Series 3, Episode 5 of Broadchurch: When some truth was finally revealed, cracks started to show and nice friendships turned sour. What an episode! (Spolier alert)

The plot

The case was only getting more complicated as Hardy and Miller are presented with more victims. While watching the episode, I got the sense that nothing was as it seemed. We have seen in previous episodes that residents are less willing to support the case. Most of them have secrets too.

Here are a few things that we found out in the episode:

A new potential victim?

We met Laura Benson who was raped two years ago (June 2nd). She still does not know who did it. She was walking back from the Rising Sun  Pub and she left alone. She was crossing a field, not far from home. She sensed someone behind her and he knocked her out.

She woke up with a gag in her mouth. She was tied and he was on top of her. He smelt of spirits. Her GP told her that she should have reported it, however she did not want the negative publicity that she would get for being drunk. She ultimately blamed herself as she could have reported it. If it was the same man…

We found out last week that Trish and Jim had had sex on the Saturday morning before the party

Trish met Jim by the beach and they talked about their sexual relations behind Cath’s back. He said it was not him who raped her and thought that Cath did not need to know the truth. Trish, on the other hand, wanted to tell Cath and Jim warned her.

Aaron was suspicious in the previous episode and his alibi did not really check out:

So Hardy and Miller visited the newly released rapist, Aaron and asked him to come to the station for questioning for the rape of Laura and Trish. The thing is, He had connection to both victims through his places of employment. This was a step in the right direction…

Miller took Aarons DNA. He said that he was fishing on the night of Trish’s rape and he confirmed that he drove. They checked his CCTV and he did not drive that way between those times. Aaron also said that his wife would confirm that the mackerel he caught was cooked on sunday and some was frozen in their home.

They went to his home and the mackerel were not there!

Miller also asked if he had been to the Rising Sun pub, and he drank there years back. He did IT support for the farm shop and knew Ed and he had associations with the company Laura worked in. He denied knowing Laura or Trish.

The detectives had little evidence on him so had to let him go with no charges.

Hard Truths

Trish told Cath about how she had had sex with Jim on Saturday morning. She had a little suspicion that it had happened, but not Trish. Trish was her friend and she had done it behind his back. It was not planned and had no emotional feeling to it. Trish did not love Jim, she just needed sex.

She did not understand why she would be raped, out of all the women at the party. How rude, but was it true though?

Cath was extremely angry when she called Jim. Understandably….


Beth Latimer and her colleague told the police about a women who had informed them of a rape case earlier, however had not reported it to the police. Was this Laura or someone else? How many victims were there?

Ed visited Ian and wanted to see if he could rent a caravan from him, as Sarah was chucking him out. Ed refused as he did not trust Ian. He apparently did not treat Trish well.

Beth was of course stressed with her job and still pressured to help her husband, even though he goes looking for trouble. He was going to find Joe, the man who murdered his son. Beth knew, but could not save him any longer.  She would let him go his own way.

Hardy and Miller interviewed Liam Humphries girlfriend who said seemed genuine? She later called Liam and said that she told him exactly what he told him….. He got in a car with Clive, and they looked like they were causing trouble. Most of the residents were or have lied to the police. The question is what was Liam really doing that night?

Poor Hardy had family issues:

Daisy, Hardy’s daughter was left distraught after a photo of her was sent to all her school friends. It happened a few weeks ago and she had kept it from Hardy as he was never around. He was so unraveled in the case that he was not having time to support his daughter…

Relationships turned sour..

Cath was at work and Ed bought her a cup of tea during her break. Cath seemed to feel that she had lost her touch and was less attractive. When she told Ed about Trish and Jim, he was shocked. Cath just wanted to feel wanted. I get that. Ed understandably got upset and later that week went to see Jim. He punched Jim on multiple occasions and left.

Clive and Jim were in the car. Clive was there that night and said that he saw Jim and Trish walking that night. It looked intense…  Jim asked him to stop the car and blackmailed him, threatening to tell all his customers and employers about Clives affairs.

Meanwhile Mark, stopped in Liverpool and found himself watching a man, Joe Miller who was murdered his son and went free. He wanted revenge….

New evidence has the breakthrough the detectives needed..

At Hampton house, the owners dog found a sock. matching those that Clive wore when he taught football at the school. This was the sock that could have been used to rape Lauren and Trish….

Final Thoughts

Overall the episode had a captivating ending and as the credits rolled, we were left with more unanswered questions (listed below). I felt sorry for the detectives, as they always seemed to be one step behind, and when everything was going well, it all seemed to switch.

Questions have arisen from this episode including:

  1. If Aaron was not fishing that night, than where was he?
  2. How many victims are there?
  3. Clive’s sock was found at Hampton House, so does that finally mean they can get the truth?
  4. Who was the women who reported her rape case to Beth’s colleague?
  5. Will Ed ever forgive Jim for sleeping with Trish?
  6. What will happen to Joe Miller? Will Mark give him what he deserves?

I am intrigued by how secretive a town can be… the residents are all hiding something, lying  or plotting plans. So how can Hardy and Miller trust any of them? Will they actually get to the truth?

The plot thickens and cracks start to show in the town…. lies and punches are thrown and lack of trust creates a divide between residents.

