is clear that there were a few conflicts between them, especially around Protocol, which DI Hardy valued in a case.

Hampton house, where the party took place, was surrounded by a few cottages and a church- no services. By the house, was a lake, so maybe Trish was attached in this area of the grounds?

They found evidence of dry blood and the remains of a condom, which was a first clue of where the crime took place.

It was a perfect, isolated spot – away from all the hussle and bussle of the party.

The Community

Beth Latimer was working with vulnerable women and was given Trish as one of her cases. Her son Danny was murdered in the previous series and his father Mark was the main suspect until a neighbour, Joe Miller was convicted.

The Case

They visited where Trish worked and met Cath, her friend. Ed, the manager, allowed them to talk to her but only quickly.

Cath revealed that there was a party at the fight and Cath was surprised to find out that there had been a rape allegation. She was surprised but then guessed Trish by name, as she had no answered to any of her calls. She offered to give them the guest list, and with no confirmation of numbers, she estimated that out of 70 or 80 people, there were 50 men. That was a lot of men and suspects….

The Detectives Families

The detectives and their team talk over the case and the details, but DS Miller was disturbed by a phone call from the school. He son was found with porn and had supplied links to other boys. She was incredibly angry about his behaviour, and as a 15 year old, he was too young.

DI Hardy met his daughter outside school and let her hang out with friends. He warned her and told her to be careful. Maybe the case was making him worried about the safety of his own daughter?

With the case going on, It was a lot for them to balance, especially with long hours.

The community

Cath told Tim about the rape and asks for advice. Cath felt bad and wanted to go round, however as all her calls are being ignored, she thought that maybe it was better to give her time. .

Beth and Mark Latimer have settled in well since Danny’s death, with their daughter having given birth to a girl Mark was shocked to find that their had been a local rape allegation in the area and was worried about his wife and daughters safety.

Tim went round to Trish’s house and whilst he sat in the car, he closed the glove box. In the glove box, in a durex box, were condoms.

We know that he had an affair in series one, so it could be that he was sleeping around or that he knew more about the case than we thought! Either way it was suspicious…

The Case

Trish called in the middle of the night to reveal more details about the case. She remembered that there was something in her mouth – that was used to gag her. He put his hands over her eyes, so she could not see who he was. All these little details were missing and now they were coming back, which was good.

All the forensics came back and it supported her story – her tied up wrists, a cloth to gag her and use of condoms.

It was up to DI Hardy and DS Miller to piece together the evidence and start to look into potential suspects….

Final Thoughts

Episode one of the new series was intense! It gave us a little insight into the case and the overall reaction in the community (mostly shock and surprise).

As the basic details emerged, they have only touched the surface!  Was there more to it than they thought? Were the community aware of information that the detectives didn’t know?

You will have to wait and see…

Let me know what you thought of the review and the first episode!

Bye guys 🙂







The German comedy that makes embarrassing fathers entertaining!

Toni Erdmann, a German comedy, now nearing its time in Cinemas, bought a bit of fun into our serious lives.

The plot

We followed a work obsessed women named Ines Erdmann, who worked beyond her expected role in order to gain fast results. She tried hard to impress her clients and colleagues but nothing ever seemed to work for her. She was never really happy! She was always so hard on herself and never gave herself a break. Can anyone relate to this?

Well that was until her father, Toni arrived and turned her week upside down. He surprised her at business events, stayed with her on business trips and posed as a life coach. Despite her efforts, he never really left and he supported his daughter, as much as she let him. He disturbed her and she got increasingly angry, convinced he was trying to ruin her career and lose important contracts.

Of course, this put a strain on their loving father-daughter relationship. The amount of hurt that he felt when he was turned away by his daughter must have been upsetting, but he knew that there was some fun in her.. he just had to find it!

The characters

Of course if you really look at them, they are both opposites. Whilst Ines is a workaholic, Toni is retired, has free time and is more laid back. Ines looks presentable, whilst Toni wears a large grey beard and a cheeky grin, which makes him look strange. Despite this, Toni’s character is completely harmless and can be seen as an embarrassing father figure that most of us well have, seen or experienced at some point.

Final Thoughts

The overall humour was good and I was laughing at some of it. There were bits where I was sitting there, wondering why people were laughing but I guess it was just my understanding that let me down.