What is going to happen next?? I can’t wait to find out!

Bye guys 🙂


Everyones favourite fairytale is brought back to life and it takes us into a new magical world! (Spoiler alert)

This film has been long awaited and has finally arrived at our screens! There is such a hype around the film and I hope it does not chip any of our expectations!

Beauty and the Beast has the same plot as the Disney film, which was first released in 1991. The director Bill Condon added in a few scenes that filled in some of the gaps, such as her mother’s death.

The plot

We were introduced to a young, beautiful girl in a small town, named Belle (Emma Watson). She lived with her wacky father who was a very good inventor. Belle did not feel that she belonged in the town and was seen as odd by her fellow villagers. She had a very kind and understanding nature and tended to see people beyond their outside appearance. She had also been bought up by her father Maurice to be fearless and to not be afraid.

Of course, what was so scary about a big spooky castle and a tall beast like figure? Whilst Maurice was spooked by the Beast after stealing a rose from his garden, Belle was very courageous and faced the Beast by saying “come into the light”. Belle was willing to stay there for life, so her father could be freed. She was fearless.

When you see the beast (Dan Stevens), you may think of it as an evil creature. The Beast, in reality was not a beast at all, but a selfish prince who took what he had for granted and rightly got punished. Over time, he got withdrawn and realised his mistakes, often resulting in anger. He often approached Belle in a loud and explosive manner that used to startle her yet over time she started to tame him. She taught him the importance of books and they shared humour. They ate together and he started to see her in a different way.

Belle got on with the Beast. They had common interests and she started to love him however she was in demand. A buff, over confident and good looking Gaston (Luke Evans), had his eyes on Belle. She was as good looking as he was, which meant that she would be his future wife. Gaston came across as very strong and only did things for his personal gain. He lied to the villagers to make Maurice look crazy and left his friend in need to kill the Beast! I mean who would believe that there was a beast in a dark castle in the middle of the forest…

The best scenes

There were many scenes that I found extremely humorous and most of them included Gastons friend, Lou Fu (Josh Grad) who added some sass and attitude to many “Gaston focused” scenes. He was extremely entertaining to watch, especially when he was dancing on the tables during the song “Gaston”. He always found a way to calm Gaston down and despite Gaston’s attitude, he stuck around, despite not really feeling appreciated.

We were also joined in many funny scenes with the one and only Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian Mckellen). They were just like two best friends, always blaming each other for things and having a friendly rivalry. They both had different personalities, with Lumiere being louder and more stubborn to following rules, with Cogsworth alway wanting to stay in line. We were truely blessed to see Lumiere in his element during the song “Be Our Guest”, in which he displayed his entertaining and enthusiastic manner, along with his great singing voice.  It was accompanied by bright colours, fireworks and of course the grey stuff (try it, it’s delicious).

Of course, we can’t forget one of the most important scenes in the film – the dance in the grand ballroom. Belle was utterly gorgeous in her yellow dress (so fittingly representing innocence) and whilst she and the Beast were dancing, I felt that they had eventually found each other. The Beast was coarse and unrefined, but she saw past that all to see that he was dear and caring. The Beast loved Belle and he let her go free, as a sign of love. He wanted her to be happy but if she was not happy here, he was prepared to let her go.

With no hope of her return, the Beast was sad and withdrawn, much to the delight of Gaston, who could eventually slay it and for all. Gaston could not understand why Belle would fall for such a beast… he was one sided and just saw the outside, not that he as caring, gentle and a better man than he was. Gaston met his demise and fell from the collapsing bridge, not before he could wound the beast to the ground. Belle was heartbroken and when the last rose petal fell, she was left hunching over his still body, longing for him to come back.

She loved him and the enchantress who cast the curse on him all those years ago, finally agreed that he had earned his right to be human. No longer would he be a beast, but a kind and loved prince by all the village. He and Belle lived happily ever after and with Gaston gone, there was less ego in the air. His fellow staff had been returned to their original human selves and the castle was not longer feared, rather it was open to dances and celebrations.

Final Thoughts

I saw my favourite fairytale come back to life and it was magical. The scenes were beautiful with such incredible detail, from the dresses and outfits to the castle’s luxurious interior and beautiful grounds.

We were blessed with a film that could make any of our childhood dreams come true and it could not have happened without such an amazing cast. Emma Watson was flawless as Belle, Luke Evans was a dreamy and masculine Gaston and brilliant humour was provided by the incredible Ewan Mcgregor, Ian Mckellen and Josh Grad.

If you ever need a bit of magic in your life and a hint of sass, this is the film to watch.

Be our guest and take your place at a cinema near you.

Bye guys 🙂







Line of Duty S4, E1 was definitely not as straight-forward as we thought! (spolier alert)

So we had similar faces, such as DS Steve Arnott (acted by Martin Compston), SI Ted Hastings (acted by Adrian Dunbar) and DC Kate Fleming (acted by Vicky McClure). They were returning characters.

New team member included DC Jamie Desford (acted by Royce Pierreson) and DCI Roz Huntley (acted by Thandie Newton).

So overall, new viewers of this series will not have to worry too much about what has happened previously. As it is a new case, the series will have new challenges and will be more thrilling than the previous three series.

The plot

The case followed an abduction of a young girl after two girls previously had been murdered. The Senior Investigator had gathered evidence and closed the case, yet FI Tim Ifield (played by Jason Watkins) had his doubts and got AC-12 involved.

The case was gripping and we saw horrible scenes of abduction, by a figure, whose face was hidden by a balaclava, and was wearing a black leather jacket. Micheal Palmer was arrested on the suspicion of attempted murder, and he claimed to be visiting his nan in the nursing home (7.30 – 8.30) then he ate some sandwiches on a wall. He did not remember where the wall was and said that he had nothing to do with the fire, the abduction or the jewellry evidence. He was not sure about any of it and he was very sketchy. He was later charged.

The victim could not prove that it was Micheal and the evidence did not really suggest it was him after it was examined by FI Tim Ifield and presented to DS Steve Arnott at AC-12. No carpet fibres were on the jewellry, so they may have been planted there. A boot print at the scene did not match any of the investigators and showed that may have been someone else in the house.

The senior officer DCI Roz Huntly, the SIO who closed the case previously, was very dismissive towards new evidence and always seemed to feel that she had grasped it all. In some way it is selfish. Micheal Palmer was convicted, which was quick, however this seemed too quick… The evidence could have been pointing towards him, but was it deceiving? DCI Roz Huntly also seemed very dominating and unrespectful. She was just doing her job, but was she really looking into the evidence. Was she bending the facts to close it under pressure?

Fleming and Arnott started to investigate Micheal Farmer for the murder of two girls and attempted murder of one, more recently. Micheal Farmer was accused of the rape of a young 15 year old girl, so was that really enough to charge him on? They wanted to dig deeper and Fleming was now part of  SIO Roz’s team temporarily, as a way to gather more evidence on Micheal Farmer. She was confident that their team was following procedures and felt that all her good work was being too critically analysed.

FI Tim Ifield was very into the evidence and throughout the episode, he reviewed evidence again and again which was slightly suspicious.  He said that no black fibres or balaclava fibres were found on the victim’s body, in Micheal’s car or his house. This evidence could be quite obvious – the balaclava man on the CCTV had size 10 feet, whilst Micheal was size 8. Was Micheal Farmer framed for the murders by a man who committed all three?

FI Tim Ifield went to visit the cafe where Hana, the 3rd victim worked and was visited by Roz who confronted him about looking at the evidence for Micheal Farmer. She questioned why they were looking over the evidence. She used her status and authority to convince him that she was right about the case. She lashed out at him and raised her voice.

To our shock, we saw FI Ifield push Roz in defence and she fell onto his floor, blood lying in a puddle under her head. He went to his backpack and and got out a balaclava and black jacket. Was he the murderer? He was in the investigating team; he had AC-12 around his little finger and had their trust. Was poor Roz in trouble now?


My liking towards him grew lesser and lesser whilst I started to feel sorry for Roz more. Her character is domineering and authoritative but in this position, she is vulnerable. I just hope that she survives.

Final Thoughts

There are many little nooks in this case and some quite similar to the previous series.

We have an insider who could have been the murderer. He has their trust and no bad police record, but worst of all, he is an FI! He knows how to hide and present evidence to frame others. He is a skilled nightmare, but did he do it?

I was not a fan of CIO Roz at the start of the episode and she did not seem liked by others, except her assistant. She came across as quite rash and was quick to frame Micheal for the murders. However she was very wrong, and to find out face to face, in such a vulnerable position, I just hope that the AC-12 team are given a little clue, otherwise the case will not be solved.

Gripping beyond a doubt and it kept me on my toes right to the end…. the AC-12 team must be prepared to fight hard for this case!

Really worth a watch…

Bye guys 🙂







S3, E4: When more evidence was uncovered, Miller and Hardy had to face some hard truths and some were difficult to swallow (Spoiler Alert).

The case continued and it became more complex than they thought…

The plot

Trish relived the night by going back to the crime scene. She wanted to remember what happened. This was her story:

We saw Trish walk in on the night of the incident, and she was happy. She remembered going into the kitchen and had attempted to help with the plates, despite the chefs dismay. At the party she was happy and was drinking and smoking. She had a cheeky look at Ed, before she went outside. She went out for a smoke, had an argument with Ian and then turned away. She heard her voice a few minutes later (one she did not recognise) and was then hit on the back of the head.

While visiting the crime scene, she lay down where she had been that night and remembered the horror. She told the detectives that she saw a light, probably from the cottage. Beth and the detectives were with her the whole time as she recited her memories.

This is what Cath’s story of that night:

Cath arrived just after 6, and people started to arrive at 7.30. She was at the door most of the time, and saw Trish and Ian have an argument over his girlfriend Sarah. Trish spent time with Ed too, and he would spend all night with Trish if he could….

Cath also said that Jim, her husband had disappeared from 11.30 onwards and she was not aware of his whereabouts. He was not in the kitchen, hall or in the grounds.


Hardy found the wooden bat that may have hit her on the head that night in a wheelbarrow in the corridor. The wheelbarrow was there and full of nicknacks for the children. The other bat was missing. Could this have been the missing weapon?