Despite this, I would say that it was enjoyable and it also taught me a life lesson, that you can work hard all the time and be unhappy OR work less and have a bit more fun in your life. Which would you prefer?

Let me know what you think of the review or the film by commenting. Feel free to like and share if you enjoy reading it.

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An Inspirational story that touches the hearts of everyone that watches it!

The Best Motion Picture Award winning film, Moonlight, has really made its mark and attracted a lot of good reviews. For this reason, I was so excited to see it and watch the masterpiece that people have been raving about! The director, Barry Jenkins has really done a such a great job in creating an uplifting insight into some young boys childhoods.

The Plot

Growing up was not always easy, especially for Shiron. Being bought up by his drug addicted mum, Paula (played by Naomi Harris) and non-existent father, he did not have a reliable mother figure to look up to. He was scared of his mum, and could see her getting more and more addicted as he grew up. It was sad to see, as no child should grow up like that.

Shiron was a small child and he was pushed around at school. He was bullied and beaten by bigger boys on a daily basis and he struggled to fight back. His only friend at school was Kevin, who stood by him. He was lucky to have Kevin. Chiron was generally unhappy (but Kevin helped to lift his mood). His mother was not always pleasant to Chiron (especially when she was high) so he hated going home. He usually stayed with Teresa (Janelle Monáe) and Juan (Mahershala Ali) who welcomed him with open arms when he had no where to go. They were like the family he never had.

Chiron was young and did not really know what he wanted, partner wise. He struggled with his sexuality and had a general uninterest in sex, however he did feel something towards Kevin. It was more than friendship – it was a longing and the want to feel loved. It was Kevin that gave him his first and only sexual experience, at school age and it was something that they both remembered as they grew up.

After he was beaten up at school and left badly injured by a group of lads, Chiron vowed to grow stronger. He left his education, with a drive to no longer be the thin, scared young boy that he used to be. He grew up more mature. He knew what he wanted to be and do, and he did not let any of his childhood define him. It was odd to see how he had turned out despite his upbringing and I felt inspired – that you can be whoever or whatever you want if you work hard for it.

Final Thoughts

Moonlight showed us how some young boys childhoods have been or may be..  full of drugs and bullying, yet they break through it all and become strong, confident men. Chiron is an inspiration to them and to us all.

Such a sensational film and so unbelievably moving…. if you have not already seen it, make sure you do!

Let me know what you think of the film or the review (or both!). I would love to hear 🙂

Bye for now.









Lego Batman had the right building blocks for a great film! (Spolier Alert)

Lego Batman brings us an adventure that is exciting and full of humour! What a joy to watch, even as an adult!

The Plot

Joker brought villians together to destroy the city and destroy everything that supports it. All the villians from the Phantom Zone, include Zoron, Voldemort, Kingkong and the Wicked Witch sided with Joker. Batman worked with other Joker hating villians, the commissioner and Robin to help save the city.

There were many memorable scenes including a very humorous scene with Batman and Joker. Batman’s relationship with Joker didn’t mean a lot, despite Jokers want to feel valued and feared by Batman.

We saw the famous superhero in a different light… his love for cheesy chick flicks and his feelings of loneliness while living on his own with no family. Bruce Wayne (Batman) was living in his Bat Cave on his own…. that was until he unintentionally adopted a young boy. Batman didn’t want to get involved with looking after him, however later found him useful in trapping all the villains. Batman started to feel for him, and later gave him his own special name, Robin!

The film also showed us that Batman still needed love and belonging…a softer side to his personality that many of us overlook. Batman was faced with the Joker and his notorious villians, and despite wanting to face them on his own, he was offered support that at first he refused. Eventually he came to his senses and valued the support towards the end. It gave him a family – a life that he could share with others and enjoy, something that we all need and aspire to have.

Despite the insight into his personal life, we were not short of action! Batman lived up to his superhero talent and showed us how to really “kick butt”!

Final Thoughts

Lego Batman was fun, engaging, slightly emotional and full of action. A whole range of emotions went through my head from sadness to pride. Although it was animated Lego, it was amazing to see and a lot better than I expected it to be. Bye for now.

The emotional and deeply moving film Fences follows a family through a tough time!

Family life is not always easy and the pressure on having that ” perfect, happy family” can really build. Fences really focuses on this and shows that no matter what happens, family is family.