A sexual predator off the sexual offenders list was released 10 weeks ago and his last victim was raped and gagged just like trish. Hardy and Miller went and visit Aron. He committed the crime in in the 50s and the 27 year old women freaked out and she started to accuse him of things. He was fishing the night of Trish’s murder… his wife would check his alibi.  He had read the case in the paper but said that he had nothing to do with it.

Ian had some content on a Trish’s laptop… stuff he wanted to delete. But what was it that he wanted to hide? Ian was panicky as getting to the laptop would be difficult with Trish around.

Ed approached Beth one morning and wanted to see if Trish was ok. He seemed overly concerned, but I guess that is normal right?

All the town went to a football celebration on the beach, as a way to show the rapist that he could not ruin the fun and everyone was there, even Trish turned up. There seemed to be a bit of tension as Ian, Ed and Mark turned around. It all fell silent and Cath was the only one to welcome her.

Miller noticed the netting on the football goal and it looked familiar. Liam and Ian knew each other (Ian taught him) and that made Liams alibi more important.

Hardy actually had a date one night a women with a women, so let Miller go home early. He bumped into her on the way home, and was alerted to new DNA evidence. They both went to investigate.

Miller got DNA back and there was a trace of a males DNA. It was Jim, the man who went missing from 11.30 onwards on the night of the party. They approached him that night after Hardy’s date and in the station, he claimed it was a mistake. He was disgusted that they thought he would rape her on the night of the party. He had sex with her on Saturday morning – he was the man she slept with. Cath, his wife, described her marriage as loveless and it would be even worse if she knew about Trish.

Results also came back and suggested that Ian sent the message “shut up, shut up or else”. They wanted his computer. Sarah, his girlfriend, used the computer sent the messages to his ex wife Trish. She rudely said that she did not know she had been raped and had little sympathy for her.

There was a final twist…

A women, came into the station and said that she had some information. She was raped in a field two years ago and she never told anyone. Was this the same man?

Questions and Final Thoughts

  1. What did Ian want off Trish’s laptop?
  2. Where was the light from, which Trish described seeing by the waterfall on the night of the attack?
  3. Was Jim involved?
  4. Who sent the flowers that were left on her doorstep?
  5. Did the same man who raped Lucy two years ago, rape Trish?

All these questions and no real conclusive answer to them. It seemed that this case was more complicated that they both thought. Miller and Hardy had not even narrowed down the potential suspects… ouch. They would have many more long nights to come…

When a second potential victim came to light towards the end of the episode, Miller and Hardy had to face the fact that Trish may not have been the first! It was daunting as they now did not truly know how many women that this man may have hurt!

Hope you enjoyed reading it and feel free to let me know what you thought of the episode or my review!

Bye guys 🙂






The claws were definitely out in the concluding Xmen film, Logan! (Spolier Alert)

Hugh Jackman is always pleasure to see, and no more so than in Logan, the last X Men film! Released in early March this year, Logan brings Wolverine back for his final adventure before he eventually turns in.

The General Plot

Lost and out of touch… Logan looked older and less on the ball when men tried to remove the alloy wheels on his car. Not the logan we know. He was a taxi and Chauffeur driver and a drunk. He was also dying… and you could see it!

People recognised him as Wolverine and wanted him to do things for them. Do the dirty work so to speak…. He killed three of the men who tried to steal his wheels and a man approached him in the taxi, aware of his act.

Logan was also approached by a women, named Gabriella who begged him to help her and I think it concerned a child. Gabrielle boyfriend wanted to take her daughter and she gave logan £20 000 to get them out of the city.

Gabrielle was a nurse in a hospital facility where they created mutants and kept them away from the world. She was tricked into thinking that the research was around cancer.
Laura, who Logan thought was Gabrielles daughter  was actually a child in the facility, who like many others were trained as soldiers but they did not want to fight.

Eden – a place for mutants! Where? It was illustrated in a comic strip which was in Laura’s bag along with files on other children who were experimented on and kept in the facility. Laura wanted to get to Eden and to be with people of her kind, it was her family after all.

The man who approached her in the taxi wanted the girl Laura. Laura looked cute but she had claws like Logan. She was strong and fast.. She was healable and unbreakable, and very scary when angry. Does she seem familiar?

Of course Charles was very much alive however he did suffer monumental seizures. His mind was still strong and he always had these thoughts in his head. He said that “they are waiting for him” and I guess that they were. He was also very fond of Laura as he knew that she was his daughter, aware of her claws.

Best Scenes

There was an epic chase, in which Logan, Laura and Charles tried to escape f head of security in which they got a car in front of a train literally. It was all go… and this was only one of a few action scenes in this film (all of them as my best scenes).

Charles, Laura and Logan stayed over after having a meal with a lovely family whom they helped on the motorway earlier that day. It had been such a lovely evening until later that night when the family were slaughtered by a faster and clean shaven Logan lookalike. Laura was also taken by the men. Charles was stabbed and this really shook Logan up. Logan had loved Charles and he had been there from the start

The fight between Logan and his lookalike was epic and Logan was too weak. He was about to die, when he was saved by the man he was staying with. Covered in blood, Logan rescued Laura. He had to look after Laura for Charles sake. It was sad as Logan really cared for Charles.