The 2017 film has been developed into a film, after eight years on stage. The original stage cast, including Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Jovan Adepo and Russell Hornsby all joined together to create this film, directed by August Wilson.

The plot

The film follows Troy (Denzel Washington), a proud and tough father who pushes his ideals onto his son, Cory (Jovan Adepo). His wife Rose (Viola Davis) is not as touch on Cory, and is more supportive or her son’s dreams. Troy’s attitude towards Cory at the start is very touching, but as it went along, Troy’s true opinion emerged. After being approached and recruited by a college football team, Cory was eager to follow his passion, but was stopped by his father, who believed that “it would not get him  a living”. His father did not mean this as anything bad, he just didn’t want Cory to be like him, not after what playing baseball did to him.

Troy (Denzel Washington) as a touch but loving father

Of course times were tough for Troy. As a black man, he was subject to prejudice and was in a job that he did not enjoy – just so he could feed the family and provide a roof over their heads. As a working father, money was also very tight and he could not indulge in the expensive things in life. These are problems that you may recognise in your family. Troy also had numerous responsibilities at home, one of which was looking after his brother, who suffered brain damage while serving in WW2. Gabe was troubled and would drop in on the family, normally in his own repetitive world. It was grating down on Troy and he did not know how to handle him.

Cory (left – Jovan Adepo) with his father Troy in a discussion about his football career.

His son, Cory thought that his father, Troy hated him and didn’t want him to succeed in life. This was untrue. Troy wanted Cory to be the best that he could be and the tough parenting seemed to succeed. Or did it? Cory become a corporal in the Marines and made a very good soldier.  Was this really what he wanted to do? Did his father’s tough love help him succeed?

Rose (Viola Davis) deeply cared for Troy and wanted the best for her son, Cory.

All of this drama also rested on Rose’s shoulders. She was with Troy for 18 years, in the same place and house with him. She was supporting him and loving him with all her heart. The stress and worry impacted on Rose and sometimes she found herself lost.

One of these stresses included a new addition to the family – a baby girl, daughter of the women that he had been sleeping with behind Rose’s back. It was a shock to Rose and a big disappointment. It was a shame that the women he was sleeping with died during her pregnancy and Rose agreed to raise her daughter as her own.

Unfortunately Troy died after falling in their yard and it was extremely emotional. Troy was not able to see his son stand proud and tall in his Marines uniform. And despite his “loud” views, the family still wanted to live up to his legacy and raise their new daughter the way that they raised Cory. Cory also had a “little moment” when he was reminded his father, prior to attending his funeral. So he loved his dad and appreciated what he had done for him.

Final Thoughts

There are themes in this film that we can all relate to – money, stress, aspirations and dreams or tough parents. The way that the family stuck together despite all their struggles was inspiring. The film really moved me and the performances by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis were mesmerizing, no wonder Viola won Best Supporting Actress at the BAFTAs this year!

Amazing film that gives us an insight into the struggles of family life and I would definitely recommend that you take some time out of your busy schedules to see it. Fences is available to see in all good cinemas now!

Any comments are welcome!

Bye for now.


Fences (2016)



The cinema year gone by was extraordinary for the richness of offerings centred on the African-American experience. Several of these films share a world once fenced off, notably Moonlight (2016), Loving (2016), and Hidden Figures (2016). The quality of these films is remarkable and they reflect wider cultural changes that have been underway for some time. The adaptation of August Wilson’s Fences (2016) is another important contribution to this growing body of cinematic work. Its power comes from superb acting that weaves together a unique domestic narrative with themes of universal relevance.

The sparse plot is framed around a set of domestic vignettes that are found in any family, regardless of colour. Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) is a jovial, larger than life, might-have-been-famous baseball player who works at the dirty end of a garbage truck. Both his sporting ambitions and desire for promotion have been stymied by…

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Unforgotten Finale: Will Colin, Marian and Sara be charged? Is there more to their acts than we think? (Spoiler Alert)

Cassie, Sammy and the team had all worked hard on the case. They had been up at night researching and piecing the case together. Cassie now had a good rapport and had evidence that could get them to confess. This was of course the finale and we were expecting it to be good… we were right!

The plot

As you would expect Cassie investigated more thoroughly into each of the suspects. Knowing that they won’t confess, she sent members of her team to talk to their families. All of these interviews gave us an insight into their childhoods, and all contained a common theme: A certain time in their childhood, where they changed from happy and normal to an introverted, quiet and angry child.

Marian’s childhood was turned upside down when she was regularly visited in her room by a man that lived in her house. He claimed that he wanted to prepare her as she was now 11 and starting to become a woman. He was sexually abusing her every Saturday night when her mother was downstairs. One awful night, when her mum and sister were away at the cinema, he dropped by at the house and raped her. He raped her because she was special.

The awful thing that was Marian told her mother. At this point, she was 12 and her mother started to fold in her bedroom after she went to sleep – as a way to stop him coming in. She did this for six months and then just stopped. Her sister had been wondering why Marian was always quite angry and in her own world, and was shocked by the knowledge that her mother knew but did nothing about it. This was so sad to see as a mother should never let anyone do this to their child.

Colin had a happy childhood, up to the age of 9. It was all because of a friend who used to call by for Sunday lunch. Liam Paxton ran a platoon club and his father allowed him to join. Colin was over the moon and had an amazing first 6 months. However while on a camping trip, Colin was told to share a tent with him as his tent was “not waterproof”. He got closer to Colin as the nights went on. He even visited his house for the next 6 months while Colin’s parents were away and did horrible things… things that damaged him emotionally. As a result of this his condition plummeted, much like Marians.

And as for Sara, her husband confirmed that at the age of 13, she was taken by David Walker to parties and given drugs and alcohol. These gatherings occurred on a few occasions and she endured awful treatment from people at the party. Sara’s husband told Cassie that she reported the rape but, the police ignored her as her occupation as a prostitute made her less believable and suggested that she was putting it on herself.

The question now is how they know each other and how were they all involved?

Well, Sara and Colin both were emotionally damaged by their experiences (understandably) and both were inmates of the Psychiatric Unit in Eeling. This is also where they met Marian. They recognised people of their kind – those that had been abused, and devised a plan to kill each others abusers.

Final Thoughts

I was convinced at the start of the episode that the severity of their crimes would deserve conviction, however listening to their stories of rape and abuse, it just felt wrong. Wrong to punish them any more for what they had gone through.

So Cassie acted accordingly and with Sammys approval, decided that they did not deserve to be punished. They killed them to end the abuse, to stop the vulnerability and attacks, to find closure. Punishing them would not be helpful for their mental condition either.

I certainly think that there are more guilty people in the series – Tessa, who knew about what David was doing and did not say a word. She could have saved Sara. And of course, Marian’s mother knew and she just ignored it and didn’t believe her own daughter!

The ending was appropriate and showed signs of humanity and respect for the victims wellbeing, over justice.

I really enjoyed this series… it was always twisted and you never really knew all of the facts until the end, where we all of a sudden felt empathy for the victims and changed our whole outlook on the case. Absolutely brilliant!

Let me know what you think of the series or review, by commenting on this post or getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter!

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Would a world with constant judgement and ratings be a big low? 

I watched a S3 E2 in a  series that my friend had recommended to me. It was called Black Mirror, which is available on Netflix.

The Plot

The episode I watched was all about what we thought of each other. People were constantly being rated by others via a social media app after every interaction and each individual would develop an overall score out of 5 – 5 being very popular and 0 being a nobody. This would go up and down based on each of the ratings.

You rate people out of five after every interaction. It was the equivalent of the tip.
Lacie as a 4.2

The rating system was all people could see – not the people themselves but their number. You would be friends with people of that rating and you would defriend anyone below it. Services and events were also limited to a certain rating. Those below a certain rating would be ignored or denied luxuries.

This whole system was making people into a fake self – someone who was going out their way to please people rather than be who they truly were. Lacie was going to so much effort to be a 4.2 and when she eventually acted more like herself, she saw her rating reduce, to as low as 0.

My Thoughts

This got me thinking… what would happen if everything we did was rated – every mistake to every success? How would we be rated by others and would we go out our way to please  them? Would each of us discriminate others for their low overall rating or accept who they really are? Would you feel intimidated by those who are rated as 4.5, while you are a 3.2?

It would be a horrible world to live in if this happened as everything we did would be scrutinised. Society would be split and equality would go out the window. We would be constantly feeling worried about how people feel about us and hate how we felt about ourselves.

Would you want a world like this?

Let me know what you think and rate this review!

Bye for now.