Laura drove the car to a self made wooden base where she found all the children she knew from the tests. Logan was asleep and injured in the passenger seat next to her. The children were her only residential family apart from Logan.. They would leave the next evening however was it early enough before the men arrived?

The children all left and Logan was alone – however the drones arrived and then he saw the cars – the men knew the coordinates and the children were being caught one by one.

Logan took a big needle containing a solution which increased healing and strength. He got stronger and faster – but soon enough, he had a dip and he was killed after a courageous fight.

What happened to the children?

The children were saved by logan and as he lay wounded beyond healing, Laura muttered daddy under her breath and cried as he became still. At his burial, she spoke beautiful words before they left for Eden and a new home.

Final Thoughts?

I enjoyed Logan and all of its action. It was a game of cat and mouse and I was transfixed all the way through. The ultimate film was by far the best of all of them and gave all Xmen fans the closure they needed. Such a shame that Charles and Logan had to unfortunately decease.

When you see you child and family slipping away from you, would you fight or give up? The Replacement ends with a gripping outcome! (Spoiler Alert)

Ellen wanted to finish this feud and save her child in this psychotic ending to a tense drama…. and boy did she!

The plot

We ended the last episode with Paula and Ellen having a heated discussion in her house after the dinner party. Paula and Ellen were left alone…

Paula was all tense and reluctantly showed Ellen her daughter’s room, where she found out that Paula’s daughter died two years ago in a car accident. She was angry as Ellen had not given her any apology, which was understandable under the circumstances.

She pretends that Caris is alive so she does not have to tell people. She was still struck with grief and Ellen emailed the police, telling them about her. Of course Paula was late for work the next day, slightly upset and her work colleagues blamed Ellen. Paula convided in one of her colleagues, followed by Ellen’s boss, who gave Ellen a worrying stare.

Kay killed herself as she thought that her best friend, Ellen was having an affair with Paula. This is what Paula told her boss, David. David was sick of the way Ellen pushed people to the ground, like she did to Paula. Did she really die because of this?

Paula seemed to be ruining Ellen’s life…. messing up her references, lying to her boss about her!

Ellen had been applying to other jobs, and Paula had apparently been spiking her references, so she could not get a job! 

Later that week, David, her ex boss, sent Ellen flowers and an invitation to the library, which she helped to create. It would be unprofessional to not have Paula there, but David agreed to make sure she kept her distance.

Paula was ruining everything… Ellen went upstairs to see her and while standing over the stairs, Paula fell on purpose and threw herself down the stairs. Ellen did not push her! Ian, Ellens husband did not believe her and no longer trusted her with their child. She needed supervision.

Paula was buttering up Ellen’s husband, Ian….  she also gave her well known baby tips which he fell for – so he trusted Paula more than Ellen. She was losing her husband and her child… she was losing her husband to Paula who had more of his trust.

Ellen now had a reason to get her back…

The Sad Truth

Everyone was against Ellen, even David, Ian and she was losing her way. She had done nothing wrong, however she was driven to this state of panic and ill health.

She needed to see Lia, and went to his house to find he was not there, but to find that he was with Paula. She was holding him in the air and had him on her lap.  She wanted Lia for herself as she lost her own.

Ellen found out that Georgia was involved in the hit and run that killed her daughter.

Ellen’s husband, Ian looked away from the baby, leaving her on the windowsill for a short period of time. When he saw that Lia was gone, he panicked, calling for “Ellen, Ellen” and proceeded to call Ellen to bring her back.

Paula took her. Ellen was called to where Paula’s daughter had died. Paula admitted to killing Kay as she would not shut up about Caris!

Paula would not give Ellen Lia unless she negotiated something… it was bribery. She wanted her to fight for Lia and Paula gave her pills to take. She took them for her child and Ellen collapsed.

Paula shut her in the garage and left her for dead. She blocked the doors and Ellen struggled to get out. Her vision was blurred as she tried to smash through the windows to get her daughter.  She found a way out to find her daughter unattended. She was not dead… such a relief.

Paula arrived with the police a few mins later, and Paula was arrested of child abduction. Ian apologised for not being on her side and wished for another chance. After everything he did – keeping her for her child, Ian got what he deserved and was only able to see her  on weekends. He should not have trusted her.

She was right all along and she was not crazy after all. I just hope that Paula went down for murdering Kay. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

Final Thoughts

It got sinister and at times, I felt that the battle was over for Ellen. She was faced with supervised visits, a broken down relationship with Ian and a near death experience in a car. But she came through it all for her child.

Is that what Paula wanted? Did she want Ellen to fight for her child and escape for her wellbeing? If so, than she did it in a worrying and over exaggerated way.

Of course the ending was in Ellen’s favour – she was right all along when no one else believed her, not even her husband, who begged to have another chance. She was not the crazy one and was much happier as she held her child with no officials or judgement.

I am however puzzled…. how Ellen got out the car was a bit odd, as she seemed to know a lot about batteries and cleverly used the airbag to start the car. Another criticism was that the ending seemed to jump very quickly from scene to scene and did not finish in the most satisfying way.