The verdict was approaching and Yvonne had to face the Jury… was she innocent or guilty?

It’s the final of Apple Tree yard and it was a cracker of an episode! The court case continues…

Being in court was a shock to Yvonne and she would never have imagined herself there. All the details were finally revealed and the Jury knew all their secrets, or did they?

The plot

Costley and Yvonne in the box during the case.

The case continued…. evidence by Costleys defence was put forward. The Jury gained an insight into my Costleys real job in the police force and his behaviour.

Sgt Jones mentioned how he was good at his job. He was acting normal, however after further details, failed to tell the court that on one occasion she had been involved in a sexual relationship with him at a bar. He had fingered her while they were drinking at a bar two weeks after Yvonne had told her about George. So Mark Costley was a sexual predator. I guess we knew that from his and Yvonnes encounters.

His defence also claimed he was suffering from a personality disorder and named him as a “high functioning patient”. As a patient, he seemed calm with good coping methods, however would have the tendency to last out. This had already occurred in 2005, when he pushed a man out a window, who was suspected to be sleeping with his girlfriend.

This seemed like unreliable evidence, by the fact that it was based on per PHD study, that was later written in a recognised medical book, of having no evidence that the mental condition existed. His mental case was flawed.

Mark’s defendant questioning Yvonne and trying to frame her for his murder.

The next day, she was on the stand. She was ok at first and explained calmly how Mark and her met. She stuck to the story of how his daughter was wanting to go into science and he needed some advice. But it was not really how it went…

Yvonne being raped in George’s office after the party.

Of course she told the court about the rape. I can only imagine how degrading that must be… how you lose your dignity in front of all those people. It was like she was reliving it all over again, sobbing and pausing in between her sentences.  After a short break, she was ridiculed by Mark’s defendant. She mentioned how they were drinking together and suggested that she may have initiated the rape… but putting her hand on his knee. This angered Yvonne, as she did not ask for any of this to happen.

When asked why she did not report it, Yvonne explained that she did not want the incident in her home and did not want her husband thinking about it at the kitchen table.

Yvonne and Costley in Apple Tree Yard, during their sexual encounter.

But of course, Mark Costley had a game going and it was about to get worse! Mark’s defendant asked her about her career in London – how she knew all the streets and back alley ways and APPLE TREE YARD. Well Yvonne remembered this moment well, when she and Costley had intimate sex in daylight, down this dark side road. Shock was all over her face… and she could not hide it… the Jury were surprised by her confession. Her sexual encounter there just gave her more connections to Costley and the death of George.

We did not see her families reaction to this, nor her husbands, but I imagine that it is disappointment, anger and possibly the worst thing that Gary wanted to hear.

The verdict

It was tense. My heart was in my chest as the Jury read out their final verdict. I didn’t want her to go to jail, she had done nothing wrong accept have an affair and innocently drive Costley to George’s house, unaware that he was going to kill him.

The verdict read as followed:

  • Mark Costley is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for murder
  • Mark Costley iGUILTY  for manslaughter
  • Yvonne is NOT GUILTY for manslaughter

It was a great result for Yvonne and for the viewers. I was so relieved as I honestly thought the worst.

Mark Costley left the stand GUILTY and Yvonne can finally go home. She was greeted by her husband and her son. He hugged her despite the shock of the affair.. he must be happy to have her back. Her daughter, Carrie however, was not ready to see her, she was still upset with her.

Family Life

Gary had admitted to meeting Rosa behind his back earlier in the court case and said that nothing had gone on sexually between them. Yvonne had been silently ridiculing him for it, despite the affair, that she did not tell him. There were occasions when she could have, but she failed to mention it. Understandably Gary was not happy and did not understand why she did not tell him about the rape or the affair.

The final Twist

Yvonne went to visit Mark when he was in jail, and he seemed nicer. He said that he wanted to make her feel safe and make their love feel real. He genuinely cared about her . He also protected her from going to jail for murder…. “I want you to kill him” and “I want you to smash his f***ing face in”. She said these in the flat, while they were in bed. She should be in jail!

Final Thoughts

What a surprising way to finish the series. When we thought she was innocent, it suddenly dawned on her that she was not innocent at all, but was partly to blame for George’s murder. I’m not sure that I feel the same way about her now that I know that George is in jail for her.

Let me know what you thought of the finale.

Bye for now.