Overall it was a gripping, non stop and unpredictable series. We saw tears, deaths, horrible truths and long stares, yet we could still not predict what Paula was going to do. It kept me on my toes and the series is definitely worth watching (even if you have already seen in once). I just wish the ending was better….

Let me know what you thought of the review and the final episode. Share if you enjoyed reading it too…

Bye guys 🙂









Blacking out, secrets and hidden motives: What else was not being said? Continue to find out in Broadchurch! (Spoiler Alert)

The case was widening, rather than narrowing. It was worrying. The more they looked into it, the more suspects there seemed to be.

The plot

Trish reported the message that she got from “unknown” and she had no idea who it was from. It could have been the killer or the man she slept with the morning of the attack.

Hardy and Miller swore to find the man who did this to Trish, but said to do it, they needed her cooperation, but even so, she did not say his name.  They thought that she knew the attacker – and he may have attacked out of jealousy or hate. Their trust in her was wavering.

The detectives focused on finding out who the “unknown” caller was ….

Of course, the town were trying to figure out who it was and stories were going around, despite the sensitivity of the case. People were talking, trying to find out more. Trish’s husband found out last that it was his wife that had been raped and was unsure of what to make of it. When Ian was interviewed with the police, he lied as he blacked out.

All Ian remembered was having an argument with Trish, drinking tequila and waking up on the grass by the lake! But he does not remember why he was there… Maybe he raped Trish??

Hardy had a daughter named Daisy, who seemed popular with a group of boys at school. He was protective of her and that was good. Daisy got into trouble at home so Hardy moved so that she could have a better life. Outside their work, they had to balance family life and do what was best for their children.

A boy named Tom was looking in his house for something, only to find a phone hidden. Was that the phone used to spread porn?

Ed, the shop owner fort with Jim Atwood over shifts. After four punches, he left to go home. He was convinced that she did nothing to provoke it. But did he really go home??

One of the investigators got CCTV footage from the camera showing the outside of the house, hoping that it will show them something. She also investigated the condom found at the scene and searched the brand in all the local stores. Did Mark Latimer not have condoms in their car in the first episode??

She also produced a list of every man that was at the party.  A long table covering two writeboards! It was like they were looking for a needle in a haystack…

Hardy and Miller went to see the food caterers who catered for that night. They cooked the food and left. During their shift, they had a 10 minute break in which they walked down the lake and back. That was at 11.30… hmmm.. but they did not see anything.

A member of the band from the party that night saw Ed (farm shop owner) head into the woods at 11.30 ish. He looked like he wanted to kill someone…. he was in a right old mood.

Back to the past: As you may know from series 1 and 2, Hardy and Miller investigated the death of a young boy. Joe Miller their neighbour was charged. Ben came round from court (they knew him from the murder trial). There was little chance of a retrial, but what about a private prosecution?? Marks wife, Beth Latimer was not happy about it and just wanted closure for the death of her son – no more trials. They could do a complex civil case against him to put Joe to account for his murder. Beth said no, but her husband Mark wanted to find Joe. He wanted to make things right for his son. 

They interviewed “Clive” the taxi driver who previously said he was called Lucas – who they approached in the previous episode.

Clive lied about  who he drove the night of the party – so thoughts were raised of why he lied about his where abouts the night a women was raped?

Clive picked up a fair from the road (which was illegal) at about 9.30pm. He collected a 30 yr old man and he was sure that he could take the detectives to where he dropped him off. He was also asked who “Maria Brady” was and he pulled a face. She was a regular who complaint about him after he got the wrong idea. It was quite off putting for her.

Lucas was married and went for a date with Trish once.. but only once. They did not click apparently, but could he have been that mystery guy she had sex with the morning of the party?

Alan Topkins, a taxi driver, as a guest at the party said that Clive’s taxi was empty with lights out at Midnight… so where was he?

Clive  apparently got in sunday morning (according to his wife) after 1am and it was clear to her that he cheats. For the last 10 years, he had created again and again, yet she stayed with Clive as she made her vows.. So Clive could have done it?

Trish eventually confided in her friends and she wondered if it was someone she knew? That meant a FRIEND hurt her and it was a horrible thought?

We saw Joe again, the warehouse owner, discussing content on his laptop. He was told to delete it. It could have been porn or messages? Either way, they did not want it found by anyone else.

The killer was still out there as the episode ended with a set of flowers being placed on Trish’s doorstep with the message “thinking of you”. It must have been unnerving to find that she was still not safe.

Final Thoughts

Possible Suspects:

  • Clive had no alibi and was not a nice man either…
  • Ian, Trish’s husband blacked out…. and woke up by the lake!
  • Ed, the shop owner was seen going to the lake at 11.30 that night…

It is all getting more complex than the detectives had imagined and what they thought was a diminishing case, only got bigger. Poor Hardy and Miller were like ducks out of water as their list of suspects covered two large whiteboards and they were presented by more sketchy alibis…

I was on my toes throughout the episode and found myself suspecting more people, even close friends who she should have been able to trust.

Let me know what you thought of the episode and the review!

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More of a “cover your eyes” film than a thriller: Elle surprised us all with its twist and sensitive content!

What did I think it would be?

I thought it would be more of a thriller, much like Girl on the Train, however I was surprised by how revealing it was. The content was understandably an 18, with the amount of nudity that the film contained.

The general plot

Michelle (acted by Isabelle Huppert) was a CEO of a successful game design programme. She was in her home one night and was attacked by a man in black clothing. He had his face covered so she did not know how he was.

The best scenes

A horrific scene at the start of the film showed Michelle being attacked by a man in black clothes in her own home. This came as a big shock and she was left bleeding and still on the floor, surrounded by broken glass.

Michelle was quite calm after the incident and that surprised me. She seemed to compose herself quickly and acted like it had never happened. She was only reminded when she saw her cat, who had observed the attack happen. I was also confused and worried when she continued to meet and talk to the man who did it. She had unmasked him to find that he was her neighbour, Patrick.

Despite this, she still talked to him and had a little flirt with him when she started a game of footsie at a party. She even left the door partly open, after he drove her back home from another gathering. She knew that he would come in and he did.. it almost seemed like she enjoyed the way he did it and that was worrying as it was not a healthy relationship.

I must say though, that some of the scenes were very funny, especially when Michelle accidently sprayed her work colleague, Richard, in the eyes with pepper spray. She saw him in his car outside her house and thought that he was the attacker. Richard was actually making sure she was safe and was worried about her. They laughed about it later that night.

Michelle’s attitude towards less conventional sex was not all her doing – her mother was attracted to and regulally dated “toyboys” and her father was an extremely violent man who murdered a group of people. Her relationship with her mother and especially her father, was not friendly, which could explain her behaviour.

So what happened to Patrick, you ask? Well he was caught attacking Michelle by her son Vincent, who responded by hitting Patrick with a log and causing a deep head wound. He did not survive the injury, which was a good thing?

Final Thoughts

  • The film, upon reflection was not really to my taste and had more nudity than I anticipated.
  • I have still not got to grips with what really happened, as there was not really any storyline to it.
  • I must say that the only thing I have really taken from the film is that everyone has their preferences and that we should respect them, even if they are rather odd.
  • Overall, I would not recommend this film if you are under 18 (as it was very inappropriate) or if you are sensitive.





The Replacement S1 E2: Ellen’s pursuit in investigating Paula has attracted the wrong attention. Is Ellen wrong to interject or is she right about her after all?

The thriller continued in the second episode. Ellen was still pursuing Paula and decided to get more involved in finding out her intent. She started to get more and more suspicious and this was attracting the attention of her family and psychiatrist husband.

She was not intimidated or scared of Paula, but should she be?

The Plot

“So that’s it she jumped?” She wanted justice and wanted her to go down for the crime, yet she had no proof that Paula did it.

Ellen’s husband said that is was suicide and “wanted it to be all about us”. This was another thing to think about after giving birth to her newborn baby.

Paula turned up one day with flowers – trying to butter her up? She tried to be supportive and asked questions like “why did she call you?” as if she did not know what was going on. She also offered some motherly advice, which they did not appreciate.

Kay’s husband did not know why Kay jumped (or fell?) and confirmed that she was upset by an interference with someone, but who was it?  She suggested that someone else was on the roof and tried to plant the idea.

Paula read the remembrance at Kay’s funeral and it was emotional. They went back a long way. She broke down half way through and Paula came up to finish. She said a few words like she knew Kay well.

Ellen bonded with her daughter by investigating whether she was with her husband, Keiran that night. It was a bit of spy work. Ellen was at a sleepover that night apparently according to her husband. But what was all he said…

Ellen went back into work one day and it was all normal. No one stopped straight away to see her, expect her boss when he looked up from his paperwork. They did not want to put her under any pressure to be there  too early and told her to “sleep on it”.

Ellen found Paula’s daughter on Facebook and messaged her, obviously hoping to find something out that they were not telling her. They messaged each other, but what she did not know was that Paula was behind the messages. So where is her daughter? and does she have one?

Ellen asked to see Kay’s phone and slightly upset her husband. Ellen asked questions about a potential affair and then she leaves. Paula walked around the corner and stared at the car as she drove away. She knew that she was suspicious and could start playing dirty back. She found a number in her phone and a name of “Georgia” who worked for a architectural company. Kay contacted her about a project but they never followed her up on it. She wanted to carry it on…

She wanted to get to know Paula and that could then uncover more of her tendencies. She met Paula’s daughter who seemed normal. And not soon after, she bought her baby into work  everyone loved her and Paula held her for a bit too long. She seemed tense and said how she would love to start again – maybe it was jealousy? either way it was odd.

To her surprise, She was offered a promotion to replace Kay and it was a chance to start a fresh.

Ellen felt a bit left out and left the office, under the watchful eye of Paula. She left for the meeting and Paula found out where she was going. She recognised the workplace from her CV and Paula called and warned Georgia. Georgia then left and told Ellen to stop harassing her.

Ellen left her child in the car, and Paula took a photo of her unattended baby! As leverage or bribery or just for looking? Something was off…

Paula showed the photos to the police and lied about the timescales. She made it out that Ellen left her baby for 10 minutes…. He advised that she talked about the way she felt and did not mention ANY of her theories about Paula. She talked to the psychiatrists who then made a report and a support pack for her.

She visited Paula’s house to find that her daughter was at a sleepover… she was never around?  After a tense conversation and some sneaky eye movements from Paula, their husbands left and they both were left alone.

She confronted her about her intentions – she knew about the photos she took and told her that she had reasons to kill Kay. Paula never showed off her daughter and that’s not what a proud mother does. Where was her daughter?

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Paula saying ” OK, you win”….    

Final Thoughts

The episode was tense and hands on and showed us a more suspicious and creepy side to Paula.

After giving birth to her child, Ellen is still quite delicate and needs to ease herself back in slowly. Ellen is taking it in her stride and is sticking to her views and suspicions. This is a dangerous move as everyone else around her sees something else – a nice women with no bad intentions. Ellen is coming across as slightly crazy and unstable, which works in Paula’s favour.

I am worried that Paula now is in too deep and will be in the firing line. This will threaten her work, personal life and her relationships with people. The question is ….. is it all worth it??

We will find out in the last episode next week! Exciting!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

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Broadchurch S3 E2: With more unfolding in Trish’s case, the credibility of her story was questionable. What else was she reluctant to tell us?

The case was now starting to heat up and we were excited to see what was next to be uncovered!

The plot

So Trish was attacked at the manner in a beautiful garden and raped at a party with no knowledge of who he was. Trish, of course was struggling. The person involved could have been any of the guests or a stranger who entered the property in the many exits. This complicated the case.

DI Hardy and DS Miller continued their investigation and visited a potential manufacturer and met Leo, who was over confident and slightly cocky. The blue rope that they sold may have been used when Trish was raped. They were given a list of the guests at the party and it was a long one. It would take a while to investigate. Cath and her husband were also asked to come down to the station to give a sample of DNA and to confirm their whereabouts on Saturday night.

The detectives were a little irritable in this episode and they seemed like they were on different planets. DI Hardy was very eager to get evidence from Trish, whilst DS Miller wanted to wait till she was ready. It caused a bit of tension between them. This was one of the few things that they did not agree on. The rest was pretty in sync and they were able to both see the evidence presented to them in the same way.

As we know, Beth Mortimer was assigned to advise Trish about her Situation. DS Miller wanted her to speed it up her video interview so that they could catch the man faster. He was walking free and they are unaware of his intentions. Trish felt that she was not ready for the full interview and did not feel comfortable telling others about what happened. Beth seemed to understand how Trish was feeling and provided some well needed reassurance.

After talking to Ian (Trish’s husband), they found out some important evidence. Trish had an argument with her husband at the night of the party, with Trish leaving first to presumably get the same taxi (Budmouth Taxis) that she arrived in. She was co-orting with various men at the party and so she was clearly drunk. This brought the question: With her drunk state, could she have voluntarily had sex? Was her recollection hazy and slightly inaccurate?

The taxi driver from Budmouth Taxis was suspicious looking and was very reluctant to give a DNA sample to the detectives, unless he knew the full story. He took a lot of people to and from the party and waited for Trish’s return journey but she did not turn up.

A lot was going on in Broadchurch and the residents were all suffering in some way.  The Mortimer family looked calm on the surface but were still struggling with Joe being free. Their claim of £11,000 was not enough to bring their son back. They were still understandably affected by the ordeal three years on.

And now they would all know about the case as it was published in the news, with the hope that it would bring in some witnesses.

Trish was slightly forced into doing her video evidence and she seemed comfortable despite this. Trish said the she talked to many people at the party and talked with work friends and seemed to drink a lot that night. She heard her name or “Hi” and she walked down the path towards the stream. She said that she was then hit by a what felt like a piece of wood. She described how she woke up, gagged and on her back with a man going forward and back. She thinked she remembered walking home.

Trish also revealed that she had consensual unprotected with an online stranger from a dating app on the morning of the attack. She failed to tell the detectives something important and now DI Hardy was having doubts about her story. And to make it more suspicious, she refused to tell the detectives who it was? She said it had nothing to do with the case…

What else was she not telling him? She walked out the interview as it was distressing, and was later surprised to get a text that night from unknown – “Shut up. Shut up OR ELSE”! Was this the killer or was it a friend who was trying to keep her safe?

Final Thoughts

So I was on tenterhooks while watching this episode and felt that I got a better idea of some of the evidence. It was intense and I got the sense that something was not quite right in Broachchurch.

My thoughts on Trish are getting a bit more complex – I previously thought that she was innocent and quiet, but after this episode, I have more doubts. She did not tell the detectives who she slept with that morning, and as it was useless to the case, why would it matter if she told them?

We were introduced to some new characters too – and got to know the Mortimers a bit more, whilst being introduced to Leo, the manufacturer owner. it seemed like all of them were sneaky after being interviewed by the detectives and had things to hide. We don’t know thought until the end, as they could be red herrings, just put there to confuse us.

I am also tempted to find out who “unknown” ! That text in the closing stages of the episode suggested that Trish may not be safe after all and that she maybe knew him?

Either way, I expect more great things from DI Hardy and DS miller as they dig deeper into this mystery. I just hope that the next episode answers more of my remaining questions.

Let me know what you think of the review or the episode.

Bye guys 🙂